2017 Football


  • 12 Big Season Predictions That Will Be 100% Accurate - It’s been a long wait, but it’s finally game week in Oklahoma. Thanks to two early losses last season, it’s been nearly a year since the Sooners have been in contention for anything bigger than a mediocre crystal bowl or a women’s gym natty. That being said, it’s time for some high stakes football again. […]


  • OU-UTEP: Quick Reaction - Some games, there isn’t too much to write about. If I could, i’d just put “OU 56, UTEP 7” and call it a day, but here I am anyways. This one went pretty much as scripted. Baker and the electric Lincoln Riley offense rolled over poor UTEP, just as everyone expected. That being said, it […]
  • Friday Pre-Bar Primer: UTEP - Time: 2:30 CT Network: FOX (really?) Line: OU (-43.0) The long wait is finally over. It’s time to crack open some 11 AM beers, hit the tailgates (for all 12 of you that got a spot) and get ready for a tradition unlike any other: the season opening cupcake team. I’m a big superstition guy […]

@Ohio State

  • Columbus - “Alright folks, it’s time to get out!”, an Ohio state trooper bellowed out to the few left in Ohio Stadium. Other than the Pride of Oklahoma, still scattered on the field after their postgame concert and stadium workers, i’m pretty sure my group of friends was the largest group left in the cavernous old stadium. […]
  • About Last Night - I still can’t believe they did it. I know I said I believed OU would somehow win Saturday, but it’s hard to believe that when you are staring down the barrel of The Shoe. But the Sooners did it, winning 31-16. There is almost a season’s worth of content from last night, but for now […]
  • Around the Big 12: Week 2 - Needless to say, Week 1 wasn’t a great one for the Big 12. Aside from any school that had anything close to a challenge losing, Baylor decided to sink lower and lose to Liberty, which might not even be a real school. Things don’t get any easier Week 2 with some big showdowns coming up […]


  • Less Than Quick Reaction: Tulane - All is well that ends well right? The Sooners sure looked like they had an Ohio State hangover in the first half. Tulane’s option attack was tricky and moved the ball early on the Sooners, with the Wave holding a 14-7 lead early. However, OU hit back in a huge way, rattling off 49 unanswered […]
  • Around the Big 12: Week 3 - Last Week: 5-4 Overall: 5-4 Good week for the Big 12! Considering the shit week Texas (they didn’t deserve to appear last week) and Baylor (re-upped shit week) had in week 1, this week has the league pointed in the right direction. As i’m sure you know, OU continued to carry the league this week […]
  • Game Week: Tulane @ #2 Oklahoma - Alright we are back in Norman and ready for a stretch of more cupcakes! After last week’s thrilling win, the Sooners get an easy one in Norman against the Tulane Green Wave. This one would be more interesting if we were playing at Tulane in New Orleans, but after Columbus my bank account is thankful […]


  • Waco - The road to hitting every game on the schedule isn’t fully paved with classics. This weekend in Waco, certainly wasn’t one of them. This trip was handled a little differently. Instead of staying Friday night and Saturday night in the game city, we actually did something a little differently this trip. We just drove to […]
  • Game Week: Baylor - Damn, have things changed in Waco since I was there last. On that rainy, November day my girlfriend Derielle and I watched Joe Mixon, Samaj Perine and Baker Mayfield in a gutsy dogfight against the then dominant Baylor Bears, who seemingly were in the top 5 all season. One of Derielle’s friends, being 100% serious […]

Iowa State

  • Game Week: Iowa State - 11 A.M. on FOX Annnnnd we’re back! After a much needed bye-week, the Sooners return to Owen Field for their bi-annual Pre-Red River Shootout pillow fight against Iowa State. Fun fact; this is the most lopsided college football series in history. How bad can that be? Yeah. Not surprising this one kicks off at 11 […]

Texas (Dallas)

  • Dallas - There really isn’t anything quite like Oklahoma and Texas on the second Saturday in October. Everyone will tell you that until you are blue in the face, but seriously there is nothing quite like it. That being said, after 10 of them, I might be starting to wear out on the game. At least, until […]
  • Quick Reaction: Texas - It never is easy, is it? OU slugged out a win in the Red River Shootout today in one of the closest games i’ve seen in the Rivalry. The Sooners looked very similar to the past few weeks; fast start, offense slows down, the opposing team comes back and it goes down to the wire. […]
  • How to do the State Fair of Texas - It’s everyone’s least favorite tradition. After a night of blackout debauchery, your ass wakes up to some shrill alarm on the floor of some hotel room you and the boys booked for “four” people, just five hours after getting back from the bars (assuming you didn’t detour).  It’s 7 AM, you are hungover as shit […]

@Kansas State

  • Manhattan - There are some places that you know exactly what you are going to get. You expect greatness out of Columbus, Ohio, you expect dust and not much else in Lubbock, Texas, and so on. With that being said, there are a few times you find a place that completely shocks you, like I did this […]
  • Quick Reaction: Kansas State - Jesus, we really did this again? Seriously, if you want to know what happened tonight, just reread any of the past three Quick Reactions in reverse. Instead of starting fast and falling about late, the Sooners just came out really flat. So many of the issues plaguing Oklahoma reared their head early. The offense couldn’t […]
  • Game Week: Kansas State - Alright, has everyone sobered up and caught their breath from this weekend? Cool. Back to the season. After a wild, wild week in college football that showed shades of 2007, the Sooners are right back in this thing. The goal now is to win each week and avoid trap games. Of course, here comes the […]

Texas Tech

  • Less Than Quick Reaction: Texas Tech - I’ll say it again; Tech brings out the worst in us. Thankfully, aside from the first quarter, the defense didn’t have the same issues that the student section did. For the first time in over a month, the Sooners won a solid game last night against Texas Tech, 49-27. This was just a solid win […]
  • Game Week: Texas Tech - It feels like an eternity since the Sooners have been back in Norman, where we lost saw them laying an egg against Iowa State. So, how have circumstances changed where we are now, three weeks later? Well, for starters OU hasn’t looked like it has fixed much. The consistency problems are still there, the defense […]

@Oklahoma State

  • Stillwater - You know, I think I’d like Stillwater a lot more if I wasn’t an OU fan. From the unbiased eye, it kinda feels like a more country version of Manhattan, Kansas (that is saying something).But after so many Bedlam trips, I just am tired of the town. All that charm is tainted by that neon […]
  • Delay of Recap: Bedlam - (Oh hey y’all. There was a pretty stressful game Saturday. Due to Stillwater apparently not having cell service, there was no Quick Reaction. So here’s a way way way late recap of Bedlam) Bedlams are routinely stressful. That being said, you always feel like the Sooners will wiggle their way out of it, just like […]
  • Game Week: Oklahoma State - Here we are, the part of the season we’ve all been waiting for: Red November. The Big 12 schedulers love to put all the big OU matchups at the end of the season (other than juggernaut, Iowa State) so that typically results in at least three legit games and one random cupcake (sup Kansas). This […]


  • Delay of Recap: TCU - Beating TCU always feels good. Maybe it’s just a me thing, but there’s always a gratifying feeling after beating them that’s usually reserved for a rivalry game. Oh and it helps that this win has firmly catapulted the Sooners back into the Playoff. The Sooners played exactly how anyone could want them to play Saturday. […]
  • Game Week: TCU - The cardiac Sooners are at it again this week and the stakes have never been higher. After being dead in the water at least three times in the last five minutes of Saturday’s Bedlam, Oklahoma’s playoff hopes now must sustain another battle against another contender; this time against the #6 TCU Horned Frogs. Who are […]


  • Lawrence: The Lost Trip - *hit play for added effect* As some of you know, last season I went to all the home and road games last season. You can read about my travels here. What you’ll notice however is the omission of a report from the OU at Kansas game last season; the final stop on the regular season […]
  • Game Week: Kansas - So what are everyone’s plans for the weekend after last week’s madness? Me? I’m going to nap all day, watch some college football, etc. Maybe grill out, relax and go to my date party. Oh wait, I can’t do that. I gotta drive five hours to watch Kansas football. Going to every Oklahoma football game […]

West Virginia

  • Delay of Recap: West Virginia - For a season of antics, drama and heart pounding moments, the 2017 Oklahoma Sooners season ended rather quietly. Despite the emotions flying around on Senior Night, the game was a Sooner blowout from the first snap, where Kyler Murray darted off for a 66 yard run. The OU offense clicked on all cylinders with Baker […]
  • Game Week: West Virginia - Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving! With that being said, it’s time to close this football season out at home. West Virginia enters this game much less scary of a threat than they were a week ago following the broken hand of quarterback Will Grier and the home loss to Texas. Grier fuels this offense; […]

TCU (Big 12 Championship)

  • Game Week: Big 12 Championship (TCU) - The Oklahoma Sooners are one win away from a return from the College Football Playoff. This would be a lot cooler if the game we are playing actually made sense to play. OU beat TCU, much like 8 of the 9 teams on its Big 12 schedule. In the past few years, the Sooners would […]