Why I Am Doing This

“This shit can’t be happening”

Perched high atop Amon G. Carter Stadium, two rows from the top, in some seats TCU stuck us poor Sooner fans in, reality was about to set in. Fucking TCU was about to sink our season.

It was my first year at OU, and the Sooners were poised for a Playoff run. One of my best friends from high school went to TCU after we graduated, so naturally I made the trip down to visit my old friend. It was early October, so i’d gotten pretty familiar with my new home in Norman.

As much as I love OU and Norman, that first experience at TCU was wild. Local restaurants, traditions, tailgating style, it was all so different. Talking with other fans, exchanging stories and experiences was almost like a cultural study. Think Study Abroad, but for drinking and football.

Things didn’t end well for the Sooners that day. Trevor threw the ball into the expensive seats, and all my new friends rushed onto the field to celebrate toppling number 3. My phone died, but not without capturing the spirit of that day for me.

Post TCU

Of course, Blake felt differently.


Distraught, lost, with a deceased phone and my only friend in the city still on the field, I wandered out of Amon G. Carter crushed. As soon as I walked out of my gate, I ran into Gus Johnson (The GOAT) who was calling the game that day. I told him how much of a rough game it was, and he responded, “Oh I know, it must have been. But games like that are what make this game great”.

Gus was right. As crushing as that was, I knew a win would come along that would make me feel as happy as those TCU fans. And nothing is better than beating the odds, out numbered, on the road. I was hooked on sports travel. I vowed that night to eventually make it to every game in a single year before I graduated.

I’ve been to many strange places since that October afternoon. I’ve seen OU break Baylor’s grasp on the Big 12 in Waco. I’ve been to the College Football Playoff. I’ve been to Lubbock twice and avenged the TCU loss. I pre-gamed a game on Bourbon Street. But i’ve never completed a season.

Well, that year is this one. And i’m telling my story here. Welcome to The Schooner Blog, my ambitious project to tackle six towns, six games, and anywhere the Sooners take me. I’ll try the best foods, best drinks, and experience what makes each town as special as Norman. This is going to be a wild ride, but I hope you enjoy it.

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