Bar Reviews: O’Connell’s

This blog won’t just be about football. That would be lame and pretty boring. The travel angle of The Schooner Blog is one of the main reasons I’m doing this thing. Other than the football (it’s mainly the football), the coolest part of this to me will be going to all the bars and local restaurants that you can only find in that town. So why not look at the good, bad and downright shitty bars around Norman too?

To start off the Bar Review series, i’m looking at O’Connell’s on Campus Corner. And because no bar trip is worth it without a crew, i’m having some good friends add their expert options to the mix.

Sum up O’Connell’s in the length of a Tweet

Bobby: In my opinion, currently the best place to sit down, get solid food and get fucked up on Campus Corner. One of the last legends left here.

Andrew: O’Conn’s is the vanilla ice cream of campus corner bars. Not too exciting, but it’s reliable and will get the job done until everyone wants to go to an actual bar.

Derielle: The best-worst karaoke that you’ll ever experience. The atmosphere is laid back in a very satisfying way that makes you never want to leave.

Which night is the best night for O’Conn’s?

Bobby: Other than Gameday, Wednesday is the peak day for O’Connell’s. Wednesday Karaoke packs this place early, but other than that attendance can be spotty. I’m not a freshman so I wouldn’t know, but it seems like this is the new weekday hangout for underclassmen with Brothers and their classic Thursday drown night getting the boot (Kong’s Tavern review coming soon). It gets busy on other nights too, but Wednesday is the one day that O’Conn’s is king.

Andrew:I really want to say that Wednesday is the best night for O’Conn’s, but if you want a real Karaoke night go to The Deli on a Tuesday.

Derielle: For underclassmen, Wednesday night at O’Conn’s is the place to be. There’s a line out the door and you can always hear someone singing a Katy Perry song off key. It’s loud and crowded but it’s a guarantee that you’ll run into at least three people that you know. For upperclassmen, O’Conn’s is basically perfect at any time. They have great student discounts on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and also usually have drink specials running the rest of the week if you just ask. There’s never a bad time to split a rocket among friends.

Favorite thing about O’Conn’s?

Bobby: It’s probably the best “gathering place” type of environment on Campus Corner. You can go for hours here with the right group.

Andrew: I like how close it is to Logie’s.

Derielle: I love actually being able to sit down in a bar and be able to talk to the people that I am with. The big booths in the back are my favorite place to be.

Least favorite thing about the bar?

Bobby: If you have a party over about four it gets hard to fit everyone into one place. It’s not exactly the biggest hotspot on Campus Corner either.

Andrew: Too many freshman. Get a fucking bouncer at the door, O’Conn’s.

Derielle: Wednesday nights are a blessing and a curse. You have to know what you’re getting yourself into. It’ll be packed full of freshman and the service and get bogged down because of it.

What is your go-to drink here?

Bobby: The Big Tex Shot, which is Crown Royal dropped into Red Bull and orange juice. In a bar that tries to nail down the basics, this is a rare specialty shot. Runner up goes to the beer rockets.

Andrew: Double whiskey coke. Cheap and effective.

Derielle: The Long Island Iced Tea. I know this is a common one, but O’Con’s has probably one of the best in Norman, as well as a frozen LIT if you want to mix it up. For shots, I’d go with staples like the Lemon Drop or Vegas Bomb.

7 thoughts on “Bar Reviews: O’Connell’s

  1. Fuck O’Conns

    Would have been great if you interviewed someone that actually has gone to that shit hole. If you had, you would have realized everyone hates this underaged, freshman bar. He’ll occasionally see highschoolers here @kyle @harrison


  2. top 5 worst bar of all time. it’s like the houston texans are praised as the patriots, it just makes no sense. you can spend $100; 10 shots and 4 beers later you’ll be under the legal limit (.064). sure, it’s a good “vibe” for chillin with all your “buddies” but it’s not worth it. might as well drink a bunch of keystone in north tulsa, worst case scenario you get shot a few times.


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