Friday Pre-Bar Primer: UTEP

Time: 2:30 CT

Network: FOX (really?)

Line: OU (-43.0)

The long wait is finally over. It’s time to crack open some 11 AM beers, hit the tailgates (for all 12 of you that got a spot) and get ready for a tradition unlike any other: the season opening cupcake team.

I’m a big superstition guy and nothing spooks me more than the big game opener. OU always comes out flat in hyped up openers, like Houston last season, making UTEP a welcome opening game for both players and fans. The players don’t have to worry about starting 0-1 and the only thing I have to worry about blacking out and missing USC-Florida State.

The goal for OU is pretty simple. Figure out what you can do in a live game situation and get Baker rest for next weekend. We’ll start to see how much we should be concerned about the wide receiving corps and how good the corners like Parnell Motley are. While UTEP won’t deliver a true picture on how good OU will be, we’ll see what to be worried about next weekend in Columbus.

UTEP doesn’t have a lot going for them. The poor SOB’s only won four games last season and play in a town known for drug trafficking, a salsa brand, and an old Marty Robbins song. Their best player is an offensive lineman. What a bummer.

Fortunately for the Miners, they’ll get a massive payout for volunteering to be the Sooners pre-Ohio State warm up. And while the football won’t be great, nothing is quite like a good day at Owen Field with a solid buzz and a Sooner blowout. Welcome back, football.

Prediction: OU 52, UTEP 6, everyone leaves at halftime.

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