Game Week: #5 Oklahoma @ #2 Ohio State

Alright, here we go. No more cupcakes (for now), no more bullshit. We are hitting the gas hard and heading right on to Ohio State. This without a doubt is the toughest game on the schedule and probably the most daunting road game OU has played in recent memory. So whether you are one of the brave few headed up north or staying in the Norman, here’s what you should know before Saturday’s big game.


Who are the Buckeyes?

Well this is a pretty dumb question to anyone that knows college football, but nothing wrong with some background. Normally, any school that specifically puts “THE” in front of their name come off as a lame and try-hard move, but Ohio State can back up their arrogance. Historically, OU’s football program has few peers, and Ohio State is one of them. With eight national titles, seven Heisman Trophys and 35 Big Ten titles, Ohio State is a titan of the sport. Basically, they have the ego of Texas with the clout to actually back it up.

Last Time We Met: September 7th, 2016 in Norman. Ohio State 45, OU 24. 

Ugh. This one was brutal. A massive storm rolled through Norman and delayed kickoff for over an hour, which apparently absolutely killed any momentum with both players and fans. Momentum or not, Ohio State was simply the better team that day. The Oklahoma secondary was as weak as i’ve ever seen it, allowing Noah Brown four touchdown receptions and anything anyone wanted.


Ohio State’s defense was out for blood that day, clearly motivated by Austin Kendal’s boneheaded “basic defense” comments earlier that week. Baker Mayfield truly looked like a walk-on, throwing two picks and looking flustered throughout the entire game. It was reminiscent of the Clemson game the in the Orange Bowl the year before; OU was simply out of it’s league. Since then, the Sooners haven’t lost a game, holding the longest active win streak in the nation. Only time will tell if they can hold up to the challenge this time.

Ohio Stadium:

Ohio Stadium, more commonly known as The Horseshoe, is one of the great cathedrals of college football. The ancient stadium is enormous, with the ability to seat up to a little over 104,000 fans. In a move that clearly was made by the idiots who accidentally set a river on fire, the stadium is decked by letter (A deck, B deck and C deck), rather than number (100 level, 200 level, etc).

From some general research i’ve found that the OU sections will be in 6c, 8c, 10c as well as 4AA, 6AA, 8AA and 10AA. So basically if you got student tickets you are either very lucky, or will be need an oxygen tank to watch the game.

Ohio state seating chart
OU sections are circled in yellow. Photo Credit Ohio State Athletics.

It looks like there’s some pretty bad construction (sounds familiar) around campus, so several roads and parking lots are blocked off. I’d recommend leaving for the game early and taking an Uber or Lyft. There is also what appears to be a strict bag policy that even outdoes most NFL stadiums so ladies, be prepared.

Ohio state bag policy
Photo Credit to Ohio State Athletics

Shitty bag policy aside, Ohio State serves beer in the stadium! Miller Lite and Coors Light are the two best selling beers in the stadium, but they also offer local beers from Land Grant Brewing and others.

College Gameday

espn-gameday-notre-dame.jpgCollege Gameday is coming! If you have any interest in waking up and watching college football’s weekly Groundhog Day live, more power to you. I’ve already done it, prefer sleep and will be too hungover. ESPN will be setting up in The Oval, Ohio State’s version of the South Oval I guess. The Oval is located Southeast of Ohio Stadium, and by the looks of it, isn’t hard to find. Here is a map anyways. Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.05.51 PM.png

Get ready y’all. This is going to be one hell of a time.

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