Bar Reviews: McNellie’s

Looking for a true pub? McNellie’s is the place. This Main Street bar boasts an absurdly large beer selection and genuine pub food.

Sum up McNellie’s in the length of a Tweet.

Bobby: I hope you like beer

Joe: Good drinks, aggressively average food.

Mike: A Main Street staple, McNellies is the place for damn good beer, period.

Which night is the best night for McNellie’s?

Bobby: McNellie’s has Pint Night on Mondays. Get a specific beer and you can keep the glass, which isn’t too bad.

Joe: Monday night for sure. You get a pint of beer and keep the glass.

Mike: Wednesday’s $4 burger night is hard to beat, but Monday’s pint night is a can’t miss. Buy the beer, keep the glass and learn to like drinking something other than Bud Light.

Favorite thing about McNellie’s?

Bobby: For Norman, the beer selection is out of this world. If you want a beer, there’s a good chance it’s here.

Joe: The beer selection is the best in Norman.  It’s also a pretty low key bar if you aren’t looking to wait in line at Campus Corner.

Mike: Selection. Over 200 beers and if you have the time or money, trying each one gets you a plaque on the wall and a mug. I’m not saying I’ve drank from Jake Bryan’s mug but I’m not saying I haven’t. From Stiegel with a shot of clementine Svedka, to “chocolate milk,” you’ll find something great here every time.

Least favorite thing about the bar?

Bobby: I’m pretty sure i’ve sat by a table playing Magic the Gathering in here before.

Joe: The food is definitely overpriced for what you get.

Mike: This should be a great place to catch a weekday football game, but the TV/Projector setup is disappointing and nonexistent at the bar. I get the whole “put down your phone and talk to someone” vibe the bar is pushing, but 80% of the people there have nose rings and neck tattoos. Not my crowd and not anyone reading this’s crowd.

What’s the go-to order here?

Bobby: It usually depends on what’s new on tap. So usually something local, I usually go with something from Prairie or Anthem.

Joe: Boulevard Tank 7 or St. Bernardus ABT 12 (Editor’s Note: Typical Joe)

Mike: The Sunday afternoon hangover cure: A bowl of beer chili, cheese, and crackers, with a Crispin Cider on the side.

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