Bar Reviews: Logie’s

Anyone that goes to OU has an opinion about Logie’s, usually falling somewhere on the spectrum between “the bar you love to hate” and “the bar you hate to love”. No matter what your thoughts on Logie’s are, everyone will tell you the same thing: no Norman bar crawl would be complete without the Logie’s experience.

Sum up Logie’s in the length of a Tweet

Bobby: When the squad decides to go to Logie’s:

Alt. Tweet (because I’m the owner/editor, deal with it)

Live look at me trying to get a drink at Logie’s on a Friday:

Andrew: Logie’s is where you go to commit shameful acts. Cheap shots, cheap girls.

Ben: Want to question your morals and wonder what you did last night? logies is the place to be.

Michelle: Logie’s: the only place where crises range from orange wedges falling off your beer, to watching your friend bust her teeth on the pavement at 2 A.M.


me: “where we going bro”

friends: “logies”



Derielle: Super cheap shots and loud music videos lead to some of the weirdest and most shambly things you’ll ever see in a public setting.‬

Bussow: Do you like blacking out, MMA, or being groped by 6 guys in one night? Logie’s is the bar for you!

Which night is the best night for Logie’s?

Bobby: Personally, I like Wednesday. The weekends are brutally crowded and Wednesday brings just enough life in from the post-O’Connell’s karaoke crowd to make this bar interesting. This is Logie’s at its best.

Andrew: They’re all the same. No matter what night you go, you still won’t be able to see the 4 that’s probably dancing on you by the back bar.

Ben: honestly any night from wednesday through saturday.

Michelle: Wednesday, because that’s when everyone is at O’Conn’s. (That’s also the night my friend busted her teeth)

Granger: after an ou home football loss (happened frequently the past five years). the players somehow always beat the students to campus corner, makes ya think 🤔

Derielle: I hate when Logie’s is totally packed. I prefer Wednesdays because I don’t have to throw elbows in order to get up to the bar.

Bussow: A lot of terrible options here, but to see everything shitty about Logie’s in one night you need to go Thursday. There’s a line down the block and everybody is there to blackout. Put ‘em back and people watch.

Favorite thing about Logie’s?

Bobby: Aside from this place having some of the best drink deals on campus, they have music videos playing on every TV. It’s a pretty unique touch.

Andrew: The absolutely horrifically disgusting smoking room.

Ben: i don’t know. haven’t remember enough to make a decision.

Michelle: Hands down, their LIT and their $2 shot menu. Their shots are so cheap you can buy your whole village drinks.

Granger:  big fan of the smoking section in the back where i can rip heaters (cigs inside baby!!!).

honorable mention – seeing bussows ex girlfriends and telling them how much he misses them.

Derielle: Logie’s has one of the coolest vibes on campus. Not to mention that the people watching is enough to keep you entertained all night long. That paired with some $2 shots is always a win

Bussow: Logie’s is the one bar in Norman you can stumble into alone and be sure to find a group you know. My fellow fifth years are always parked at the front bar, PC Epsilon (Editor’s Note: if you know, you know) is always at the back bar (Cigs Inside), and Pozo is somewhere in-between any given night.

Least favorite thing about the bar?

Bobby: When this bar is packed, it can be damn near unbearable. Between the type of people here (lots of douchebags) and trying to keep up with your group, it can be a downright uncomfortable time.

Andrew: Hmmm. Where do I start? First of all, you can’t see shit. I’ll just say this; Going to Logie’s is like going to McDonald’s, you know exactly what you’re going to get.

Ben: see previous comment.

Michelle: The line to use the bathroom is 🥜

Granger: bathrooms. as someone who can only piss in stalls, i have nightmares about having to pee at logies.

Derielle: They always seem to let too many people in on the weekends making it nearly impossible to get a drink. Also, there’s always at least one crying-bathroom-stall girl sobbing about who even knows what. Always plan on your bathroom run taking 20 minutes.

Bussow: The culture here sucks. I haven’t walked out of Logie’s without first being dragged into an altercation in two years. I’ve thrown bouncers off of innocent girls they decided to throw some haymakers at. I’ve had an ex get kicked out for trying to choke me out. I’ve gotten cigarette burns and double wells dumped on my head. I took some punches from two 5’0 blondies after watching someone break one of their guy’s noses, thinking it was me. I’ve thrown guys by the neck for groping friends. I f***ing hate this place.

What is your go-to drink here?

Bobby: Double fisting $2 Miller Lite’s with a $2 tequila shot. They can’t water that shit down.

Andrew: Adios motherf****r. You need about 4 of these to make this bar doable.

Ben: long island shot (yes, you read that right) and a coors light.

Michelle: The LIT.

Granger:  honestly, the only way to get a drink here at night is to hit on the soft four who cut her way to the bar top, give her your card, buy her a drink and tell her to get you “whatever shes having.” 9-10 times youll get a shitty shot thats blue in color or has a f*****g gummy worm in it. for all other times, liter of shock top for $4.50 is a steal.

Derielle: $2 shots are the pinnacle of what makes Logie’s, Logie’s. The Pineapple Express shot and good old-fashioned tequila are my two favorites. Their LIT is also the best on Campus Corner.

Bussow: Pitcher of Blue Moon and a round of $2 shots.

What is the strangest thing you’ve seen at Logie’s?

Bobby: One time the video for Coldplay’s Adventure of a Lifetime (the one with all the monkeys and shit) came on when I was blackout drunk. I thought I was tripping balls.

Andrew: I’ve never really seen anything that sticks out because everything there is just so absurd. Probably the Normanites that come out in full force only to sit alone and drink at the bar. If any of them are reading this, here’s some advice: STOP WEARING SUITS TO LOGIE’S.

Ben: engaged women handing out phone numbers like resumes.

Michelle: Some nerdy guy from overseas wearing an “I HEART NY” sweatshirt followed me around the bar to hit on me the entire night.

Granger: anything that happens in this god-for-saken bar after 1130pm qualifies as the “strangest thing ive seen.”

Derielle: Some girl tried to convince me to go tell her boyfriend that she had been cheating on him for the past two months. She then preceded to get incredibly mad when I refused. Later on, she made an appearance as one of the infamous crying-bathroom-stall girls.

Mike: Walked in on a girl using a urinal. No gender identity questions here, straight animals at this place man.

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