Game Week: Iowa State

11 A.M. on FOX

Annnnnd we’re back! After a much needed bye-week, the Sooners return to Owen Field for their bi-annual Pre-Red River Shootout pillow fight against Iowa State. Fun fact; this is the most lopsided college football series in history. How bad can that be?Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 3.19.48 PM.png

Yeah. Not surprising this one kicks off at 11 A.M.

History aside, Iowa State is a much improved team that has shown an ability to at least kinda play football. They aren’t even close to being contenders in the Big 12, but as we saw two weekends ago in Waco, no conference opponent should be taken lightly.

ISU.jpgWho are the Cyclones?

Iowa State is a bit of a weird team in the Big 12. On one hand, they got oh-so-close to taking out both Iowa and Texas at home, which is a great step up for the Cyclones. On the other end, it’s Iowa State and I immediately don’t trust them.

Jacob Park is a middling at best quarterback, throwing three picks against Texas. He has some solid receivers, such as Allen Lazard, but he just isn’t that good. To honest, as brutal as it was to watch them Thursday, it’s even worse writing about them. They aren’t bad enough to make fun of like Baylor or Kansas, but i’m sitting here just at a loss for words describing these guys.


Last Time We Met: November 3rd, 2016 in Ames. OU 34, Iowa State 24

Eerie shit happens on Thursdays in Ames. Without Joe Mixon or Samaj Perine, the Sooners were prime candidates to be the latest victims of weekday Jack Trice Stadium. However, Baker Mayfield and a scrappy backfield of Dimitri Flowers and Abdul Adams were able to weather the storm and move on from the game with a win.

Why You Should Care:

It’s been two weeks since the last gameday; even against Iowa State, even with an 11 A.M. kickoff, i’m just excited to get back to Owen Field and watch some football. Get some pancakes and a light buzz, enjoy some morning football and then you have enough time to rest up/watch more football before the bars that night.


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