Quick Reaction: Texas

It never is easy, is it?

OU slugged out a win in the Red River Shootout today in one of the closest games i’ve seen in the Rivalry. The Sooners looked very similar to the past few weeks; fast start, offense slows down, the opposing team comes back and it goes down to the wire. Thankfully, the Sooners got a point in the win column today.

  • The defense stepped up today when it mattered most. Unless it was a quarterback run, in which the Sooners looked hopeless.
  • Speaking of mobile QB’s, how bad would Baker torch this OU defense? Be reaaaaal thankful for Kliff Kingsbury.
  • The offense was relatively stagnant once they got close to scoring range. This is becoming an obnoxious pattern.
  • Texas is way better than 3-3. That defense is solid and Ehlinger is a way better quarterback than Buchele. Considering this is the first Big 12 loss for the Horns, I wouldn’t count them out to weasel into the Big 12 title.
  • Count me in on 2:30 kickoffs. Aside from the heat, it worked really well.
  • Texas fans have become hilariously tolerant with mediocrity.

MVP: Baker Mayfield. Despite some early shakiness, Mayfield was calm in the clutch and came through when the Sooners really needed it. Honestly i’m tired, on the DART and little hungover so i’m just writing cliches.

LVP: The DART. I feel like i’m packed in a cattle train. It’s brutal.

Up next: On the road at Kansas State.

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