Game Week: Texas Tech

It feels like an eternity since the Sooners have been back in Norman, where we lost saw them laying an egg against Iowa State. So, how have circumstances changed where we are now, three weeks later?

Well, for starters OU hasn’t looked like it has fixed much. The consistency problems are still there, the defense isn’t quite up to par and the Sooners are eking out games that should be comfortable wins.

The team OU lost to that day, Iowa State, is randomly good now, cracking the AP Top 25. The last time the Cyclones did that, people still liked Nickelback un-ironically. This is kinda important, as what was a catastrophically bad loss now might just end up being mediocre.

Elsewhere in college football, several other teams got upset, leaving the playoff door back open for Oklahoma. With that being said, the quality of play needs to raise if OU wants any chance at winning anything meaningful this season.

Up next? Another tough game, this time against Texas Tech. Get ready for points.


Who are the Red Raiders?

Texas Tech and Kliff Kingsbury are hitting their annual wall. This team started out hot, winning against Arizona State and performing decently well against most of their competition. Until playing Iowa State last weekend that is (can relate).

I can talk about football, but there is something drastically more at stake here; your health.

With the tortilla tossers coming into town, I find it to be my civic duty as a blogger to warn you guys about Raider Rash. It’s real, it’s violent, and it could be coming for you if you aren’t careful.

What is Raider Rash, you say? It’s actually just syphilis, but considering 1 in every 4 students at Texas Tech has an STD, as well as an active syphilis outbreak in Lubbock, the danger is certainly there.

So if you end up making moves on some “fine ass” visiting Tech student at Logie’s this weekend, don’t forget to use a condom. Or better yet, just don’t bang a Tech student.

Last Time We Met: October 22nd, 2016 in Lubbock. OU 66, Texas Tech 59


I enjoy the high powered offenses in the Big 12, but goddamn this one was too much. Not only was this one rare, it was record setting; both teams set the NCAA record for total combined yards, racking up 1,708 yards (oddly enough, OU and Tech had the exact yard total at 854).

Red Raiders QB Patrick Mahomes matched the NCAA passing yard record with 734 yards and Baker Mayfield set the school passing touchdown record with 7 TD’s in the game.

I was actually at this one; the experience was exhausting. From the shitty fans, to the lack of a visible video board in our section, to the mind-numbingly bad defense all around, it was almost more than I could bare. Definitly a night to remember.

Why You Should Care

It’s win or go to the Alamo Bowl. Even if Tech is 4-3, every game matters now and this team can lose any game on its schedule at this point. With that being said, a national title technically is still in play, so there is plenty of reason to show up and get loud.

Plus after a full day of drinking and being around obnoxious Tech fans, you should be more than hyped for this one. It’s a damn conference night game against a non-KU Big 12 team; those don’t come around often anymore.

I suggest pregaming at 6 AM Saturday morning.

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