Chimy’s: In Memoriam

Bar Reviews will be doing something a little different for Homecoming this week. We’re going back to simpler times, to the year 2015.

I’m sure you’ve read me bitch about the recent death of one of my favorite Norman bars, Chimy’s, ever since like post number 2. Chimy’s was special in a lot of ways; it had cheap yet iconic drinks, was always decently packed and had the best drinking patio in Norman. Sadly, it closed down last December and the glorious Chimy’s generation graduated out, leaving that glittering lime above the doorway as simply just a memory.

While I had been to Chimy’s a few times, this bar is not mine to review. I was barely 21 long enough back then and was too much of a pussy to find my way in through “alternative methods”, so I don’t really have the experience worth sharing.

That’s why, in the spirit of Homecoming, i’m leaving it up to the old balls to tell the story of the greatest bar that no longer is.

Sum up Chimy’s in the length of a Tweet

Staley: Chimy’s was of the People, by the People, and for the People. Amen

Bussow: God opened a bar for six years, called it Chimy’s, and gave it to the unworthy degenerates of Norman. RIPIP.

Brittain(I get 280 characters) (Editor’s Note: Dammit it Brittain) The greatest college bar of all time and specifically the best part of OU during the Boren/Stoops era. You never know what you have until its gone, man. It had the perfect mixture of sitting down and having drinks with friends to getting completely blackout at the same time. RIP. 

Andrew: Couples costume idea:

Granger: i literally searched “broken_haterade chimys” and my god i tweeted about chimys way too much. anyways here are my favorites.


*12:17 a.m.*

“Dude, I’m so f***ing blackout!”

-Charles Sager, while double-fisting two margs on the Chimy’s patio.

Favorite thing about Chimy’s?

Staley: There was always an organized line(s) for drinks. It didn’t matter what house you were or how big your tits were you waited your ass in line (unless you were fogs where you self served). Also, Mom’s Weekend.

Bussow: Patio. Only bar in Norman where the real party is outside. Cigs, outdoor bar, chicks on picnic tables. This was the holy land.

Brittain: The patio was pretty legendary and to be honest, Chimy’s is 80% of the reason I came to OU when I visited the first time (The other 20% was to win a national championship, thanks Bob for ruining BOTH of those opportunities…). It was the go-to bar in its prime with complete chaos both inside and outside, as an easy first stop for any out of town visitor.

Andrew: Being able to pay the bouncers to get in when they deny your shitty fake.

Granger: chimys on gameday was the stuff of legends, there will never be another chimys.

ChadWell aside from Brothers (RIP in peace), Chimy’s was the only bar I could get into my freshman year. And that’s why I loved them from the get go. Like there were two simple ways to get into Chimy’s:

  1. Use any ID that says you’re over 21. I’m not kidding, there was a night where Collins (Editor’s Note: If you know, you know) let me and like 3 of our pledge brothers use his ID and Chimy’s didn’t give a shit.
  2. Know Fogs.

Aside from practically having no barriers to entry, Chimy’s had the cheapest, yet strongest drinks on campus corner. Walk in with $25. Wake up the next morning in your dorm room bed with your boots and outfit still on from the night before, and being absolutely confused on how you got there.

When was the best time for Chimy’s?

Staley: Obviously gameday, but the real time for Chimy’s was 2013-2014 when the only thing you needed to get a wristband was a fiver.

Bussow: Friday at noon. The official start to every weekend. I wouldn’t leave until Sunday at 2 AM.

BrittainYou honestly can’t go wrong on any Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night. Saturday night after a football game (home or away) was my personal preference. Everyone was always sufficiently under the influence by this time and it made for a great atmosphere celebrating a W. I also particularly enjoyed getting day drunk on a Friday after a long week. 

Andrew: Gamedays and Chimy’s go together like Chinese food and chocolate pudding. Like cocaine and waffles.

Granger: sophomore year for me (that was back in like 2009). fogs and i used to go up to the bouncer at the time and he would ask “how many?” they used to just give us however many we asked for, no wonder why they shut down.

ChadAll the time. On gamedays, everyone and their dog would go to Chimy’s, which makes the lines out of this world. But that wasn’t a problem for us. We would make the swift 1 minute walk to Campus Corner’s second best bar, CVS, and grab ourselves a couple of $2 tallboys and walk our happy asses right back into Chimy’s. No questions asked.

Tropical Thursdays were always a grand ol’ time too. The boys would throw on one of their many Hawaiian shirts and drink the night away.  And then there’s happy hour. Instead of studying for that managerial accounting test the next day, you could go to Happy Hour and drink the stress away.

What was the go-to drink here?

Staley: The DP shootout. It’s hard enough to find a $5 double well that tastes good. But what made the shootout famous was its intuitive 2 straw design, enabling 2 drinkers to simultaneously “shoot” the entire drink in 1 swift go. If this doesn’t glorify binge drinking, I don’t know what does.

Bussow: Chad’s fucking Special with a $5 Pacifico tall boy to wash it down. If you don’t know, you don’t know.

Brittain: Frozen Margarita vs Dr. Pepper Shootout is the Chimy’s version of MJ vs. LeBron. There simply wasn’t another version of the frozen margarita anywhere else in Oklahoma. Great price for the amount of Everclear they put in those. Simply put it put people on their ass in a hurry.

The Dr. Pepper Shootout has its claim too, it was basically a whiskey coke with a twist. The problem is that any bar can probably remake this, but I have a hard time believing anywhere on campus corner could replicate the FM.

Go to drink resolved: Frozen Margarita.

Andrew: the tallboys we would bring over from the CVS across the street.

Granger: double fisting a dp shootout and a marg while smoking cigs outside. see linkedin pic for more info.

Chad: The Chad Special. It always got the job done.

What is your favorite Chimy’s memory?

Staley: My favorite memory had to be my bid day w/ Sigma Nu. If any of y’all know Matt Fogarty, (aka Fogs), he was a regular at Chimy’s. He escorted us straight to the front of the 20 person line, said “they’re cool” and got us all wrist bands

Bussow: *Disclaimer: these are stories I’ve been told. I have zero memory of Chimy’s.*

Tennessee, 2015: Away game, Sterling Shepard dives for the pylon to win in 2OT. Bussie-B punches a hole right through the Chimy’s drywall. Alls good until the old ball-n-chain signs “Mike Bussow” with lipstick next to the hole. That’s the second of five times I’ve been kicked out.

The infamous hole, feat. Granger.

Kansas, 2014: 35 and raining. 11 AM game. Screwdrivers with Granger, Max, Pozo, Sager, and Marty. Sometime in the midst of Perone running for the single game record, we made our way to Chimy’s. I wake up at midnight on a recliner in the middle of a party, covered in puke. Turns out I threw up on a family of four at Chimy’s that day. Also, a very NSFW video of me surfaced that day. Never play f***, marry, kill while blackout.

Patti, 2016: Final Four watch party. The game was miserable but I watched my own mother blackout with 500 of my closest friends. I love you Chimy’s, please come back.

Brittain: Well, I loved every second, but I remember the Kansas OU basketball game to be way better than going to the game at the LNC. Oh, and during the demise of Chimy’s, I called them out on Twitter for getting their own employees to RT/Favorite their own tweets (“Twitter incest”) and they blocked me. Probably deserved.

Andrew: Blacking out after watching us lose by 40 in the final four (Bob Stoops’ fault btw). You win some, you lose some. RIP to the best bar Norman will ever see.

Granger: there are truly too many to name. from when bussow threw up all over a family of four during the kansas game to when fogs went behind the bar one night and started making drinks. even when the first time my parents got drunk at chimys.

ChadMan, there are a lot of memories I could choose from. But there’s one in particular that I’ll always remember because I saw it happen right in front of me. I’m not gonna name the parties involved, but an active’s girlfriend at the time knocked over a trashcan full of cups and beer bottles and got a face full of concrete on the patio. It was crazy. 

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