Less Than Quick Reaction: Texas Tech

I’ll say it again; Tech brings out the worst in us.

Thankfully, aside from the first quarter, the defense didn’t have the same issues that the student section did. For the first time in over a month, the Sooners won a solid game last night against Texas Tech, 49-27.

This was just a solid win for OU. Of course there were minor issues, but honestly I was expecting the worst for Mike Stoops’s defense and they held up pretty well.

  • I don’t remember a ton of this one. It’s wasn’t even a drunk thing, this one was just super unmemorable.
  • Baker Mayfield had himself a pretty solid day. 281 yards and 5 TD’s isn’t shabby.
  • The running game doesn’t get nearly enough credit. Rodney Anderson had himself another huge game, torching Tech for 181 yards and a touchdown, while Abdul Adams had a solid 95 yards on just 10 carries. Sure, it’s not Perine-Mixon level of quality, but the running game has become a real threat again.
  • Speaking of which, where in the world has Trey Sermon gone? Earlier this season, he looked like the clear feature back. Now, he can’t even got on the field. Really bizarre stuff.
  • Ceedee Lamb had himself a damn game. 147 yards and two touchdowns is a hell of an outing.

MVP: Ogbonnia Okoronkro. Great game from Obo. His 10 tackles and a sack were instrumental in stopping the potent Tech offense. (Baker, CeeDee, or Rodney all could have gotten this, but I haven’t picked a defense guy yet so)

LVP: Thomas Baert. If you know you know.

Up next: Bedlam in Stillwater. Let’s beat another OSU in their place.

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