Delay of Recap: Bedlam

(Oh hey y’all. There was a pretty stressful game Saturday. Due to Stillwater apparently not having cell service, there was no Quick Reaction. So here’s a way way way late recap of Bedlam)

Bedlams are routinely stressful. That being said, you always feel like the Sooners will wiggle their way out of it, just like how Bugs Bunny always seems to get the better of Daffy Duck at the last moment.

Every season, our little brothers up north just loooove to talk about how this is going to be the year they finally take down the Sooners. And nearly without fail, it all unravels in hilariously spectacular fashion. This season, OSU got godsend play after godsend play in the fourth quarter and what happens? Mason Rudolph, who was unstoppable all game long, falls apart on his final drive of the game after getting at least three game ending mistakes back. Then, Trey Sermon stuck the dagger in their hearts and twisted hard.

It was so perfectly Oklahoma State.

  • This might have been Baker’s finest game yet. Outside of two picks, he was nearly perfect against a solid Cowboy defense. Mayfield’s 598 yards, 6 total touchdowns and a 95.4 QBR made one of the best defenses in the Big 12 look like swiss cheese.
  • That being said, OU’s defense also looked just awful. I’m starting to wonder; are they that bad or are the Big 12 offenses that good?
  • Nah, out defense is that bad.
  • Starting to notice a trend of running back getting shut down after fumbles/mistakes. Abdul Adams went MIA after that “dropped pass” (aka fumble) in the first quarter. Interesting philosophy. I would have loved to see more Adams though.
  • Oklahoma State’s offense is as good as advertised. Yeah everyone talks about Rudolph, but Justice Hill is the real deal. Like a mini Reggie Bush. Look for him to get real Heisman hype next season.
  • Another solid performance for Rodney Anderson, who is easily becoming the first option for OU’s run game. 111 yards on 21 carries with a touchdown is a solid outing.
  • Can you remember a time OU had this many receiving options? Has there ever been a time with a deeper receiving corps?

(Non Baker) MVP: Marquise Brown. This guy was just unbelievable. For all the (well deserved) talk about CeeDee Lamb as OU’s featured receiver, Brown might be the Sooners best option. Brown’s 265 receiving yards was a school record and his two touchdowns came at huge moments. Great story for “Hollywood”.

LVP: Anyone who celebrates that made up 1945 title. Seriously, that’s just so corny.

Up Next: TCU. The road to the Playoff continues.


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