Delay of Recap: TCU

Beating TCU always feels good. Maybe it’s just a me thing, but there’s always a gratifying feeling after beating them that’s usually reserved for a rivalry game. Oh and it helps that this win has firmly catapulted the Sooners back into the Playoff.

The Sooners played exactly how anyone could want them to play Saturday. The offense was sharp, the defense showed it’s best effort since Ohio State and outside of a scoreless second half, there was nothing really to complain about.

  • Aside from the beginning, the energy was relatively normal. While the crowd stayed pretty much throughout the game (rare!), this wasn’t anywhere close to being a wild atmosphere. Once the OU offense got rolling and took firm control early, there was a general vibe that TCU was completely helpless to move down the field (unlike other Big 12 teams) and the defense had not chance of stopping the Oklahoma offense (like other Big 12 teams).
  • Holy hell was the secondary improved. I don’t want to jump to conclusions based on that vanilla TCU offense, but Tre Norwood and Tre Brown were a significant step up in the secondary category. While they did get burnt a time or two, there was a certain edge to their play that was a total breath of fresh air. Here’s to hoping Tre² stays a thing.
  • Baker has pretty much wrapped up the Heisman, but you already know that. The real discussion now shifts to where his place in the ranks of not only all-time Sooner greats is, but all time college football quarterbacks. Of course, the most defining parts of Baker’s legacy have yet to be written, but don’t forget to savor one of the best Sooners ever while you still can.
  • The Sooners dropped 38 on the 6th ranked defense in the country and barely tried to move the ball in the second. Really makes you think.
  • We probably have to beat this team again in Arlington, which is pretty frustrating. I’m not too worried about it, because Kenny Hill is trash and I’m starting to think nobody can outscore this offense right now. Here is the scary thing; I think the offense just keeps evolving.

MVP: Rodney Anderson. The comeback story of the year just keeps getting better. Sure, it took him until half the season, but Anderson has exploded out of nowhere as one of OU’s biggest offensive threats. His running Saturday has been as good as ever, but the thing that has separated him from Trey Sermon and Abdul Adams is his Mixon-like ability to run routes as a legitimate receiving threat.

Anderson played a complete game with 4 total touchdowns, half of them on the receiving end of things and 290 overall yards. If he keeps this up, Anderson might be the game changer that pushes Oklahoma to a national championship.

LVP: The Crowleyman. RIP. img_3689.png

Up Next: Kansas. Championship November baby!!!!!!

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