The Next Move

As we all know, the football season is running short. Which begs the question to all 34 of you reading this; what happens to The Schooner Blog?

Honestly, I’ve wondered what the hell to do after this too. There are at least three games left (maybe five?) and I can’t spend the offseason reviewing bars. Covering recruiting in depth is for unemployed weirdos and frankly I don’t really care too much about it until signing day.

I considered just saying good bye, leaving this site as an achieve for anyone that randomly passed by. But honestly, I don’t want to do that. I believe this thing can go farther.

So starting next week, are making the move to covering Oklahoma basketball as well.

Roundball Rundown

Now this doesn’t mean I’m going to every game or anything. Hell, I probably won’t go to all the home games or even catch every game. But at the very least, each week I’ll be covering the important things to know about every week of the Sooners schedule in the Roundball Rundown. The RBR will be a mix of game recaps as well as previews of upcoming games.

There will be other things here and there too. The new Norman bars will get their reviews and we’ll have a travel blog here or there (@Wichita State for sure) but we’ll keep growing and figuring out what to do. Perhaps even some Oklahoma City Thunder talk, despite the name of this here blog. Or even a podcast. We’ll give anything a shot.

No matter what, we are going to push this thing forward. The best days are ahead for The Schooner Blog.

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