2018 Football


  • Need to Know Changes at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium - It’s 2018 and Oklahoma Memorial Stadium has finally caught up to the modern world. Sadly, the changes made in the offseason to stadium don’t include beer sales or a re-entry policy, but just more red tape making your gameday that much more of a hassle in the name of safety. While it isn’t the most […]
  • 10 Predictions for the 2018 Season (Part 2) - (In case you missed it, here is Part 1) 6. Bookie wins Big 12 Defensive Freshman of the Year, but is robbed of Player of the Year Like pretty much every OU fan that has been paying attention, I’m all in on Brendan “Bookie” Radley-Hiles. The five-star defensive back from IMG Academy is Florida has […]
  • 10 Predictions for the 2018 Season (Part 1) - Despite having some success on my preseason predictions last season, I would be lying if I said I felt confident in coming anywhere close to getting it right this season.  I’m usually wildly optimistic about the Sooners pretty much every year, but with some significant roster changes and a second year head coach, the crystal […]


  • OU Throttles FAU, 63-14 - Well, that was much to do about nothing. For the past week and a half, we at The Schooner Blog have been pumping up the FAU Owls as a serious threat. They certainly fit the role on paper. And then the game started. After a solid opening drive, the Owls looked to be a decent […]
  • The Schooner Pod: Week 1 - Football is back. Bobby and Jamison break down the FAU game and make their predictions for Week 1’s big games in the Big 12 and around the country. UPDATE: We are now on Apple Podcasts! Make sure to subscribe and rate us Five stars!
  • Game Week: FAU - At long last, here we are: game week in Oklahoma. On Saturday at 11 AM, football season will be officially back in Norman. No more quarterback controversy, no more watching preseason Browns games to get your fix, no more need to gobble up any bit of information during preseason camp and no more watching the […]


  • Delay of Recap: UCLA - Pretty much everything went right for the Sooners in yesterday’s 42-21 romp over the UCLA Bruins. The offense was clicking, the defense stifling and the special teams had another great game. However, it’s hard to get past the Rodney Anderson injury. At the end of the first quarter Anderson went down with an apparent knee […]
  • Game Week: UCLA - After a 63-14 romp over FAU, the Sooners welcome the UCLA Bruins in a game that could get just as bad as last Saturday. Oklahoma looked as good as possible in week one, while UCLA….didn’t. The Bruins bombed in their first game under head coach Chip Kelly, losing at home to a mediocre Cincinnati team […]

@ Iowa State

  • Ames - Oklahoma sports has taken me amazing places. I’ve seen the Sooners play from coast to coast, from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena to Pro Player/LandShark/Sun Life Stadium in Miami. I once watched a basketball game on the floor of a football colosseum. I’ve witnessed Baker plant his flag in The Shoe, three bouts of Bradford […]
  • Delay of Recap: Iowa State - Okay, so my trip to Ames didn’t exactly go to plan; I spend most of it being sick and getting sicker in brutal heat. I’m still recovering, but better late than never. Whelp, it’s only week three and panic mode has already set in for some parts of Sooner Nation. Did OU lose? Not at […]
  • Game Week: Iowa State - It’s time for revenge. Sure, it didn’t keep OU out of the playoff last season and several big pieces are gone (see Mayfield, Baker), but you have to think that the Sooners will have a little extra fire after last season’s baffling loss to Iowa State at home. This time, the Sooners travel to Ames […]


  • Army-Navy Preview - Editor’s Note: While the college football bowl season is still a bit away, the season isn’t over yet: we still have Army-Navy. While we know a little bit about Army (who should be ranked), we brought in a guest writer and active duty Marine to get you both educated and hyped for one of the […]
  • Delay of Recap: Army - Sometimes, all you can do is take a deep breath, take the win and move on. Saturday is one of those times. I spent all last week trying to convince myself that the Army triple option threat wouldn’t be an issue, that the OU run defense had improved. Even if the Sooners struggled, I thought […]
  • The Weekend Spread: Week 4 - Bobby: 2-5 (11-12) Jamison: 2-5 (11-12) Blake: 4-3 (13-10) Last Week It was a big week for the Big 12 with some major non-conference wins for Texas, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. Despite the loss from his Frogs, it was also a big week for the CrowleyMan, as Blake took a significant two game lead from the […]


  • OU Stomps Baylor, 66-33 - That felt really, really good. After two weeks of frustrating football, the Sooners finally got a true blowout. Kyler Murray tied a school record for all-purpose touchdowns with a whopping 7, as the Oklahoma offense looked unstoppable all game. Murray wasn’t without help as his receiving tandem of Hollywood Brown and Ceedee Lamb broke off […]
  • The Schooner Pod: Week 5 - After an infuriating win in Norman last Saturday, Bobby and Jamison try to figure out how much to take away from the Army game, the Norman bar problem, what to expect from the Baylor game on Saturday and their thoughts on an exciting Week 5 slate of college football. <enclosure url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/schoonerpod/Baylor_-_92518_3.23_PM.mp3&#8243; length=”31818524″ type=”audio/mpeg” /> If […]
  • Game Week: Baylor - Everyone catch their breath? Okay, good. After a heart problem inducting win against Army, the Sooners have a chance to get things back on the positive side against Baylor. Game Info: Kickoff: 2:30 PM CT TV: ABC Radio: 107.7 The Franchise (OKC), 97.5 KMOD (Tulsa) Meet the Bears Baylor isn’t near the power house they […]

Texas (Dallas)

  • Heartbreak in Dallas: OU loses to Texas 48-45 - (Editor’s Note: Bobby is really drunk so forgive any spelling mistakes; also Bobby is the editor so they will not be corrected) Have you ever been kicked in the balls, or whatever the female equivalent is? That was today’s game. After a flat, sloppy first three quarters, OU mounted a comeback for the ages on […]
  • How to Do the State Fair of Texas - It’s that time of year again. While by now those of you going to the game probably have a game plan on what to do on Friday night, the planning for Saturday morning is arguably more important. This year, OU-Texas goes back to its traditional 11 AM slot, so maximizing your time at the fair […]
  • Game Week: #19 Texas - Believe it or not, it’s here: OU-Texas weekend is upon us. While this season’s edition is pushed up a week from its traditional second weekend in October, this is the official sign that we are in the thick of football season. With both teams ranked for the first time since 2012, we can officially say […]


  • A New Leaf: OU beats TCU 52-27 - After a century long bye week, the Sooners returned to the field with a resounding 52-27 win over the TCU Horned Frogs. There was some anxiety with how the Oklahoma defense would perform after ditching Mile Stoops as DC and the reviews were generally “meh?”. There were a few great moments (some great breaks that […]
  • Gameday Guide: TCU - Over my years here at OU and traveling the Big 12, one town in particular stands out to me as the clear favorite: Fort Worth. Yes, yes, I know it’s a city. And while it might be cheating to put a major city as my favorite place to visit in a conference full of one […]
  • Game Week: TCU - December 2nd, 2017 seems so far away. A lot has happened since the last time the Sooners and Frogs met at Jerry World on that unusually warm December day; the Sooners both made and lost the Rose Bowl, Baker Mayfield won the Heisman, got drafted by the Cleveland Browns and now is on his way […]

Kansas State

  • Delay of Recap: OU Shellacks Kansas State, 51-14 - Better late than never I guess. Either way, here are my thoughts on Saturday’s beatdown over Kansas State. Well, so much for that “grind it out like Army” plan of Kansas State’s. The Oklahoma offense was dominant, the defense made crucial stops and the Wildcats looked entirely powerless to do anything. I don’t have much […]
  • Game Week: Kansas State - It’s Homecoming Weekend in Norman and that term feels even more fitting than usual; the Sooners haven’t played on Owen Field in nearly a month. We are now in the full swing of the back half of the season, with only three home games remaining. The opponent this week is a pretty hapless Kansas State […]

@ Texas Tech

  • Delay of Recap: OU Escapes Lubbock, Beats Texas Tech 51-46 - Anytime you can escape Lubbock with a win it’s a good thing, right? Right? While this game wasn’t quite the offensive mess of the 2016 meeting between Oklahoma and Texas Tech, it was a game where defense clearly was on the back burner. Saturday was one of the sloppiest we’ve seen a Sooner team play […]
  • Gameday Guide: Texas Tech - As I have said many times, Lubbock isn’t exactly my favorite town. Despite that, there are several spots you need to go to (and steps you need to take) in order to maximize your college football Saturday. Weather As of Thursday morning, we are looking at around 60° and partly cloudy for kickoff with the […]
  • Game Week: Texas Tech - Here we are: Championship November. While the name doesn’t have the same luster that it did before the reintroduction of the Big 12 Championship game, this is annually a crucial stretch for the Sooners. Not only have the games been big, but OU actually wins them at a crazy high rate, posting an undefeated record […]

Oklahoma State

  • OU squeaks out the win against OSU, 48-47: An Actual Recap - Editor’s Note: The original post was just the above GIF. It summed up the game pretty well, to be honest.  After taking a day to digest that game, I have some thoughts that deserve to get written down. I gotta give credit where it is due; Taylor “Corndog” Cornelius played a pretty good game. Sure, […]
  • Game Week: Oklahoma State - Bedlam Week means one in thing in Stillwater and another in Norman. For Oklahoma State fans, the game has been somewhat of a cure all game; win and the season is a success, no matter the record. Hell, any Poke win would probably be an automatic instant classic. In Norman however, wins are expected. It’s […]


  • The Oklahoma Defense Hits Rock Bottom as Sooners beat Kansas 55-40 - KANSAS SCORED FORTY POINTS ON THIS DEFENSE. FORTY!!!!!! I’m honestly so tired of watching this defense squander all time offenses. It’s absurd. Mike Stoops wasn’t a great defensive coordinator by any means, but it’s evident that the issues at defense run much deeper than coaching. This is a non aggressive, poorly tackling and frankly pathetic […]
  • Game Week: Kansas - It’s Kansas on Senior Night in Norman. While the Jayhawks have improved this season, they are still just an awful football team. I know things have been shaky after the Tech and OSU debacles, but this Kansas team is going to be athletically and schematically overwhelmed. If the Sooners can’t blow out this team, they […]

@ West Virginia

  • Notes from OU-West Virginia - Friday night was a wild time. However, I would be remised if I didn’t give some some more detail notes on what happened in Morgantown. This defense didn’t do much better point wise, but damn did they put in some effort. And honestly, without their performance, OU loses that game. The two scoop and score […]
  • Game Week: West Virginia - Friday, November 23rd 7:00 PM, ESPN It’s here. Since the schedule came out way back last Fall this game has been circled in red with a double underline. A road trip to Morgantown, on Black Friday, against a high level quarterback and surrounded by a sea of screaming blue and gold fans jacked up on […]

Texas (Big 12 Championship)

  • Oklahoma Wins the Big 12 Championship, Beats Texas 39-27 - What a day in college football! Yesterday was a whirlwind and honestly was one of those days where you just forget about all responsibility. While yesterday that included “writing about a major event that happened to the literal one team you cover in your sports blog”, I have some big notes from a big win […]
  • The Schooner Pod: Big 12 Championship - The Big 12 Championship is here and it couldn’t be bigger: a rematch with Texas. Bobby and Jamison break down the unique atmosphere of this weekend’s game, the atmosphere difference between the Cotton Bowl and AT&T Stadium, how the Sooners and Longhorns have changed since October and what to expect on Saturday. Also, the boys […]
  • Game Week: Big 12 Championship (Texas) - Remember how you felt on the afternoon of October 6th? The sickening feeling in your gut as that field goal sailed through the Cotton Bowl’s southern uprights? The numbness as you watched Austin Kendall randomly trot out for a desperation touchdown attempt? The burning anger as you listened to the burnt orange throngs of Longhorn […]

Alabama (Orange Bowl)

  • Delay of Recap: Alabama - So as quickly as it came, the 2018 Oklahoma football season is now over, with the Sooners yet again losing in the College Football Playoff Semifinals, this time at the hands of Alabama. The Tide quickly jumped out to a 28-0 lead on the Sooners digging them into a hole that they simply could not […]
  • Alabama thumps Oklahoma, ends season, 45-34 - I just….ugh. It’s been a long night. This has been a really memorable season, but this team clearly wasn’t national championship caliber. There are brighter things on the horizon for the Sooners; this is just the beginning. Congrats to the Alabama Crimson Tide on the win. Full article coming tomorrow.
  • The Schooner Pod: Orange Bowl - It’s finally time: the Orange Bowl is Saturday. The Sooners face their toughest challenge yet in the Crimson Tide and the guys are ready to break down the injury news, Alabama’s biggest threats, OU’s path to an upset, our predictions for the game and more. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts and […]


  • A Look Back at My 10 Preseason Predictions - The 2018-19 Oklahoma football campaign will be forever known as one of the wildest in school history. It’s hard to predict a college football season but it would frankly have been impossible to predict what transpired this season. Either way, I still gave it my best shot in August, so let’s take ourselves back to […]