Oh Hey, What Did I Miss?

Hey y’all. It’s been an eventful month and a half since The Schooner Blog fell off the face of the earth; the Sooners claimed yet another Big 12 title, Baker won the Heisman, Trae Young became a demigod and of course OU lost a crushing Rose Bowl to Georgia.

So where have I been?

As this semester rolled to an end, Finals began to rear its ugly head. Naturally, traveling to every game for a full semester had a less than stellar impact on my grades, so extra emphasis was needed for a last semester rally. This means less time for Bar Reviews and eventually, basically all content altogether.

As if catching up with what seemed like an insurmountable amount of writing wasn’t bad enough, things got worse when I realized the Rose Bowl would not be a realistic possibility without sacrificing a chance at going to Atlanta. Yes, the ultimate mission for this blog and season, would end in the Sooners’ most important game.

Needless to say, that was a crushing blow to my resolve. The whole year, every word of every post seemed like a waste. Just thinking of writing anything about the Rose Bowl left a sour taste in my mouth, a taste that got significantly worse after losing that overtime thriller. Suddenly, not only did I not want to write about the end of the season, I wanted to just wipe this site clean and move on.

Ultimately, that isn’t the end this blog or season deserves. I miss writing for this little project of mine and I’m going to continue to do so about this wild season we’ve had on the hardwood. There are still bars to be reviewed – Seven47 is up in the Bar Review tab – and there are still stories to tell.

Sure, I didn’t hit them all this season. But the memories from Columbus to Lawrence were never about crossing off line items; they were about the experiences that make college football so special. The Kansas and Big 12 Championship Travel Blogs will up in their respective game week sections, and the a year in review for the 2017 season will be updated throughout the week. Feel free to check them out.

Most importantly, thank you for reading this site. Even though it wasn’t always the most popular or best written content, it was incredible fun writing for all y’all.

Next step? OU-Kansas basketball tonight at the LNC. The first edition of Roundball Rundown is up now. Time to turn the page.

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