Need to Know Changes at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

It’s 2018 and Oklahoma Memorial Stadium has finally caught up to the modern world.

Sadly, the changes made in the offseason to stadium don’t include beer sales or a re-entry policy, but just more red tape making your gameday that much more of a hassle in the name of safety. While it isn’t the most glamorous topic of all time, this blog could be the difference maker in making or breaking your experience on Saturdays in the fall.


Walkthrough Metal Detectors

This is probably the most impactful change made this season. If you have been to a recent NBA, NFL or OU basketball game, you should know about these and how the process works.

If you don’t, listen up now because I swear I’ll be pissed if I end up behind you in line.

When you are in line, make sure you know to take all your metal items out and have them ready to put in the little bowl. Or even better, bring as few metal items as possible. If you aren’t sure what to remove, here is a helpful graphic from OU Athletics to educate you.

Metal detectors

As a result of these rule changes, expect to leave a little earlier than you would have in previous years. Yeah, you can’t drink as much, but you can sacrifice that for football.

To accommodate these new changes, the doors now open two hours before kickoff. This shouldn’t change your routine unless you are a pledge marking off territory in the student section or an oddball who loves warmups, empty stadiums and jock jams from the mid 2000s more than drinking beer.

Big reminder for everyone in route to the student section: buy plastic flasks, not metal. Your boots can’t save you now.

Clear Bag Policy

This one goes out to the girls and weirdos who bring backpacks to the game. Like the NFL and various other college teams and leagues, OU has implemented a clear bag policy. This means that non- clear bags and purses that are larger than 6.5 x 4.5 are banned. This means that you either have to ditch the purse or take it back and neither option is good.

Before you go, be absolutely sure that your clutch fits 6.5 x 4.5. Don’t guesstimate, because that will lead to you being almost 100% wrong and missing the first quarter because you had to turn back to your tailgate/home/car.

Attached below is an official bag policy graphic, if the explanation wasn’t clear enough.

Clear bag


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