OU Throttles FAU, 63-14

Well, that was much to do about nothing.

For the past week and a half, we at The Schooner Blog have been pumping up the FAU Owls as a serious threat. They certainly fit the role on paper.

And then the game started.

After a solid opening drive, the Owls looked to be a decent team. Behind a surprising starting QB pick in Chris Robison, they moved the ball decent.

After that, it went to hell in a hand-basket for the Owls. Ronnie Perkins was an animal, terrorizing the FAU backfield and halting anything from all American Devon Singletary.

While the defense was staunch, the offense looked even better. The Sooners barely missed a beat from the Baker Mayfield era. Kyler Murray lived up to the hype in his first true start. Murray was composed, throwing 9-11 before his exit in the first half. The play of the game came when Murray broke free of several sure tackles to get a big gain, showcasing the quarterback’s nuclear athleticism and maneuverability.

Honestly, I’m writing this at halftime. The Sooners are up 42-0 and things won’t get better for the Owls. Things couldn’t have gone better for OU*.

*Austin Kendall blew out his knee. I spoke too soon

MVP: Ronnie Perkins

Remember the defensive line questions in preseason? We can put them to rest. Ronnie Perkins looked like a grown man, blowing up anything FAU tried to do early on.


I spent way too much time writing about this Owls team. Not only did they disappoint big time, I lost four bucks on FAU +20. A price well worth the victory.

Up Next: Chip Kelly and UCLA, Noon

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