The Weekend Spread: Week 2

Bobby: 4-4

Jamison: 5-3

Blake: 4-4

Week 1 is over and through it all, the guys are pretty even on their picks. Jamison edged out in front with his LSU pick, but Bobby and Blake are right behind. There was good (3-0 on Auburn) and bad (0-3 on Michigan), but overall aside from a few major whiffs (Blake on Tennessee, Bobby on Texas Tech) it wasn’t an awful week. As the games in Week 2 are so bad, from here on out we will be tallying wins and losses from a point spread perspective. 

(Lines taken from the beginning of the week)

#2 Clemson @ Texas A&M (Clem. -11.5)

Bobby: Everyone has contently mocked Texas and their wild proclamations of being “back” this week, but now it’s time for their neighbors from College Station to get their comeuppance. The second Texas A&M hired Jimbo Fisher, Aggie fans immediately decided to anoint themselves as eventual national champions (they even gave Jimbo a plaque). While A&M fans are notoriously delirious about the quality of their football team, their delusion is at an all time high. Clemson will bring them harshly back to reality on Saturday. Clemson, -11.5

Jamison: Clemson. Big. The Aggies to the south think just because they are SEC, they are some powerhouse. I am ready for them to be humbled. Clelin Ferrell, Dexter Lawrence, Christian Wilkins are all big names for the Tigers. Don’t forget them, they are all 1st rounders. Clemson, -11.5

BlakeLiving in Texas the past five years have given me a whole new perspective on the Aggies; I hated them before and I hate them even more now. If a Branch Davidian and a neglected middle child had a baby, it would basically act like an A&M fan. For some reason though, I think the cult down in College Station keeps this one close and covers the spread, but ultimately falls short to this great Clemson team. Texas A&M, +11.5

#17 USC @ #10 Stanford (Stan. -4)

Bobby: Ahh, the traditional early September Stanford-USC game. Neither looked all that impressive in their debuts and the Stanford crowd will be light due to students not being back in school yet. With that being said, you have to think Bryce Love and and improved passing game can get the job done against the rebuilding Trojans. Stanford, -4

Jamison: USC’s  true freshman QB, JT Daniels, looked good against UNLV, but not fully comfortable. He threw to his high school teammate Amon-Ra St. Brown a little too much. That’ll work against UNLV, but not a good team like Stanford. I love the Cardinal this year from what I’ve seen. Expect a big game from Bryce Love and KJ Costello. Stanford, -4

BlakeWhat do Miami and USC both have in common? They are private schools where most of their fans did not even attend the school, but claim they are die-hard fans. It is ridiculous that every USC fan you come in contact with always has to justify their connection to the school. Just because your mom went there does not mean you are a real fan. These fake fans and their team will be exposed this weekend; Stanford by a touchdown. Stanford, -4

#2 Georgia @ #24 South Carolina (UGA -9.5)

Bobby: The Gamecocks ruined the day of a lot of bettors on Saturday with a solid cover against Coastal Carolina. Jake Bentley looks like a solid quarterback for the ‘Cocks, throwing for 4 touchdowns last Saturday. However, Georgia is a whole new animal. I think the game will be close, but the Dawgs pull away for a comfortable cover. Georgia, -9.5

Jamison: Georgia is a powerhouse, so this line is kind of odd. I think Georgia oddly wins by 10 here, and probably should by more. Fromm looked average, and nothing too special. He will do that again. “USC” quarterback Jake Bentley has also done well (People who refer to South Carolina “USC” really bother me). Low scoring game here, nothing too fun to watch. This will be your typical 2:30 CBS game that you fall asleep on the couch watching. Georgia, -9.5

BlakeI know I am writing this for an OU blog, so I think y’all more than anyone know how good this Bulldogs team is. Just so Bobby lets me write for another week I will keep my analysis short on this one, Georgia blows out South Carolina. Georgia, -9.5

Kansas @ Central Michigan (CMU -7)

Bobby: MY BOYS FROM NICHOLLS CAME THROUGH! It was tough, but my Colonels staved off an upset bid from Kansas in OT. I have never been so proud. As for the Jayhawks, I believe Central Michigan wins comfortably, extending the misery in Lawrence yet another week. Central Michigan, -7

Jamison: KANSAS NOOOOOO!!!! Honestly, shout out to Bobby for picking the Nicholls game correctly. I said KU is going to win 2 games this year, so it’s gotta be here. KU BOUNCES BACK! GIVE ME THE JAYHAWKS STRAIGHT UP! Why? No reason. Kansas, +7 

Blake: Kansas said that 25,000 people attended their first game. This is fake news as they definitely just added three zeros onto their final number. Central Michigan, +7

Iowa State @ Iowa (Iowa -3.5)

Bobby: This is going to be a battle. Both teams are solid tough nosed squads and anything can happen in a rivalry game. Iowa State’s opener got stormed out so they are opening on the road against their biggest rival. This is a tough one, but the Hawkeyes get a narrow cover. Iowa -3.5.

Jamison: Not too excited about this game. If Iowa wins, it will be close. Iowa State will be pumped even though their game was cancelled last week. Iowa State +3.5.

BlakeIn 6th grade, Baby Bash released his hit single “Cyclone”. At the time, I bumped that song every single day on my iPod Nano and could not get enough of it. Only problem is the main theme of the song is “She moves her body like a cycloneand my 12-year-old self at the time had no idea what that meant. Now analyzing the lyrics a decade later, I realize what Baby Bash was trying to get at but he has obviously never been to the Midwest. Cyclones have a windspeed of 123 mph or greater, so I promise you do not want to see yo girl moving that fast in the club. I will take Iowa State to win this one. Iowa State, +3.5

#18 Mississippi State @ Kansas State (MSU -7.5)

Bobby: This one is a tough call. My Big 12 dark horse K-State looked abysmal at home against FCS South Dakota State, but I’m not all that confident in Mississippi State this season. While I’m not going to abandon my dark horse just yet, I have the Bulldogs by at least 10 in a close game. Mississippi State, – 7.5

Jamison: Too many people overreact from week one games. I think Mississippi State is a good team this year, but K-State has veterans, good players, and a good coach that will help them bounce back. Expect a close one here. K-State, +7.5.

BlakeStill one of the strangest things to ever happen in college football is when Colin Klein took the Wildcats to the Fiesta Bowl in 2013. K State somehow weaseled their way to a BCS bowl by running A QB SNEAK EVERY PLAY!!!! They had two plays in the playbook that year: quarterback sneak left of the center and right of the center. The Big 12 has come a long way since then and I don’t believe that K-State will be as fortunate against this Miss. St squad. Mississippi State, -7.5

Tulsa @ Texas (UT -21)

Bobby: Oh, Texas. You spend an entire offseason crowing about how you are back, how Ehlinger is going to be the best quarterback in the Big 12, how the Horns are ready to make the leap. You are college football’s Pied Piper, leading sportswriters, fans and morons into making you the trendy preseason pick for success. And what do you do as your opening act?

You lose to a Maryland team without its head coach.

I’m ashamed. Not in you, Texas, but in myself. I’m ashamed that I thought you’d field a decent team this year. I’m ashamed that I thought you’d represent the Big 12 with at least a little pride or an ounce respect for yourself.

I’m ashamed that I thought you’d be more than a spoiler for us in October.

But here we are. Another season, another Red River Shootout where the biggest anxiety isn’t in the threat of the Longhorns beating us straight up, but us somehow blowing it. What a pity.

Either way, there’s no way Texas loses to Tulsa in game two…right? Texas, -21

Jamison: I picked Texas #3 in the Big 12 this year. I hate to be a part of the people who every pre season hype Texas, but luckily I said they will only be “kinda” back. Texas will steamroll Tulsa here, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t go on and lose their next couple games. I’d love Texas to to be competitive for the RRR, so I hope they win their games, but Tom Herman is a wee little bitch. Texas, -21

BlakeI know this joke has been beaten into submission already, but TEXAS IS SOOOOOOO BACK. The quote of the week is that Tom Herman blames his loss last week on his team trying to play “too perfect”, which is the best excuse you can give. What Tom Herman did is a classic interview technique where you are asked by the interviewer “What is your biggest weakness as a person” and you answer back with “I care too much about things or I try too hard”. Nothing screams that you are the right candidate for the job when your weaknesses are strengths.

I am going with the ‘Horns in a bounce back victory this week, even though it pains me so much to do this. The University of Tulsa gave me the best experience I could have asked for as Junior in high school by bringing Imagine Dragons to campus and selling $15 tickets (yes I was an Imagine Dragons fan before it was cool*). Tulsa is going to do “Whatever It Takes” to squeeze one out in Austin but will ultimately fall short to this “Radioactive” and volatile Texas squad.  Texas, -21

(*Editor’s Note: They have never been cool)

UCLA @ #6 Oklahoma (OU -25)

Bobby: UCLA didn’t look awful to start off against Cincinnati; they led 10-0 before their starter, Wilton Speight, went down with a bad injury. After that, the offense sputtered under freshman Dorian Thompson-Robinson, with the only one big play coming on a wild 78 yard dash for a touchdown. This week, expect a more consistent game from the Bruin offense.

Overall, this game isn’t about UCLA. Oklahoma is a significantly better team on both sides of the ball and should win handily. Look for big games on the ground from Sooner tailbacks in this one. The spread has been ballooning at a wild rate, but for the purposes of this (setting the line at -25), I think you can expect OU to lead by at least 28. Any more and the cover will be close for comfort. Oklahoma, -25

Jamison: The potential for rainy weather makes this game scary, but I think OU wins by four touchdowns. Expect 38-10 here with a hefty run game for OU. Both Rodney Anderson (Or “Mr. Anderson” as he is called by Gus Johnson. It’s a really forced nickname and it sounds weirdly creepy. If it’s a reference to something, I do not get it one bit.) and Trey Sermon score two touchdowns. Oklahoma, -25

Blake: As a TCU fan, I am absolutely terrified of Kyler Murray. I think he is honestly scarier than Bake Mayfield, because there is nothing more demoralizing to a team then having about four defenders almost sack you and then somehow you find a way to make a first down. Yes, Baker had plays like that, but I have a feeling we are going to see this every week from Kyler. Even if Kyler didn’t throw a single pass, I still think OU could still beat any team in the Big 12. OU -25, easy money. Oklahoma, -25

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