The Weekend Spread: Week 3

Bobby: 5-3 (9-7)

Jamison: 4-4 (9-7)

Blake: 5-3 (9-7)

Two weeks down and the boys are tied at 9-7. While Jamison got a shocking Kansas win, he surrendered his lead on Bobby and Blake by picking Kansas State. Blake got a big win riding with Texas A&M, while Bobby split the gap by picking Iowa. Week 3 has some pivotal games for the Big 12, so this is the time to build separation for the splits.

(Lines taken from the beginning of the week)

#12 LSU @ #7 Auburn (Aub. -9.5)

Bobby: Both of these teams are going to be beasts in the SEC West. In plenty of ways, they are mirrors of themselves; both have the nickname of Tigers, have tough nosed defenses and quarterback play that is much higher quality than most SEC teams.

Judging by the line, Vegas still isn’t giving LSU any respect. If Joe Burrow can continue to play like he did against Miami and match the play of Jarett Stidham, this will be a great ballgame. I have Coach O and the boys covering at Jordan O’Hare, but the win could easily go to either side. LSU, +9.5

Jamison: Auburn was my preseason SEC champion and #2 seed in the playoff. I think this game will be entertaining, but Auburn will be notably better than the well hyped Tigers. LSU does deserve the hype, after whopping Miami and catfishing their turnover chain, but they aren’t on Auburn’s level. I expect Auburn to win by 10 and narrowly cover. Auburn, -9.5

Blake: First off, Happy Birthday to Mike the Tiger. The famous LSU mascot turned uhhhhh I don’t know how many years old tbh as I could not find his birth year online. However, searching Mike the Tiger stories also led me down a wild rabbit hole that yielded some wild results. Did you know that over the past 15 years, LSU has paid more than 4 million dollars during that time span to renovate his living space. I looked up the average price of a home in the US and it is only 200,000!!!! Mike the Tiger is living in a sanctuary that is nicer than any house most people could afford in their lifetime. Also, a wild life activist group has started a petition that has over 35,000 signatures on it to free Mike the Tiger into the wild, but WHY WOULD LSU EVER DO THAT WHEN THEY HAVE PUT IN $5 MILLION DOLLARS TO KEEP A TIGER IN A CAGE. LSU by a million on Saturday. LSU, +9.5

Duke @ Baylor (Baylor -6.5)

Bobby: I’m still not buying much stock on Baylor. They have looked improved, yet unimpressive through their first two games. Their defense has been porous against bad to mediocre teams, giving up 27 and 20 points to Abiline Christian and UTSA respectively.

Duke on the other hand has looked pretty good at covering the spread so far this season. I’d take Duke straight up if it actually gave me more points. Duke, +6.5

Jamison: Yes, I know, I was high on Baylor to cover the spread this year. I thought they would be disrespected, but Vegas seems to be giving them ridiculous lines right now. They are currently 0-1-1 vs. the spread. I am not happy. I am not abandoning ship, but I think Duke +6.5 is a safe pick. I may go as far as Duke COULD win this game (not going to predict that, I see Baylor edging them by 3 in a high scoring affair). Duke just handled Northwestern last week, a team who I was impressed with from week one. This will be a FUN game to watch. Tune in to FS1 @2:30 after the OU game. Duke, +6.5

Blake: This game will be a nice tasty treat for the afternoon slate of games. This game is tastier than a Magnolia Bakery cupcake (basic girls, HGTV enthusiasts, and Fixer Upper diehards will know exactly what I am talking about).  I feel obligated to bet on every team that I am somehow associated (which is exactly what you do not do as it leads to double the heart break most often) but you know I am licking my lips at this one.

Most people are gonna be pounding away at Duke with the points, but the faithful readers of the Schooner Blog are going to throw all caution to the wind and throw the farm on Baylor. This Baylor team is ehhhhhh which is why I am so shocked they are a touchdown favorite, but sometimes the best bets are the ones that make the least sense. I am hoping Baylor wins this one because when I go out to celebrate TCU’s victory that night, I want Waco to be lit. Baylor, -6.5

Houston @ Texas Tech (TT -2)

Bobby: Texas Tech let me down in a big day week one, getting thumped by Ole Miss. Now, they have the Houston Cougars coming to Lubbock and there is no way I pick this team again. While Ed Oliver is a beast, the Houston offense has been torching teams. I trust this Red Raider team as much as I trust unprotected sex in Lubbock. Houston, +2

Jamison: Durdy’s LOCK of the week. Houston just killed Arizona 45-18, the Arizona team with preseason Heisman hopeful Khalil Tate. I know Sumlin is underutilizing him and doing a horrible coaching job, but Ed Oliver and Houston have been looking great. I have been very low on Texas Tech this year, and was confirmed after the Ole Miss game of their shortcomings. Look for Houston to handily win this one. Houston, +2

Blake: Houston is the Amber Rose of college football. Houston has become the revolving door for any up-incoming head coach; just like every rapper has dated Amber Rose at some point. I am a man of consistency so I’m going with Tech here. Texas Tech, -2

Rutgers @ Kansas (KU -2.5)

Bobby: Well, well, well. Just when the Jayhawks looked dead, they rose from the dead and smacked Central Michigan on the road, snapping a 46 game road streak. To put that in perspective, the last time KU won a road game, I was playing fullback in middle school and James Harden was months from playing his first game with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Now, they are not only favored in this next game, but they are favored against a Power 5 opponent in the hapless Scarlet Knights. This one is a hard call, but I gotta stick with my schtick. Sorry Jamison; the wins stop here. Rutgers, +2.5




Kansas last week snapped their 46 game losing streak and crushed Central Michigan. Rutgers just lost last week by 49. Momentum is key. I said Kansas will win 2 games this season, this has to be it. Kansas, -2.5

Blake: When Bobby sent me the games this week, I immediately had to look this game up to see if it was not a joke. To my surprise these teams are actually playing. The two perennial worst teams of their respective conference face off in what is probably their season as both of these teams will not have a chance to win a game after this Saturday. This is the game I want to ignore, but I know I will place a regrettable last second bet on this so give me Rutgers with the points. Rutgers, +2.5

#17 Boise State @ #24 Oklahoma State (OSU -3)

Bobby: This one is going to be fun. Boise State looks to be the cream of the Group of Five crop this season and a road win against the Pokes would solidify them as the team to watch for a New Year’s Six bid. The Broncos outscored two decent teams, UConn and Troy, 118-27 in their opening two games. This is an offensive power.

Oklahoma State also has brought some offensive heat this season, but first year starting quarterback Taylor Cornelius has looked very shaky against competition barely better than some Texas High School teams. This one is a toss up, but I’m going with the Broncos to pull off the big win in Boone Pickens Stadium. Boise State, +3

Jamison: I am extremely torn on this matchup. I picked OSU to not do well this year, and they have definitely played the part. I would just feel more comfortable if the line was +3.5. This game is a very close 50/50 for me.

Boise State’s run offense has looked dominant, and they have a very experienced offensive line. OSU only wins if they give Justice Hill 20+ carries, and JD King 10+. I just do not think they do that. Gundy still has some weird obsession with Corndog, after he just threw 2 INT’s against South Alabama. Now, versus a somewhat legit school, Corndog can not make those mistakes. This game is solely dependent on Gundy. Boise State, +3

Blake: I’m calling this the “Battle of the Ex-Girlfriends”. Two teams that were a part of my life and now mean nothing to me. Growing up as an OU fan, I hated OSU(which makes sense) but the Boise State one has some nuance to it. Around the 7th grade, I stopped being an OU fan for a variety of reasons and became a TCU fan. At that time TCU and Boise were the two biggest non-power 5 in college football and met twice in BCS bowl games. Additionally years later, than became bigger rivals when Boise joined the Mountain West. That rivalry is now dead after TCU beat them on a 2 point conversion at the Smurf Village and now mean nothing to my life. Boise State will win this one and will show that OSU are frauds. Boise State, +3

#4 Ohio State v. #15 TCU (tOSU -12)

Bobby: This is a tough one. I think TCU has a good squad, I really do. However, I just don’t think they have the firepower to pull it off. They also won’t really have a home field advantage as Ohio State has an enormous alumni base that will travel to Arlington. I think Ohio State pulls away towards the end for the cover. Ohio State, -12

Jamison: Ohio State wins by 10. TCU will get a backdoor cover with Turpin and Reagor springing off a couple big plays. TCU is my #2 team in the Big 12 this year, but I did not expect much from them in this game when making that prediction. Expect their better play during conference play. TCU, +12

Blake: I know I like to joke around a lot, but I am going to be very serious for a second because this game means a lot to me. Let take you back to 2014, I was a freshman in college and I got to witness one of the best seasons of TCU football there ever will be. Between Trevone Boykin, Josh Doctson, and typical Gary Patterson defense, this team was probably the most talented team in TCU history. I got to experience of the highs of this season, beating OU and rushing the field while Bobby watched from the nosebleeds, and the lows, watching TCU blow a 4th quarter lead to Baylor and lose 61-58. But one thing I did know for sure is that when it came down to the CFP selection show the last week of the regular season, TCU should have been in that spot instead of Ohio State.

At that time and still to do this day I absolutely despise the selection committee. The college football world had been crying for years for a more equitable system and the CFP committee promised that this new system would bring fairness and justice to the mistakes the BCS had made in the past. However, the committee system is even more corrupt than BCS. TCU and Baylor were both snubbed out of a playoff spot that year because we are both small private schools that have small fan bases, while Ohio State is one of the largest schools in the nation. Their decision was based on MONEY and VIEWERSHIP, not on JUSTICE or FAIRNESS that they promised. They system promised to put the four best teams in the nation against each other and TCU was one of them. TCU and Ohio State both a single loss that year. TCU’s only loss came to Baylor on the road and we only lost by 3 points. Ohio State lost by 14 points at home against a .500 Virginia Tech team. When the resumes are so similar, these small details matter but the CFP just made the money decision and denied TCU or Baylor their one shot at making the CFP.

I will never forgive the selection committee for their transgressions because at the end of the day they are two-facing the college football world. They will tell the fans that every team has a fair shot at making it, but if you are a team that they believe can’t sell enough tickets or will bring in big viewerships they will throw you to the curb in a heart beat.

And this story right here is the reason why TCU is going to beat Ohio State on Saturday night. Although none of the players on the respective teams were in college at the time all of this happened, it is fresh in the minds of everybody in Fort Worth that this is our vengeance game to show that we really do belong on the big stage. Although on paper Ohio State outmatches TCU in every way, we have one advantage on them and that is Gary Patterson. Gary has taken a school from one of the worst teams in the Mountain West to one of the perennial contenders in the Big 12. TCU has never had the best recruits, but Gary always finds a way to get the best out of his players and out perform expectations. Our fearless leader is going to lead us into battle on Saturday night and after the game, the Crowleyman is going to be rushing the field* just like he did five years ago when the Frogs pulled an upset of a lifetime. Go Frogs. TCU, +12

*I will not be at the game so I will have to rush McLane Stadium or a local high school but I will do it none the less

#22 USC @ Texas (UT -3.5)

Bobby: Jesus, Texas. How worse can it get for you? Tulsa was a perfect team to right the ship against and you manage to only win by a touchdown? It’s absurd.

I’m not big on USC, like at all. However, I think the Trojans can at least win against this Texas team. I won’t let the ‘Horns burn me again. USC, +3.5

Jamison: Why in Sam Hill have I been picking Texas to cover the past 2 weeks? I am absolutely embarrassed. To avoid embarrassment for a 3rd week in a row, I am picking the mediocre, boring ass USC squad this week +3.5. This pick is completely emotional. I do not care if Texas covers, good for them, I just do not want to be on the side of picking them if they do not cover. USC, +3.5.

BlakeHaven’t I seen this game before? Oh yes, I see it EVERY SINGLE TIME I turn on the Longhorn Network. Everybody talks about how ESPN is declining and I know the exact reason why. IT’S BECAUSE THEY ARE PAYING UT MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO SHOW RERUNS OF A GAME THAT HAPPENED MORE THAN A DECADE AGO!! I wish I didn’t have to choose this game, but I do. Texas, -3.5

#5 Oklahoma @ Iowa State (OU -18.5)

Bobby: Simply put, Iowa State is outmatched. I know the Cyclones have a staunch defense, but I don’t think they’ll be much of a match for this OU team.

The Cyclone offense, especially if QB Kyle Kempt is injured, is very one dimensioned. They don’t have a go to receiver like Allen Lazard or a wild card like Joel Lanning. Simply put, they are just not quite there.

I think Kyler and the OU offense will take a while to warm up, but when they do, it’s curtains. Oklahoma, -18.5

Jamison: Durdy’s second LOCK of the week. Everybody say thank you to Vegas for doubting use after Rodney got hurt. I know he is huge for us, but -18.5 is an insult to an OU offense against a team that just scored 3 points last week. What did the five fingers say to the face? That’s what OU does to Iowa State this year. Even if it was not a revenge game, we’d cover. Oklahoma, -18.5

Blake: High winds are very much in right now and I think this is the big man upstairs way of telling me to go with Iowa State in this one. I don’t think a full blown cyclone will form in Iowa this week, but the tornado sirens will definitely be going off and will give the Sooners a scare. Nobody outside the state of Oklahoma is talking about Rodney Anderson being out and I think it is a huge loss for OU to have him on the sidelines. OU might lose a few trees in their yard from the winds, but their house will still be standing. Iowa State, +18.5

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