Game Week: Baylor

Everyone catch their breath? Okay, good.

After a heart problem inducting win against Army, the Sooners have a chance to get things back on the positive side against Baylor.

Game Info:

Kickoff: 2:30 PM CT


Radio: 107.7 The Franchise (OKC), 97.5 KMOD (Tulsa)


Meet the Bears

Baylor isn’t near the power house they were when I got to OU in 2014, but they are definitely not the 1-11 dumpster fire they were last season. Matt Rhule has his team on the right track so far this season, with a 3-1 record. Granted, they fell flat in their one big challenge against Duke, but they aren’t losing to the likes of Liberty and UTSA.

As is tradition with Baylor, their strength lies in their offense. The defense leaks points against teams like Abilene Christian, so expect the going to be pretty good for the OU offense. As far as the offense goes, it’s nothing the Sooners haven’t faced before.

Who to Watch For:

#84 Jalen Hurd, WR

If the name sounds familiar, it should. Back in 2015, Jalen Hurd was the feature back on the Tennessee that the Sooners played that fateful night in Neyland Stadium. Years later, Hurd has found his way onto the Baylor Bears as a wide receiver.

Baylor has a stable of big receivers, something that should immediately frighten any OU fan. Hurd is a five star caliber talent that also plays out of the backfield at times. This is the guy you definitely want to keep an eye on for Saturday.

Why You Should Be Excited:

Big 12 season is back, this time in full force. Every game gets good now, no matter who they are (except Kansas). I think Baylor isn’t a world beater by any means, they have the firepower to make this game interesting. They also won’t have the ball for 45 minutes of game time, meaning that the beautiful Oklahoma offense can once again stretch its legs and score.


Series History (OU Leads 24-3)

While the series history is significantly slanted towards the OU side, in recent history the Sooners and Bears have always played each other tight. Even in last season’s 1-11 disaster of a season, Baylor played OU tight, giving the Sooners a massive scare in Waco with a 49-42 nail biter of a game.

If Saturday is anything last season’s game, be ready for a stresser of a ballgame.

One thought on “Game Week: Baylor

  1. ShootoutSZN

    Please be a shootout!
    Please be a shootout!
    Please be a shootout!
    Please be a shootout!
    I ain’t come here to the Big12 of 10 teams (technically 21 to include Bama, Tennessee, and Wyoming.)
    At least I don’t have to watch this game on a shaky twitch stream.


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