The Weekend Spread: Week 6

Bobby: 3-5 (20-19)

Jamison: 4-4 (19-20)

Blake: 4-4 (22-17)

Last Week

Tough times last week for the Weekend Spread last week as nobody managed to pick up a record over .500 on the week. With a watery weak 6 schedule ahead, this could be the opportunity for the Schooner Pod boys to catch up to the Crowleyman, who is sitting in first place.

(Lines are taken from the beginning of the week)

#5 LSU @ #22 Florida (LSU -3)

Bobby: I feel like LSU is just on the brink of getting hit with an upset, but I don’t even really know if I have a reason to believe that. Quarterback Joe Burrow is decent, but this Tiger team just seems poised to get upset at some point this season.

With that being said, I don’t think this is the one. The Swamp is be wild, but honestly I am so out on this Florida team. I think the Tigers survive another week. LSU, -3

JamisonLSU surprised me last week in their win versus Ole Miss, a team that I thought had potential (long shot) to upset them. Florida also looked good last week versus Mississippi State. I doubted LSU when they beat Auburn, and I have learned my lesson. I’m rolling with Mike the Tiger, give me LSU by 10 in this one. LSU, -3

Blake: All hands on deck for the Boatin’ Blake Brigade, this week we are going to separate the wheat from the chaff and we are most definitely chaff, boys.

This game is going to be emotional and let me tell you why. Back in 2016, two Florida players mocked the death of Mike the Tiger (RIP, Sweet Prince) by making a tiger skeleton on their sidelines with purple beads draped on it. In 2017, LSU fired shots back by trying to ruin Florida’s Tom Petty tribute by the band playing over them. The series is tied at 1-1 right now, so I think the Gators take it in this one. Florida, +3

(P.S. this pick is slightly influenced by love for Tim Tebow)

#6 Notre Dame @ #24 Virginia Tech (ND -5.5)

Bobby: Speaking of teams that just won’t slip up, Notre Dame just won’t go away. When they are perceived as good, the Irish are one of the most unbearable teams to deal with. They could struggle with Ball State or barely scrape by some garbage ACC team and still be treated like Bama. I picked the Hokies to win this in The Schooner Pod and kinda regret it as their quarterback’s leg is split in half, but I’m not going to switch. (Editor’s Note: Forget that, I’m switching, I run this ship) Notre Dame, -5.5

JamisonVirginia Tech has lost their QB for the year, but they just went and beat a good Duke team last week. Notre Dame, however, just beat my dark horse playoff team in Stanford. I have to respect that. I am exchanging Stanford for Notre Dame as my new playoff pick and have Notre Dame EASILY covering in this game. To be honest with you all, I think Notre Dame has the best shot of making the playoffs this year. They have looked THAT good with new QB Ian Book. Give me Notre Dame, and give me them as an undefeated season to make it as the #2 team in the playoffs. Notre Dame, -5.5

Blake: Frank Beamer’s statue is going to be unveiled during the game this weekend, which means one thing…… VA TECH BY A MILLION!!!! Nothing is going to fire the players up more than a statue of their former coach, who looks similar to their mascot (Frank Beamer’s chin fat resembles a turkey’s gobbler). It is Thanksgiving early this year, give me VA Tech with the upset over Notre Dame. Virginia Tech, +5.5

#13 Kentucky @ Texas A&M (A&M -6.5)

Bobby: Kentucky has been the biggest surprise thus far this season, led by their sensational back, Benny Snell Jr. However, they keep getting disrespected by Vegas and overlooked by the national media. I don’t care about the Kyle Field advantage, 6.5 for a middling A&M is absurd. Give me the Wildcats. Kentucky, +6.5

JamisonYes, I like to dog on A&M. Anybody calling themselves Aggies are just prone to be made fun of. It would be easy to take Kentucky, the third best team by ranking in the SEC right know (crazy, right?), but I like A&M to derail the Wildcat’s undefeated season. This is a win, win for me, because I would really enjoy seeing Kentucky do well this year. Texas A&M, -6.5

Blake: I wrote this pick while I was jumping out of my window of my apartment because I really did not want to do this, but I am going with Texas A&M in this one. I have never wanted to be more wrong about a pick in my life. I just don’t buy the Kentucky hype train at all and I think this is the week they get exposed more than a college athletics scandal. Texas A&M, -6.5

Nebraska @ #16 Wisconsin (Wisky -21)

Bobby: Nebraska is an absolute disaster zone. Poor Scott Frost has found himself at the head of a program in complete disarray. The Mike Riley era set the already down Huskers back another decade. Outside of the boatloads of money Nebraska is making, the move to the Big Ten looks like a disaster; they don’t fit the culture, can’t compete and lost that sweet, sweet Texas pipeline. I like Frost as a coach, but this might be a task too tall for anyone not named Nick Saban. The ol’ grey mare, she ain’t what she used to be. Wisconsin, -21

JamisonThis is my only underdog that I am picking this week. Part of the reason is after the first week of conference play, you begin to see the good teams become dominant, and the weak to settle towards the bottom. It would be very easy to consider Nebraska weak with their 0-4 start to the season, but one thing stood out to me after the Purdue loss last week. Scott Frost in his post game interviewed came at his players, and said they need to step it up. A normal bad team’s coach doing this could plummet the squad, but Scott Frost is a well respected coach. I believe Nebraska is going to show some grit this weekend, and keep it within shooting distance with Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a quality team that will not lose the game, I am not calling for an upset. Give me Wisconsin by 13, with some optimism beginning to show from the Nebraska sideline. Nebraska, +21

Blake: Nothing wets the Crowleyman’s whistle more than some Wisconsin football. Alex Hornibrook is the most dynamic quarterback of our generation and I think we will see some personal records being broken in this game. Hornibrook is going to throw for a career high 85 yards and a touchdown this weekend as Wisconsin steamrolls Nebraska. Also, if you are not a fan of my analysis above, cheese>corn all day everyday. Wisconsin, -21

Kansas @ #9 West Virginia (WVU -28.5)

Bobby: Will Grier is a star, Kansas is bad, yada-yada-yada. West Virginia, -28.5

JamisonOh man, was everyone racing to bet on Kansas after the OSU news last week. People, we have to realize this is Kansas. I understand you have been reading my posts from the beginning of the year and thought I was high on Kansas, but I must reiterate that was only the case for winning 2 games. It is time for further collapse to ensue. Berry Tramel had West Virginia as his number one Big 12 team this year, and I think they will deliver a 40-point stomping to put Kansas further back in the cellar. West Virginia, -28.5

Blake: Not gonna brag, but I think I lit a fire under Will Grier last week. West Virginia is looking legit after I called Grier a beta last week. I was starting to come around on him and then I remembered that his little brother is more popular than him. I don’t understand how your brother can be more popular than you when he became popular off an app that does not exist anymore and you are a Heisman caliber quarterback. I think his Beta tendencies will show later in the season, but for now he will walk all over Kansas. West Virginia, -28.5

Kansas State @ Baylor (BU -5)

Bobby: Gotta give the Wildcats credit; the made the Texas game interesting. While the game wasn’t exactly as close as the score indicated, they showed a tremendous amount of heart in coming back and heroically covering the spread against the Horns. God Bless you, K-State.

With that being said, this is a bad football team. I think Baylor has potential to sneak into a bowl (probably the non-Fiesta Bowl Arizona bowl), but if they want to actually do it they need to beat the K-States of the world. I think they pull off the win in Waco. Baylor, -5

JamisonThe Martingale Roulette strategy is when you pick a color, red or black, every spin until you win. When you lose, you double your wager each time to ensure you come out with a profit. With K-state, I am going to take this strategy for the rest of the year. I will bet against K-State until I win. I will not come out with a profit, because they have handed me an L in pick em each week, but I need to find consistency in my picking. If I were betting money, I’d completely stay away from them. But, The Schooner Blog makes me to pick Big 12, so I have to pick a game with unstable K-State and unstable Texas each week.

To be honest, I actually really like Baylor in this one. They showed flashes of great offense throughout the season, which K-State has not even sniffed. My BOY Denzel Mims showed out last week, and Jalen Hurd showed the nation his 5-star talent. Also, Brewer was a trooper. I have real respect for that offense, give me a Baylor comfortable win. Baylor, -5.5

Blake: In my continuing smear campaign against Bill Snyder and the fact the I am somewhat associated with Baylor University now, you know I am going with the Bears this weekend. I gave out the best betting strategy of the year last week that you should always bet against K-State and Texas unsurprisingly ruined that theory. Do not be fooled by the Longhorns’ incompetence last week (they just dumb like that), Baylor gonna kill some ‘Cats this week. Baylor, -5.5

Iowa State @ #24 Oklahoma State (OSU -11)

Bobby: Iowa State is the football version of a tiny rock in your shoe; not significant enough to take action on, but enough to absolutely drive you mad. The Cyclones comfortably covered in their two Big 12 games so far (as I predicted in the preseason picks, no big deal) and while they certainly aren’t a threat to do anything significant outside of an upset, they are a team not to be taken lightly. Their offensive style of play paired with their tough defense makes them a tricky match for any team. I think the Cyclones cover against this mediocre Oklahoma State team. Iowa State, +11

Jamison: Iowa State’s Zeb Noland threw for 79 yards last week versus TCU. Somehow, they kept it close. OSU, despite horrible off the field issues, covered the spread last week for Kansas. We must remember that Iowa State is not as good of a team as they looked against OU. We must also remember that amid the havoc going on in Stillwater, they still have the best running back in the Big 12. Although I could see this game being ugly, give me OSU by 17. Oklahoma State, -11

BlakeAlthough this is not football related, Oklahoma State got ratted out by a former basketball player they tried to recruit stating that OSU tried to pay him $150,000, $8,000 for a car and money for a house. Honestly, I’m not too mad about this. I have been to Stillwater before and there is not many redeeming features about the town, so I am not shocked that the athletics department has to bribe people to come play there. Scandal after scandal in Stillwater, but somehow they still survive. Give me the Cowboys. Oklahoma State, -11

#19 Texas v. #5 Oklahoma (OU -7)

Bobby: Oh, where to begin.

For four years I’ve waited for one of these to actually have an ounce of hype that the game deserves. Thankfully, due to a few good wins and several years of inept academic performance, I finally get a chance at a proper OU-Texas game. No upsets this time.

Sure, Texas is better than they have been in the past. But I stand by everything I’ve said this season. Earlier this season on The Schooner Pod I referred to them as “snake oil salesmen” and even if they beat USC and were declared back, I wouldn’t trust them. I still don’t.

This OU team is going to wipe the floor with this Texas defense. This is a man’s game now; you can’t come into the Cotton Bowl ranked and expect the same double-ply soft treatment you’ve been getting the past six years. While the chirps from down south have gotten louder and more obnoxious, concerns still are rumbling about the Sooners’ potential to make a serious Playoff run. Want to know how to shut that up?

Blow out Texas. Oklahoma, -7.

Jamison: This is Texas hate week. If I picked Texas +7 here, it would give me a small incentive to cheer for Texas. I am not going to let that happen. Even though my brain is telling me to predict this as a close game due to the fact Texas brings their A game each year, my heart is telling me otherwise. Texas has kept this game to single digits the past four seasons (with one win in 2015) and this is their best team from those four years they have fielded. But, you also have to account OU underperformed in all four of those contests. We have not had a Red River stomping in a while, even though we thought it would happen last year; it is much needed. Let’s silence the Longhorns this year. Oklahoma, -7

Blake: Although from a biased perspective my favorite rivalry is TCU v. Baylor, deep down in my heart OU-Texas is by far my favorite rivalries in sports. I don’t want to steal Bobby and Jamison’s thunder on this one because they have a deeper emotional connection to it, but I do have my fair share of experiences to warrant my opinion behind the game.

I have only partaken in OU-Texas weekend twice in my lifetime and both times were truly experiences I would never forget, specifically in my freshmen year of college. I decided to go visit Bobby over in Dallas for the night since I was attending TCU. This night was full of twists and turns that I would have never expected. There is way too much I could go into, but by far the highlight of the night was watching the amateur WWE match that took place in the hotel room where Bobby and I were hanging out where one guy (Editor’s Note: Shoutout to to Fogs!) threw a large wooden hotel desk chair at another guy. So many things happened in just that one night that I will never forget for a lifetime.

To all my OU friends, have fun this weekend and be safe, but party hard when OU wins Saturday afternoon. Boomer Sooner! Oklahoma, -7

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