Heartbreak in Dallas: OU loses to Texas 48-45

(Editor’s Note: Bobby is really drunk so forgive any spelling mistakes; also Bobby is the editor so they will not be corrected)

Have you ever been kicked in the balls, or whatever the female equivalent is?

That was today’s game.

After a flat, sloppy first three quarters, OU mounted a comeback for the ages on Texas, spurred by a wild 67 yard run by Kyler Murray and an incredible final drive by the Sooners.

Unfortunately, OU left too much time on the clock. The Horns dissected the OU defense the way they had all game, got in position for the game winning field goal and nailed it. Without a doubt, I have never been more heartbroken by a Red River loss. This was OUR moment; a 21 point comeback in OU-Texas is the stuff of legend. But combined with an awful PI call on OU and the return of shotty defense, OU blew it.

After the game, I lost my friends. In my daze, I could not keep up with them. I ended up wandering the fair for hours, before returning home and writing this article. I am very upset. However, this season is far from over. The Playoff run is wounded, but still alive.

I look forward to seeing the Horns in Arlington.

Up Next: A much needed bye week, then in Ft. Worth for TCU.

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