Game Week: Kansas State

It’s Homecoming Weekend in Norman and that term feels even more fitting than usual; the Sooners haven’t played on Owen Field in nearly a month. We are now in the full swing of the back half of the season, with only three home games remaining.

The opponent this week is a pretty hapless Kansas State squad shouldn’t pose much of a challenge to the Sooners.

Meet the Wildcats:

Ol’ Bill Snyder is one of the best coaches in college football history if you look at the turnaround he’s pulled off with this Wildcat program. However, his age and ability to maintain a high level program have clearly been on the downswing over the past few seasons. This is a team that simply just doesn’t have the intangibles to be at that next level; no stars, no flash, no athleticism.

Kansas State’s offense is aggressively mediocre and its defense is relatively good, but will be no match for Kyler Murray and crew.

Honestly, there is not much to talk about with this game, so I’m instead going to discuss the most important question with K-State:



Seriously, what is the deal with this? Is the university so broke they can’t afford a full costume but only a head? It’s such a strange move and it weirds me out without fail. It’s not Purdue Pete levels of bad, but still. Get it together K-State.

Who to Watch For:

#34 Alex Barnes, RB

I actually had to Google “who is Kansas State’s best player” because honestly, none of them are very good. Their receivers have a combined six (SIX!!!) touchdowns this season and are all pretty short. Skylar Thompson, their quarterback, can run the ball and is their second leading rusher, but the guy simply can’t throw.

I’m going to give this one to the junior feature back Alex Barnes, who has really come on as a rushing threat for the Wildcats, putting up monster games against Baylor and Oklahoma State racking up 431 yards and seven touchdowns. If he has a performance anything like his past two games, the Ruffin McNeill honeymoon period might be over faster than anticipated.

Series History: 75-19-4 (Oklahoma)

While Kansas State, like much of the Big 12, hasn’t been great against the Sooners, they do have several big wins that make the gap seem much less wide. The Cats are 12-3 against OU since 2000, but all three wins have been significantly notable.

In 2003, the Wildcats upset the Sooners in a shocking Big 12 Championship that nearly kept OU out of that year’s BCS National Championship. In 2012, the Colin Klein led Wildcats knocked off Landry Jones and co. in what would later effectively be a de facto Big 12 Championship game (just kidding; we both got trophies because Big 12 gonna Big 12).


However, to me the most frustrating loss of all might have been in 2014 when Michael Hunnicutt infamously whiffed a 19 yard game winning field goal. To this day, I have no idea how anyone could miss that badly; I’ve seen people win free Chick-Fil-A from farther away.


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