Weekend Spread: Week 9

Bobby: 1-7 (29-34)

Jamison: 4-4 (28-35)

Blake: 5-3 (31-32)

After claiming the top spot last week, Bobby took a sharp fall with an absymal 1-7 weekend. Jamison and Blake climbed back up the latter with good weeks, however Kansas and Tennessee failing to cover burnt the group as a whole. The Big 12 returns this weekend after only having two games last weekend signaling that the final stretch is officially on. 

Due to Baylor Law Finals, Blake will only be able to provide picks this week. In his place, we recruited our sole commenter, Anonymous Sooner, to provide some guest picks for us this week. You can check out his fire takes on Twitter at @AnonymousSooner. 

Last Week

#9 Florida v. #7 Georgia (UGA -6.5)

Bobby: Every trend and inkling of common sense indicates what Georgia should win this game; they are coming off a bye week from a loss and is a team that has legitimate Playoff clout. However, I think this line might be a bit too high; this game will be a slog and will probably be decided by a single score. I think the Gators cover in a nail-biter. Florida, +6.5

Jamison: These lines are atrocious this week, and Bobby is forcing us to pick another 2:30 SEC game. Although I was successful in betting LSU over Georgia in the past, I do not see the same story line. Georgia is +27 ppg at home in SEC play, and have faltered on the road. Give me Georgia by double digits. Georgia, -6.5

Anonymous SoonerThis is an insanely easy pick disguised as a good game. Florida barely beat LSU, who solidly beat UGA. Georgia is coming off their bye week ready for blood after an embarrassing loss to a mediocre LSU (I stand by this opinion). Picking this game based solely on LSU is a surefire way to lose money.

You are betting that a team that lost to Kentucky can beat the number one team in the SEC East. Florida went into MSU last week and won 13-6. At a program that their head coach built! How do you know everything about a program and its players and only put up 13 points. SEC “it just means more” as in more punts. Finally, Florida-Georgia is a shitty new-age country band, not a rivalry. UGA easy money. Georgia, -6.5

Blake: Georgia, -6.5

#18 Iowa @ #17 Penn State (PSU -6.5)

Bobby: Iowa is one of the most criminally underrated teams in the country. They have an increasingly impressive non-conference win against Iowa State and their one loss is a close one to Wisconsin. So why are they only 18th?

On the other hand, I feel like Penn State is one of the most overrated teams in the country. While they have skated by all season, their true colors are finally starting to show. Look for the Hawkeyes to get a big win and start their campaign to slide into the Big Ten Championship. Iowa, +6.5

Jamison: Another tough pick. Iowa has been the most quiet one loss team in all of football, only losing to Wisconsin. We must not also forget this Iowa team beat Iowa State. However, Iowa lacks stars. They lost their best player in Josey Jewell last year, while Penn State has Trace McSorley returning. Say what you want about Penn State’s disappointing season thus far, but I am taking Penn State by 10 because of the home and star factor. Penn State, -6.5

Anon. SoonerAnother easy money pick trying to disguise itself as a good game. Iowa has a quality loss with Wisconsin and a quality non-conference win at Iowa State. The Hawkeyes have also shown the ability to shut out a Maryland team that beat the top ranked Big 12 team. On paper, Iowa should be getting ready for a chance to play OU at Jerry World.

This is not the Big 12 Championship game though, this is “Happy Valley” (which is such a stupid name for a stadium). Penn State has shown some promise this season and I think that they will overcome their stupid stadium name (Ed.: It’s a nickname for the area, but still lame so it’ll pass) and pull out the W with a cover. I’m only going PSU because this garbage spread. If this spread was any higher I’d go Iowa, but less than a TD is just too good. No challenge here. Penn State, -6.5

Blake: Penn State, -6.5

#14 Washington State @ #24 Stanford (Stan. -3)

Bobby: You know things are rough for your conference when somehow Mike Leach and Washington State are your last hope to make the College Football Playoff (and even then, it’s a wild long-shot). After a big win over Oregon on the Palouse, Wazzu is headed to Stanford to face a wildly disappointing Cardinal squad. Give me the pirate boys to take out the Geek Squad in this one. Washington State, +3

Jamison: I am not endorsing WSU as an up and coming team since they beat Oregon. I was very impressed by their dominant fashion, but they had a lot of hype. Can they continue the hype? I think they can. Stanford has been sad this year, and Bryce Love has fallen off the edge of the earth. Give me Mike Leach in a win straight up. Washington State, +3

Anon. Sooner: Stanford, Stanford, Stanford. This season just hasn’t been the one that they expected. Stanford is accustomed to being in WSU’s place in the Pac 12: the one loss team putting on a show in the second half of the season. The Cougars have been on a huge high with Gameday, an underdog victory and increased national recognition for noted genius, Michael C. Leach. Often referred to as the Kanye West of college football, Leach is used to being in the National conversation, for a multitude of reasons.

WSU, however, is not used to the hype. These players have got to be thinking that they are Playoff bound. I think that the hype has gone to their heads, and I think it’s implosion time. Stanford is trash, but they are used to national attention. I also have a huge bias towards picking schools that are attended by people I know. This one is for my boy Todd: Stanford gets the W, Stanford covers, but WSU makes it a decent game. Probably one of the better games to watch this Saturday. Stanford, -3

Blake: Washington State, +3

Baylor @ #13 West Virginia (WVU -13.5) [Thursday]

Bobby: Baylor is a consistently tricky team to pick. I don’t know how to feel about them in Morgantown on a Thursday, but I think this is a team that can keep it close against a pride wounded West Virginia team. The Bears take the back door. (Editor’s Note: YIKES) Baylor, +13.5

Jamison: Baylor, +13.5 (as picked on The Schooner Pod)

Anon. SoonerWVU lololololololol. West Virginia, -13.5 (Picked on Twitter)

Blake: Baylor, +13.5

Texas Tech @ Iowa State (ISU -3)

Bobby: Just as I predicted, the Cyclones have been tops in the conference at covering the spread. They’ve almost been too good; this 3 point spread is having me sweat against this Tech team. I think there is immense let down potential here, but I gotta ride with the boys. Iowa State, -3

Jamison: Ames is spooky. Ames is not spooky at 11:00. The battle of the freshman quarterbacks will be a fun watch before the OU game, and I advise all to tune in. Purdy vs. Bowman. OSU take notes, it is okay to play a freshman or young kid at starting QB if your older guys are trash.

I really like what Bowman has done for this Tech offense. You could see just how impactful he is when he was out recovering from a pneumothorax (Editor’s Note: fancy doctor talk for collapsed lung).  I also like what Dakota Allen has done on the Red Raider defense thus far, but that was expected. I love me some Tech here, so begin to get very scared of next week in Lubbock. Texas Tech, +3

Anon. Sooner This is a rough one to pick. Iowa State is a sneaky decent team and with a similar record in the SEC they would be in the Top 15. Texas Tech is just meh as they haven’t recovered from losing the now third best QB in the NFL from two seasons ago (Brady, Bake, Patty).

Worst of all, Kliff Kingsbury, with his perfect hair and perfectly balanced record .500, is not living up to the hype. Tech has become one of the most predictable teams in the Big 12. They are the team that just runs two minute offense the whole game (I think; I only watch when they play OU).

The Cyclones on the other hand are making a play to be known as the Big 12 defensive team (Or their offense just sucks idk). I think that the key here is defense and Iowa State will carry the day. This is another game that is simple only because the low spread. ISU gets it by surviving a run and gun attack by Tech. Iowa State, -3

Blake: Iowa State, -3

TCU @ Kansas (TCU -13.5)

Bobby: Apparently, when it rains, it pours in Fort Worth. Not only did their best player just get kicked off the team, but their starting quarterback is done for the year after undergoing shoulder surgery. TCU has been a consistent Big 12 title contender for the past four years; now that those dreams are done, you have to wonder how they’ll respond with their backs against the wall against a bad Kansas team?

I think they’ll be flat. Kansas, while still bad, aren’t the pushovers they used to be. This is a scrappy team that not only can keep this close, but can win. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’ll take the Jayhawks in a upset special over the Frogs. Kansas, +13.5

Jamison: Blah. This game is miserable to pick. I am going TCU by 14 just because they are not starting an injured Shawn Robinson. If they do not let the Turpin news bog them too much down, they can still go and crush a team that even OSU beat by 20. TCU, -13.5

Anon. SoonerOh boy this spread is weird. I wish it was TCU -8, as that would make things a lot easier. TCU showed a glimmer of their potential in the last five minutes of the second quarter last week against OU. Patterson is a decent coach who is known for really being able to predict an offense that’s not run by Lincoln Riley. Kansas is just Kansas, and I don’t see any life coming from them. TCU still has some athletes, and a smart coach. TCU -13.5, but don’t leverage this, and expect to lose it all if you do. TCU, -13.5

Blake: TCU, -13.5

#6 Texas @ Oklahoma State (UT -3.5)

Bobby: This is just a gross game. Oklahoma State has consistently looked awful in Big 12 play, but Texas feels like they could fall apart at any minute. In this week’s Schooner Pod, I locked the ‘Horns, but honestly I can’t trust them at all, especially at night in Stillwater. While I’m not gonna call it a lock, I’m going to still give the nod to the Longhorns. The Cowboys are that bad. Texas, -3.5

Jamison: I thought this could have been an upset waiting to happen, then I watched OSU play K-State. My speculation at the beginning of the season could not have been more correct; Corny Dog is struggling and OSU is in complete shambles.

Oklahoma State’s only source of stability, Mike Gundy, has fallen to the point of drinking vodka smoothies at press conferences. I cannot blame the man as those sound pretty good, but he is most likely trying to drink the season away. Give me Texas by ten. Ehlinger should play, which is a good sign for OU fans wishing to get a Red River rematch. Texas, -3.5

Anon. SoonerAnother tough game, as “never trust Texas” is one of Durdy Jamie’s Rules for Success that I live by. This is a good game for Sooner fans, because either way we get to see some tears. The spread is so rough too, I mean, what is a tree-fiddy spread?

UT is decent and most importantly, their head coach cares about this game. Mike Gundy has gone off the deep end and is simply a drunken, turtle hunting, hobo who was once a 40-year old man. In his defense, imagine getting beat by the old bull Stoops for years, only to see torch handed off to the young buck Riley and get beat by him too. Tom Herman pulls this one out like it’s university recruiting money at a cheap strip club. Texas, -3.5

P.S.: We need to address something key to this game, what is “The World’s Greatest Homecoming”? This is something that you do when you have 0 National Championships (shoutout to the 1945 National Champion, Army).

Blake: Oklahoma State, +3.5

Kansas State @ #8 Oklahoma (-25)

Bobby: Kansas State has been one of the most obnoxious, unpredictable teams to pick in the Big 12 this season. This game is no different. The Wildcats are going to try to pound the run game and create an “Army like” tempo. Will the OU defense allow it?

Honestly, if K-State running back Alex Barnes hadn’t said anything, I would think more about this being close. However, this is a real chance for the defense to stand up for themselves and make a statement. The Sooner defense gets their stops, the offense rolls big and it’s a happy homecoming in Norman. Oklahoma, -25.

Jamison: I love OU in this one. K-State’s offense has only one dimension: the running game. The Sooner defense played a four-man front last game and looked good in stopping the run, so I feel good we can hold Barnes and Thompson to a respectable 100 yards of total rushing. That’s great for us. As for the offense, I do not believe we score less than 50 points for the rest of the season. Do you think K-state can score 25 points? I don’t. Oklahoma, -25

Anon. SoonerOU takes the easy win here, with impressive numbers from Kyler Murray and a solid run game. KSU will find a way to use a 5’2” 100 lb. defensive back to intimidate Grant Calcaterra, preventing him from having an impact on the game or catching the football.

I think the real key here is the huge spread, and ol’ Bill Snyder’s plans to run all game. Initially, I want to think that this is a ploy to pass all game, but KSU has six aerial TDs all year. SAD! I really want to believe in KSU keeping it within 25, but I can’t bet against the greatest offensive mind in the world in L. Riley. I’m so conflicted on this game. I want to go K State +25, but it just doesn’t feel right. OU -25 also doesn’t feel right, I really don’t know. OU -25 but don’t count on it. Oklahoma, -25

Blake: Oklahoma, -25

Bonus Guest Pick: Middle Tennessee @ Old Dominion (MT -4)

Anon. Sooner: EASY MONEY. No explanation needed, no explanation available either lol. ODU giving up 515 YPG and Middle Tenn. is averaging around 28 PPG, with a 61 pt game skewing results slightly. The ability to put up 61 is key against one of CFB’s worst offenses. MT -4 put the mortgage on it, lever the shit out of it like you are Lehman in 07; what can go wrong, this bet is too big to fail. Middle Tennessee, -4

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