Delay of Recap: OU Shellacks Kansas State, 51-14

Better late than never I guess. Either way, here are my thoughts on Saturday’s beatdown over Kansas State.

Well, so much for that “grind it out like Army” plan of Kansas State’s. The Oklahoma offense was dominant, the defense made crucial stops and the Wildcats looked entirely powerless to do anything. I don’t have much to say about this beatdown honestly, but here are a few notes.

  • I know I stumped for Kennedy Brooks last week as OU’s clear RB1 option, but Trey Sermon had himself a game. While his rushing yards total was just a modest 58 on eight touches, his work on the receiving end put him over the top. His ability to be a safeguard passing option changes the Oklahoma offense entirely and saved quite a few busted plays. It was an impressive performance made even more so when you consider his injury last Saturday against TCU.
  • Just a quick reminder that a healthy Rodney Anderson might be the best player on the team and yet the running game remains just as dynamic as ever. In addition to The Minister’s solid performance, Kennedy Brooks broke off a massive 86 yard touchdown and even TJ Pledger chipped in a solid 91 yard game in garbage time.
  • Kyler had yet another Heisman caliber day. He was deadly accurate, throwing for 19/24 and 352 yards and chipping in a cool 46 rushing yards. Just another day at the office.
  • The OU receivers are such a matchup problem for Big 12 defenses. Ceedee Lamb and Marquise Brown are just too athletic to stop and even if you cover them you’ll get burnt by Grant Calcaterra or Nick Basquine or Miles Tease or Lee Morris. There just is no way to win.
  • Speaking of getting burnt, WHAT ARE YA DOING, CHARLESTON RAMBO??? He soiled just a beautiful trick play pass from Basquine by dropping it in the open field. One of the only frustrating moments in the game, if not the only one.
  • As far as the defense is concerned, I’m sold on the four man front. It was a great fit for stopping the Kansas State run game and in general looked like it was running better than the 3-4.
  • I loved the monster hit by Bookie. Once he gets more experience and maybe switches to cornerback, he’ll be a force. I know people are fast to jump on him, but he is just a freshman; this is far from the finished product.
  • Welcome to the party, Jalen Redmond! The highly touted defensive prospect finally got some real burn Saturday and showed out with five tackles, two and a half of which were for a loss. He still needs some polish and conditioning before he can make a real impact, but we saw why is his overall celling is so damn high.

MVP: Curtis Bolton, LB

A rare defensive MVP! Bolton and Kenneth Murray, the nation’s leading tackling duo, had another big game, but Buzzy gets the edge for having more solo tackles and tying a team high 2.5 tackles for loss. Bolton was swarming all over the Kansas State offense and made it a loooong day for the Wildcats.

LVP: The Traitor in the South Endzone Who Gave the Ball Back

We have our fair share of traditions at OU. From the Ruf Neks, to the Schooner to the Boomer Sooner chant, gameday is just special here. However, one of the best traditions we do is throwing opposing footballs out of the stadium. Growing up, I always assumed other teams did this, but I’ve only seen it at Oklahoma.

This is the funniest tradition in college football. Sure, Neck at LSU and original Dixieland Delight at Alabama are fun, but relying on cursing for humor can only get you so far (s/o to my knockoff Barstool writing style in 2017, huy).

The thing that makes the toss great is the amount of cooperation, paired with the pure vitriol of the crowd and the scrambling of the poor visiting team’s ball boy and you have yourself a perfect scene. Somehow, they got a ball out of the Cotton Bowl this season, and that includes somehow getting it up into the upper deck. Every toss of the ball matters and the anxiety of whether or not the receiver decides to go along with it builds to a beautiful crescendo as it nears the top.

With that being said, there is nothing worse than a goodie goodie who thinks it’s the moral thing to give the ball back. Unfortunately, this happened on Saturday when a middle aged woman who probably is furious about beer being sold at football games hand delivered the ball to the Kansas State ballboy.

This is treason. Forget sportsmanship when it comes to the balls; if you score, we will make you pay (kinda. not really.). The woman was rightfully booed mercilessly. Hopefully, we won’t have to deal with this insolence again this season

Up Next: Texas Tech in Lubbock, at night. Spooky szn isn’t over yet.

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