Gameday Guide: Texas Tech

As I have said many times, Lubbock isn’t exactly my favorite town. Despite that, there are several spots you need to go to (and steps you need to take) in order to maximize your college football Saturday.


As of Thursday morning, we are looking at around 60° and partly cloudy for kickoff with the temperature dipping into the 50s as the night goes on. A light jacket and pants will be just fine; perfect football weather.

How to do Gameday

We finally get a road night game, which means the full Gameday experience will be on display.


The OU section is in section 111. In typical Tech fashion, they made sure to make OU’s angle as hard as possible. As you can see from the seating chart above, many of the seats are behind the enormous video board which is literally the only one in the stadium. The other board to the south is an old school scoreboard shaped like a double-T with no video capability. In other words, expect an old school experience.

As with most stadiums nowadays, Jones AT&T Stadium has a clear bag policy like OU’s. I don’t believe there are metal detectors, but as always, be safe and go plastic.

Jones AT&T Stadium is to directly to the south of Marsha Sharp Freeway. While there are some parking and tailgating spaces around the stadium, I would recommend going further south of the stadium for entertainment options. Most of the college-type bars are directly to the south, as are some of the larger tailgates.

Expect to be heckled the entire time you are walking around, especially if you are wearing Crimson and Cream. Travel in packs; trust me on this.

Where to Eat

Lubbock isn’t exactly a mecca of culture. With that being said, it does have one of my favorite college bars and a few spots here and there to focus in on.



Ohhh do I love Spanky’s. This place is a perfect college bar/restaurant that can best be described as the Texas Tech Eskimo Joe’s. The burgers are solid, but the true star of the show are the incomparable cheese sticks. These things are not only massive, but they are the best mozzarella sticks I’ve ever had. Leaving Lubbock without one would be a disgrace; I think I might be going back pretty much just for them. Expect Spanky’s to be pretty packed on Gameday, so plan your trip accordingly.

Some Chain Restaurant, I Don’t Really Know

This town is a bit of your standard town. Last time I was there, we went to Salt Lick, Spanky’s, Pizza Hut (it was late and we were exhausted, don’t judge), and Spanky’s again before we left. Not exactly the most interesting spread, but talk to the locals and figure it out.

Where to Drink

Last time I was in Lubbock, most of my crew was under 21, so bars were out of the question. Plus, after that grueling duel with Patrick Mahomes, could you blame us for wanting to go home and sleep? Either way, here are a few watering holes to stop by before or after the game.



ANOTHER CHIMY’S TOWN! This one is quite a bit cooler than the one in Fort Worth. Expect your standard Chimy’s experience; great margs, decent food and a solid place to party.

Fun Fact: Baker Mayfield got kicked out of this place in 2015 just for being Baker Mayfield. Iconic. 

Any Bar around University and Broadway

Again, Lubbock isn’t exactly my specialty. Most of my partying experience has been outside of bars in this town. Most of the good bars are on the corner of University and Broadway, so I suggest perusing around that area for a good spot. Honestly, just get booze in this town and you’ll be fine.


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