Weekend Spread: Week 10

Bobby: 5-3 (34-37)

Jamison: 4-4 (32-39)

Blake: 5-3 (36-35)

It was a good week for everyone; all four guys finished over .500, including our guest picker @anonymoussooner. This week is a big one for college football as we have two Top 10 matchups in the SEC and two big games in the Big 12 with Oklahoma-Texas Tech and West Virginia-Texas. 

Last Week

#1 Alabama @ #3 LSU (ALA -14)

Bobby: While Alabama hasn’t had a stiff test so far this season, this trip to Death Valley certainly fits the bill. LSU has a stanch defense and a homefield advantage like no other. In pretty much any year, this would be an upset alert.

But this Tide team is different. Their offense has morphed into seemingly an unstoppable machine and while LSU will provide more pushback than probably any other team this year, I just don’t see Joe Burrow being able to keep up with this Crimson Tide offense and Tua Tagovailoa. I know -14 seems like a lot of points, but I see ‘Bama covering this easily. Alabama, -14

Jamison: My god, I am picking every road team this weekend. Alabama has not faced an opponent, nor a betting line, like this all year. Even playing the #4 seed in the nation on the road, they are still 14 point favorites. I would love to see a close and competitive game, but it’s most likely not going to happen. I see Alabama only having trouble with offensive teams, which LSU is not, nor is any SEC team. Give me Alabama by 21 here, and the 21 only happens due to slop scores by LSU. Alabama, -14

Blake:  IT IS SO GOOD TO BE BACK. After two weeks away from the writing game, the Crowleyman, aka Boatin Blake, is back and excited as ever to give his hot takes. Let’s dive in.

As Coach O said this past week, “Stay off that damn Twitter machine”. You can tell from comments like that the Tigers mean business. I know I have said on this blog and the podcast that this Alabama team is the best college football team I have seen in my lifetime and I still believe that.

However, I do not want that to be true and I want LSU to win this game so bad. Coach O is the ultimate underdog coach, so if anyone can pull it off it will be him. There is nothing more that I need in my life right now than a Coach O post-LSU victory over Alabama celebration video. Please please please dear Lord, allow LSU to win this game. Give me the Tigers in this one. LSU, +14

#6 Georgia @ #9 Kentucky (UGA -9.5)

Bobby: My Kentucky boys got another big win last week, barely taking out Missouri on the last play of the game, awarded by a last play pass interference call. Mark Stoops and his guys look like a team of destiny this season and are one big win over Georgia away from a spot in the SEC Title.

However, I feel like this is the end of their luck. For the first time all season, Georgia looked like Georgia again. I think the Dawgs keep rolling and bring Kentucky back down to reality. Thankfully for the Wildcats, it’s basketball season. Georgia, -9.5

Jamison: I am not buying in to the Kentucky hype. Sure, I love their story, and Mark Stoops crowd surf after a come back win last week, but the #11 team in the nation should be beating Missouri by more than 1. Georgia looked great last week versus Florida, and feel refreshed coming off the bye week. Their offense looked great, and they feel poised to blow out Kentucky this week. Georgia, -9.5

Blake: Another head vs. heart game in the SEC. Kentucky has become easily the most likable team in the nation by making a basketball school into a football school. Additionally, the locker room crowd surfing Mark Stoops to Mo Bamba was my favorite celebration video I have seen all year. I would love to see a LSU v. Kentucky SEC championship. Give me the Wildcats. Kentucky, +9.5

#14 Penn State @ #5 Michigan (UM -10)

Bobby: I’ve been a Michigan skeptic all season. The Wolverines greatly disappointed in Week 1 against Notre Dame, but that loss looks better and better every week. Frankly, I really want to see them lose here, but this Penn State team just isn’t it. Trace McSorley is going to get throttled by the Michigan defense and it’s going to really suck. That being said, it’s going to happen, giving us another week of uneasiness in hoping for one of the big dominos ahead of OU to fall. Michigan, -10

Jamison: Picking with my heart on this one, just as I did with LSU beating Georgia. I am going to pick Penn State in an upset in this one. Penn State beat a solid team in Iowa last week, and are looking to gain back their credibility in the Big 10. This has been the most hype Michigan has had since Harbaugh arrived, and knowing Harbaugh, he is bound to falter. Although Michigan is at home, they will get stunned. Penn State, +10

Blake: I hate Big Ten football, I do not care about Big Ten football, so I will use this time as an educational session for the confused out there on something I have been wondering myself. WHAT THE HELL IS A NITTANY LION? Per the big brains at Wikipedia, a Nittany Lion is just an ordinary mountain lion/cougar. Nothing special about it. The only distinguishing factor between it and any other mountain lion is it is from Mt. Nittany, which is not that cool. For some reason I always thought the Nittany Lion was this sick super breed of lions, but I was thoroughly disappointed. Because of this letdown, give me the Wolverines. Michigan, -10

Oklahoma State @ Baylor (OSU -7.5)

Bobby: Daaaaaaaamn, OSU, I didn’t know you had it in you. Like, at all. I know I didn’t trust Texas like at all, but really? Corn Dog with FIVE overall touchdowns and 344 yards? Tough look for the brand.

While seeing that Oklahoma State actually has it in them to play this way is interesting, this was a big momentum game. I see the Pokes coming into Waco looking flat. Baylor is going to come out angry after last week’s embarrassment in Morgantown. I think we’ll see a fired up Bears take out the Cowboys, but this is a toss up game honestly. Baylor +7.5

Jamison: There are rumbling that Charlie Brewer is hurt (concussion) for Baylor, which makes this line quite odd. Since I am writing this up on a Tuesday, my reasoning could make 0 sense could Friday when this is posted. I see OSU coming out slow after a huge week beating Texas, but it’s hard to bet on Baylor when their QB’s status is in the air.

Baylor backup Jaylan McClendon has not shown to be a reliable QB in what little time he has been given this weekend. Without a reliable QB, Hurd and Mims wont be able to get the ball. Give me OSU, but if Brewer does play, I am not going to like this pick. Oklahoma State, -7.5 

Blake: OSU needs to be held up on the Big 12’s shoulders like Rudy. They saved us all from hearing the annoying Texas fans all season long about how good they are. I knew when they came out in the Barry Sanders throwback uniforms plus being Homecoming that they would runover this Texas team and they did.

But now, I think OSU will get the same treatment that gave Texas by Baylor. Not only is it Homecoming in Waco this week, which I have heard is pretty spectacular and holds its own with some of the best homecomings across the nation, but there is murmurs that they might be wearing Sailor Bear throwbacks.

If y’all are not familiar with the Sailor Bear, it is one of the best throwback logos in college football. Even when I was at TCU and could not stand anything Baylor related, I still thought that the Sailor Bear logo was pretty cool. If the Bears come running out of the tunnel with the Sailor Bear on their helmet, Baylor by a million. If not, they will still beat OSU because this team is just really not that good. Bears, beats, Battlestar Galactica on this one. Baylor, +7.5

#24 Iowa State @ Kansas (ISU -14.5)

Bobby: I don’t know what to be more excited about, my call on the Kansas upset or Iowa State being ranked in the Top 25? The Cyclones are looking like a legitimate quality win for the Sooners now and have covered every Big 12 game this season. This line is criminally low and inflated by the TCU upset, so I’m rolling BIG TIME on ISU on the road. Iowa State, -14.5

Jamison: Iowa State on the road is not the same team when they are at home. BUT, they are playing Kansas. Does Vegas think Kansas is legitimate since they beat TCU? They shouldn’t. Kansas is still the same team that lost to Nichols. Expect a blow out here, as Brock Purdy continues to impress for the Cyclones. Iowa State, -14.5

Blake: I wish I had a time machine because if I did I would have convinced Iowa State to start Brock Purdy at the beginning of the season. This dude is an electric factory and because of him, Iowa State has finally left the cellar of the Big 12. A few years ago, this was both of these teams’ bowl game as it determined who finished last in the Big 12. Now these teams have moved on to bigger and brighter futures as they both have a Big 12 win under their belt. Give me the Cyclones to tear apart this Kansas team. Iowa State, -14.5

Kansas State @ TCU (TCU -8.5)

Bobby: I have won many times this season picked against the very overrated and disappointing Horned Frogs. Just as I predicted, TCU has hit rock bottom. And what does Vegas do? They give them a 8.5 spread! It’s almost like they never learn! Kansas State is not a good team by any means, but I have Alex Barnes and the Wildcats at least keeping this within seven. Kansas State, -8.5

Jamison: Excuse me. What? Really? I mean, maybe TCU could win by 9+, but is this really the line after losing to Kansas? I pledged to pick against K-state until I won, which was finally achieved with the OU game. Thank god that happened, because no way I can pass up picking K-state in this game. I do not doubt TCU’s talent is 9+ points better, but I doubt that they have any determination to win by that amount. This team is in the dumps, and just wants the season to end. Kansas State, -8.5

Blake: Let me be the first to say it: TCU IS THE WORST TEAM IN THE BIG 12. I am a notoriously pessimistic TCU fan and I had predicted that they would be around .500 once the season had concluded. I never predicted it would be this bad. We lost to Kansas…KANSAS! It’s the ultimate shame, dunce hat loss you could ever have as a member of the Big 12. I have never been more ashamed to be a TCU fan knowing that we will been known for the next few years as the team that lost to Kansas. Even if we win the national championship next year, people will still make fun of how we lost to Kansas.

With that being said, I will not back down from the fact that Bill Synder is overrated, and this Kansas State team is absolute garbage. This should be a testament on how much I believe in this take that I am willing to take TCU by more than a touchdown over this overhyped dumpster fire. This is the ultimate Loser Leaves Towngame where I honestly believe the loser of this game should have to leave the Big 12. If KState wins, I do not how I can ever watch TCU football ever again. This K State team is so bad that we cannot lose to both of the trash Kansas teams in back to back weeks. It just can’t happen. Give me the Frogs. TCU, -8.5

#13 West Virginia @ #17 Texas (UT -2)

Bobby: This is a big one. The West Virginia offense looked rejuvenated last Thursday in Morgantown and Texas looked lackadaisical in their upset loss to Oklahoma State. It hard to get a read on this one. For Texas, this is a stand your ground game; if they lose, they can kiss their Big 12 Championship hopes goodbye and prepare for Orlando or San Antonio. I think West Virginia is a better team, but I don’t know if I trust them away from Morgantown. With that being said, I think talent wins out here. West Virginia, +2

Jamison: Great game and it is most definitely going to be a close one. Texas has done great when staying in Texas thus far, but you have to love West Virginia here. I expect Texas to lose 2 more games for the rest of the season, and fall out of Big 12 championship talks. I cannot believe we actually thought we had a chance of replaying Texas. No way that happens to a team that just lost to OSU. Let us not forget how bad OSU has been this season. Mountaineers by 4. West Virginia, -2

Blake: TEXAS IS NOT BACK and I am absolutely loving life because of it. For weeks after the Red River Shootout, I had to listen to all the Texas fans at school talk about how they were going to win the Big 12 and make the playoff. NO MORE. Instead I got to see a whole bunch of Texas fans depressed in the library while studying for finals, while I danced on their graves. The world is a much better place when Texas is losing, and I just want this to continue. Give me West Virginia to rip the hearts out of Texas fans in Austin. West Virginia, +2

Gambling tip: There is no more profitable strategy in football to bet Texas when they are underdogs and against them when they are favorites. Putting aside my emotional feelings for this game, this is an easy winner with the above strategy.

#7 Oklahoma @ Texas Tech (OU -12)

Bobby: This is a spooky game, sure, but this Texas Tech team isn’t nearly on the caliber of the Sooners. OU’s offense is rolling at historic levels and the defense is stopping teams at a level they haven’t done in far too long. I think the Tech upset potential is real if the improved Red Raider defense and their crowd of madmen can get Kyler Murray and the offensive line flustered. However, I think the Sooner defense makes enough stops and gets to Alan Bowman enough for the offense to coast Oklahoma to a hard fought road victory. Oklahoma, -12

Jamison: It’s going to be a long game folks. Not as long as the Mahomes vs. Baker game, but a game with Lincoln vs. Kliff is going to have a lot of throwing. Tech barely ran the ball against Iowa State last week (leading rusher had 16 yards), which makes the Tech offense quite one dimensional. As I said in last week’s pod and write up, I like OU’s defense vs. one dimensional teams.

Tech does have a 6’5 WR in Antoine Wesley who recorded 17 rec. 274 yards 2 TD in the past two games, which concerns me, but I feel we can give up a couple of touchdowns and still easily cover. Kennedy Brooks has filled the gap we have been missing with Anderson gone, which has bolstered our offense to another level (which is crazy to say because we were already the 2nd most efficient offense in America). Expect another 50+ points from the Sooners here. Sooners 62, Tech 38. Oklahoma, -12

Blake: I originally wrote that OU has nothing to worry about this game because I think they are leagues above this Texas Tech team on every level, but then I looked up the start time and the jerseys that Tech are wearing. Tech on Saturday night will be wearing their all black jerseys and now I am scared for OU.

The all black Tech uniforms are some of my favorite in college football and you they are going to play extra hard in these. Similarly, to how OSU balled out last week against Texas in the Barry Sanders throwbacks, I think we are going to see a similar effect here. OU fans should be trembling in their boots as they might be on upset alert come Saturday night. Jersey combos matter so give me Tech and the points. Texas Tech, +12

4 thoughts on “Weekend Spread: Week 10

  1. Anon. Sooner.

    I’m just glad I didn’t have to pick this week. This week is a rough one to pick with some wild lines. I have An cold take this week why does a team hundreds of miles from an ocean have a sailor logo? Speaking of sailor logos Boat School v. Cincy Saturday. Concy is like 7-1 or something who cares. Boat school is 2-6 I think. Cincy -13.5 pick the favorite here. ODU bye week so can’t bet against them until the 10th.


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