Game Week: Oklahoma State

Bedlam Week means one in thing in Stillwater and another in Norman. For Oklahoma State fans, the game has been somewhat of a cure all game; win and the season is a success, no matter the record. Hell, any Poke win would probably be an automatic instant classic.

In Norman however, wins are expected. It’s just OSU, after all.

Meet the Aggies Cowboys:

Historically, Oklahoma State isn’t the best team, but over the past ten years the Cowboys have been one of the most consistently good teams in college football. This season has been a rare down season for the Pokes; they have an inconsistent, non-traditional quarterback and a defense that has been unreliable at best. They’ve shown flashes of greatness (Texas, Boise State) as well as some really, really bad showings (Kansas State, Baylor). The ever eccentric Mike Gundy seems to be fully off his rocker with his wild moves turning out either to work wildly well or fail miserably.

In other words, they are a true wild card.

Looking at most of the data and film, you can easily see that this is not a good Oklahoma State team at all. However…that Texas game lingers. This is a Cowboy team that can sneak up on a better team and randomly light it up.


Who to Watch For:

#5 Justice Hill, RB & #14 Taylor “Corndog” Cornelius

I know, I know. “Bobby, you’ve been ripping Taylor Cornelius all season, why is he even mentioned on this”? Well, my loyal readers, let me direct you to the definition of the wild card.

  • wild card (/ˈwīl(d) ˌkärd/)
    • A person or thing whose influence is unpredictable or whose influence is uncertain.

Cornelius and the Cowboys are just that. This is a team with nothing to lose and (in their mind, at least) everything to gain. The only shot OSU has at glory left on this season is this game right here. I could see the Pokes cutting the brakes and going all in on some wild “run first” gameplan as it seems that the only thing Corn Dog is good at is stumbling forward and getting a few yards.

OU has been notoriously bad at stopping the quarterback run; they even struggled last week with containing Jett Duffy, the terrible backup Tech quarterback who came in for Alan Bowman last Saturday.

Oh, and not to mention that Oklahoma State has one of the best running backs in the Big 12. While this hasn’t been a landmark season for Justice Hill, the guy is one of the most athletic backs in the Big 12 that can break out at any moment.

The Cowboys are down and out. But you never want to deal with a desperate team with nothing to lose.

Series History: 87-18-7 (Oklahoma)

As you can tell from the above record, the Bedlam football is infamously lopsided. Even in this golden age of Oklahoma State football (let’s say 2008-2017, when the Pokes went 96-34 and had six 10-plus win seasons) the Cowboys have only beaten the Sooners twice. One was 2011, where arguably the best Oklahoma State team of all time routed a walking wounded OU team and the other being the abysmal 2014 “Tyreek Hill game”.

It is honestly a tragic, yet hilarious, irony. After all the money, renovations, wins and bowl games, the Pokes still can’t have the one thing they want most: beat OU. Not only haven’t they been able to beat the Sooners, but it seems like they are the one thing stopping them from reaching that next level. OU has foiled several Big 12 championships and potentially even a Playoff birth in 2015.

Maybe the university should just move to Kansas.

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