Weekend Spread: Week 11

Bobby: 7-1 (41-38)

Jamison: 5-3 (37-42)

Blake: 5-3 (41-38)

Last Week

#16 Mississippi State @ #1 Alabama (ALA -24.5)

Bobby: Once again, Alabama showed that it is just on a completely different tier from the rest of the SEC last Saturday when it completely shut down LSU. Almost every line of their’s is a toss up and this one is at a baffling 24.5. For some reason, we keep overrating Mississippi State and I’ve been struggling to wrap my head around it all season. The Tide will cover this one, easy. Alabama, -24.5

Jamison: Alabama has done a miraculous job covering this year. If Bama just beat LSU at Death Valley by 29, I am pretty sure they can beat MSU by more than that. Only thing I am worried about is a backdoor cover. However, I have no doubt Alabama leads by 25+ for the majority of this game. Alabama, -24.5

Blake: What Alabama did to LSU last week should be illegal in all 50 states. Alabama straight up made LSU, who I still think is a very respectable football team, into their whipping boy and just lashed the hell out of them. Everybody right now is trying to get cute with these hypothetical scenarios in which Alabama loses in the regular season or the SEC championship and causes madness in the CFP polls, but that is just not going to happen. I have been saying all year that this is the best team I have seen IN MY LIFETIME. I am so confident in that statement that I am willing to chop off my pinky if they do not make it to the College Football Playoff (Editor’s Note: Cease and Desist). No way I bet against Alabama in this one. Easy money right here. Alabama, -24.5

#2 Clemson @ #17 Boston College (CLEM -20)

Bobby: Okay, why are there so many ACC teams in the top 25? It utterly baffles me that a group of people actually think that Boston College is actually a good football team. As we saw with #14 NC State getting exposed on Thursday against Wake freakin’ Forest, Clemson is going to blow the Eagles out of the water Saturday with a very comfortable cover. Clemson, -20

Jamison: Hard pick here with Boston College hosting College Gameday and getting the prime time ABC slot. We saw Ohio State fall at Purdue because the Boilermakers had great energy and feed off the atmosphere. Although BC only has 2 losses this season, I am not sold on them. They have not looked like a 2 loss team in the games I have watched. AJ Dillon, running back for BC, is something special, but Clemson is hitting their stride and that D-line is going to be hard to get through. Give me an efficient day for Trevor Lawrence and a great day for Clemson’s D. Clemson, -20

Blake: That fact that Boston College is ranked is absolutely ridiculous. I have not watched a Boston College game all year nor have I even looked at their schedule, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that this team is garbage. I just imagine this team being super boring to watch because they run the triple option every play or control the clock well. Between them and Syracuse, the ACC Is just getting this wild boost for teams that suck but are somehow ranked super high in the rankings. I know this Clemson team is for real so give me the Tigers in a blow out. Clemson, -20

#8 Washington State @ Colorado (WAZZU -6)

Bobby: Another no-brainer of a pick. Washington State is the only team in college football to cover the spread in every game they’ve played in this season. So why is Vegas giving out another low spread, especially against a Colorado team that is winless in its last four games. This one is easy, Wazzu wins comfortably. Washington State, -6

Jamison: Colorado is falling, and falling hard. Washington State is rising. I am STUNNED how highly the CFP committee thinks of WSU, and that is probably due to the fact they have covered and exceeded expectations in every game this year. I am also scared of this game due to it being in Boulder, but Colorado just lost to Oregon State at home. That’s sad. Oregon State doesn’t have the Rodgers brothers anymore. Ever since then, they have been bottom feeders. Long live Mike Leach. Washington State, -6

Blake: Having Mike Leach front and center on the national stage has been the best thing to happen to college football in a while. Watching him go on a two minute rant on why Ralphie the Buffalo and Mike the Tiger are the two best mascots in college football was easily the highlight of my week. I need Washington State to be good so I can get more Mike Leach quotes.


On the other side of the coin, Colorado is one of the most deceptively bad teams in the nation. After Bobby and I got burned by them when they played USC, I knew that I could never trust this team again and that they are just utterly horrible. Any team that loses to USC this year should be kicked out of college football, so this makes my pick easy. Give me Washington State to continue the hot streak and keep the miracle season alive. Washington State, -6

Kansas @ Kansas State (KSU -12)

Bobby: The Battle for the Sunflower State! The Jayhawks travel to Manhattan to face a K-State team that has been unusually awful. I know that I might be taking the bait on Kansas here, but I like the ‘Hawks to not only keep this game close but to provide the cherry on top of this awful Wildcat season. Kansas, +12

Jamison: Gah, this game is going to stink. I don’t even know if K-State has the capability of scoring 12 points. But, for some reason, I’ve got a feeling they can do it. It’s somewhat of a rivalry game, and Kansas is Kansas. The Wildcats will have plenty of opportunities to score, and if they can score 21, they should cover easily.

It feels so weird picking K-State again. Since the curse has been broken, and the Martingale-Roulette Strategy finally worked, I can start betting on K-State again. If history truly does repeat itself, I am in for a bad time. Kansas State, -12

Blake: There have been two gambling theories that I have taken to the grave this year; you always bet against Kansas and Kansas State. Now this game is forcing me to choose which one I believe in more than the other. This Kansas team is BADDDDDD, so bad that they had to fire their head coach in the middle of the season (knowing that they are this bad has only made it harder knowing that TCU lost to this team).

On the other side, you have a horrible Kansas State team that is run by the most overrated college football coach of all time. This was a difficult decision for me, but I have to go with Kansas here. Currently, if Bill Synder was the head coach of Alabama, I don’t think they would go .500 on the season. The man does not know how to coach anymore and has caused his program to become bottom dwellers of the Big 12. Kansas State should honestly fire him right now, but that is the thing about naming your stadium after the active coach, you can’t fire him till he leaves himself. Gonna be rolling in dollar bills after Kansas upsets KSU this weekend. Kansas, +12

Baylor @ #22 Iowa State (ISU -14.5)

Bobby: It’s time of the week where I remind you that Iowa State is undefeated against the spread this season. The Cyclones are rolling with Brock Purdy at quarterback and have an outside shot at a Big 12 title appearance. ISU is criminally underrated as I believe they are the best three loss team in the nation. While Baylor had a big win against Oklahoma State last week, I don’t think they have any hope on Saturday. The ‘Clones are on a mission. Iowa State, -14.5

Jamison: I picked Baylor to be the best team against the spread this year in the Big 12 in preseason. They’ve shown flashes of potential, but have disappointed greatly. Iowa State, on the other hand, has covered every Big 12 game this year and they were Bobby’s pick. I cannot let him have this one. This game is for glory, and for my pride. If Baylor can pull this one out, I will feel at peace with the Bears down in Waco. C’mon Brewer, I need some more magic. Baylor, +14.5

Blake: The Crowleyman Jersey Picks have NEVA LOST (Lavar Ball voice) this season. Last week, we went 2 for 2 when picking teams solely off of their jerseys. I knew the Sailor Bears and the Black Raiders were easy dubs. As Deion Sanders once said, “”If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.” Bobby and Jamison have yet to figure this out, so I am going to rake on these picks.

Sadly, Baylor will not be rocking to the Sailor Bears this week. Although they are going back to their traditional uniforms, I still like Baylor in this spot. Iowa State has been playing incredible this season with Brock Purdy and theoretically have a chance to make it to the Big 12 Championship, but I still think Baylor will keep this one close. We have seen it against OSU and Texas a few weeks ago that this Baylor team can play and they are currently on the edge of bowl eligibility with having to win at least one of their last three games. Matt Rhule has changed the direction of this football program, so give me Baylor to cover. Baylor, +14.5

TCU @ #9 West Virginia (WVU -12.5)

Bobby: It may have taken a few months, but West Virginia is operating at full capacity right now. Will Grier looks like the gutty quarterback we’ve heard about and West Virginia looks like a solid team for once. While games like last week’s typically result in a bit of a let down, this line is ridiculously low for a TCU team that threw in the towel weeks ago. The Mountaineers will roll in Morgantown. West Virginia, -12.5

Jamison: Part 1 of the return of Durdy’s Lock of the Week™. I am locking two picks this week because if they both hit, it’ll boost its credibility. My locks have been horrid the whole year, but its time to turn it around. WVU playing a team at home that lost to Kansas and only beat K-State by 1; not being projected to win by 21+ is a joke. WVU just went to Austin and beat Texas in a very tough environment. Give them props. Mountaineers win BIG in this one, as TCU’s offense continues to fall to pieces. West Virginia, -12.5

Blake: When I saw this spread, my jaw hit the floor because of how low it is. Although I love my Frogs, they are an absolute train wreck right now and barely beat Kansas State (see above for my analysis on why they are so horrible) by just one point. West Virginia needs to win and win big because the College Football Playoff committee still has them rated below LSU, who lost ugly to Alabama last week.

The Mountaineers are going to look to pummel my Horned Frogs into extinction and that is exactly what they are going to do. Throw down as much money as you can on this spread and the 1st half spread because this is going to get ugly real quick. This TCU team was not that good to start the year; now we have 20 guys on the roster that are out with injury for the year and 4 of those were safeties. Grier is going to have a field day and smash the Frogs bad. It has been so hard to cope with the fact that TCU is so bad at football but I might as well win some money of them being bad. West Virginia, -12.5

#19 Texas @ Texas Tech (UT -2)

Bobby: Honestly, Texas is back to normal. People who have this idea of the ‘Horns being some sort of powerhouse that is a pillar of college football just are playing themselves. Since the sport was integrated, Texas has been a team that always has the illusion of quality, but never usually amounts to much. Sure, they might look good in the preseason and maybe get a big win in September or October, but sooner or later they are revealed as the frauds they really are. Now, after a second straight loss, we see Texas for what they really are; a mediocre, underachieving, overhyped bag of excuses and ego that wins just enough games to give its fans irrational confidence. Welcome back, Longhorns.

With that being said, I get the feeling Tech’s shot at a big win was blown last week against OU. The Red Raiders get a bit of a mulligan this week with another home night game, but with Jett Duffy in at quarterback I cannot pick them with any confidence. Texas, -2

Jamison: Part 2 of Durdy’s Lock of the Week™. Yes, Tech looked great last week, but that was with one half of Alan Bowman. Their offense completely changed when Duffey entered the game. Bowman was sent to the hospital again for his recent pneumothorax, and it is highly unlikely he is going to play. Texas is looking for a bounce back win, and my bet is their defense is going to bully Jett Duffey. I expect a comfortable win from Texas here, most likely by double digits. Don’t forget, Sam Ehlinger is out for blood for all of those who put horns down. Mans got a chip on his shoulder (#hornsupforpeace). Texas, -2

Blake: Texas is not back. Texas Tech, +2

Oklahoma State @ #6 Oklahoma (OU -18)

Bobby: This Bedlam game is a mess. The Cowboys are an enigma that really are impossible to predict. They have the capability to do damage offensively, but that defense flat out stinks. Even if Corndog has a big game, I don’t think they’ll be able to stop OU’s defense enough to even cover. I see the Sooner defense rebounding in a big way and shutting down Oklahoma State’s middling offense. The OU offense will do what it does: score. It’ll be a blowout in Norman. Oklahoma, -18

Jamison: This week, I have had visions of Corny Dog running all over our offense and me face palming in the stands. I am worried he will do to us what Ehlinger did at the Cotton Bowl. But this is Bedlam week. I cannot have any reason to cheer for OSU success. All I want to see is OSU to continue to embarrass themselves, and lose their fifth game out of last six.

The OSU locker room has to be extremely deflated after the game last week. Even though they’re trying to get pumped for this one, it’s hard to come to Norman, as a rival, against a good OU team. The Cowboys have had very little success in recent history winning in Norman, or even keeping the game close in Norman, when OU has a good team. The Tyreek Hill game was supposed to be a comfortable win for OU, but it fluked. That OU team was horrrribbbbleeee though by our standards. Give me OU, BIG, and an empty student section in third quarter. Oklahoma, -18

Blake: Websters dictionary defines a rivalry as “competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field”. This definition implies that when a rivalry exists there must be two parties that are somewhat equal, so that they can compete for superiority. Bedlam is NOT a rivalry.The current record for the Bedlam game is OU leads 87-18-7. OSU has not even come close to be comparable to OU at any point, so there is no way you can ever consider this a rivalry. Woke take on Bedlam, OSU created the name and the rivalry just so they could get some attention by someone outside of Stillwater. Give me the Sooners to WIN BIG!! Oklahoma, -18

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