OU squeaks out the win against OSU, 48-47: An Actual Recap

Editor’s Note: The original post was just the above GIF. It summed up the game pretty well, to be honest. 

After taking a day to digest that game, I have some thoughts that deserve to get written down.

  • I gotta give credit where it is due; Taylor “Corndog” Cornelius played a pretty good game. Sure, he had some absolutely abysmal throws (including that conversion throw, woof), but in general he stepped up and got the ball to his playmakers. 501 yards and three touchdowns is a big time performance. Tylan Wallace (220 yds, 2 tds) and Tyron Johnson (128 yds, 1 td) absolutely broke the game open for Corndog, along with impressive rushing support from Chubba Hubbard (where were you, Justice Hill?). Mistakes just soiled the game for the Cowboys.
  • Oklahoma’s defense was yet again awful. More Mike Stoops style eight yard cushions, more getting burnt. The inability to cover slants and the flats are just sickening and the amount of times the OU safeties got burnt on long balls were just embarrassing. They dared Corndog to make throws and most of the time he made them.
  • Kyler had himself another big day; 21-29 for 349 yards with an extra 66 on the ground. Murray’s decision making looked sharp and decisive and he made some impressive throws. It wasn’t the best offensive best game of the season by any means, but I thought that Murray wasn’t the issue by a long shot. Don’t blame Kyler for not being Baker.
  • Penalties yet again bit the Sooners as they racked up a total of 80 penalty yards compared to Oklahoma State’s 30. This has become an infuriating trend in these OU “struggle wins” that flat out kills offensive drives. Whether due to poor officiating or just making mistakes, it needs to stop before West Virginia.

MVP: #26 Kennedy Brooks and #4 Trey Sermon

These two have been trading spots in this column for a few weeks and now they rightfully get to share it. With T.J. Pledger out, Brooks and Sermon were the only two healthy backs on the roster. They both got some serious work, with Brooks rushing for 165 yards and three touchdowns on 15 carries and Sermon rushing for 124 yards and two touchdowns on 16 carries. The OU offense relied on these two to get the job done and they strongly delivered. I’ve long wished Lincoln Riley would focus more on the running game when it’s working instead of forcing the pass and it’s due to fantastic backs like these two.

LVP: My Heart Health

I know it’s Bedlam and offense goes out the window, but can we please have a decently comfortable Bedlam? Since 2010, only two of eight games have been settled by the fourth quarter and half of them have featured both teams scoring over 40 points. While most of these games have featured two good teams and led to classic games, my heart could use a break (and probably less fast food chicken, but that’s neither here nor there).

Up Next: Kansas and their merry band of misfits. One last breath before things get truly nuts.

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