Weekend Spread: Championship Week

Final Regular Season Standings

Bobby: 7-1 (55-48)

Jamison: 3-5 (48-55)

Blake: 6-2 (55-48)

The regular season is officially over and from here on out we are in “ring game” season. We have a tie at the top between Blake and Bobby, meaning we must push on into sudden death; fitting for Championship Week. In the spirit of the week, we are 

Last Week

#1 Alabama v. #4 Georgia (ALA -13)

Bobby: This one is gonna be huge. While I don’t know if Alabama has been truly tested this season, Georgia will without a doubt be a tough task for the Tide. Bama’s defense this season has been a bit more suspect than usual, the Bulldog offense just simply won’t be able to keep up with Tua Tagovailoa and crew. I think Alabama will win, but Georgia will keep it close enough to stress out everyone in Norman and Columbus. Georgia, +13

JamisonI really believe Georgia has a shot to make it close here if Alabama plays like they did versus Auburn, but I suspect they were looking ahead to this game. Alabama’s defense has been so underrated this year because of their offense. Go look at a mock draft and you’ll see more Alabama names than usual. This is also a team that shutout LSU on the road. Give me Alabama here, as their defense will step up. HUGE game for OU fans. Roll Tide. Alabama, -13

BlakeThis Alabama team is the best team I have seen, but I still have hope that some team can beat them this season. I think I have my best chance here with Georgia. Alabama two best wins this season are LSU and Mississippi State. Both of these teams are very one dimensional being defense only teams. Alabama has not played a real offense this season and Georgia is just that. Georgia is deep at every position and a very well-rounded team, which might give Alabama fits. Alabama still wins this game close, but Georgia breaks Alabama’s streak of beating teams by 20+ points. Alabama, -13

#2 Clemson v. Pitt (CLEM -26.5)

Bobby: For the most part, conference championship games are nothing but an annoying slate of cash grabs that don’t really matter. The division system used in most conferences produces some absolutely awful matchups due to the usual inability to match up the two best teams in the conference. This game is a shining example of a garbage conference championship. 

Pitt is a team that has no business in anything titled a “championship”. Outside of Clemson, the ACC has been an inconsistent dumpster fire. While the Tigers have been inconsistent down the stretch, this Pitt team is just too bad to have any real shot at the upset. They’ll keep it just close enough to backdoor cover though. Pittsburgh, +26.5

Jamison: Why Pitt? I really can’t tell you. I’ve done so poor picking this year and I am completely out of the running. I’ll win the bowl pick ‘em though, no doubt. But, back to this game, why pick a team that lost to UNC? Because Clemson has zero respect for this game. At least tOSU is playing for style points in their game vs. Northwestern. Clemson needs to win, and it does not matter by how much. They’re going to the Orange Bowl regardless. Pittsburgh, +26.5

BlakeThis is a prime example of why conferences need to adopt a Big 12 round-robin style conference play. There is NO reason why you should be a 27-point favorite over the other “best” team in the conference. I would rather see another Clemson-Syracuse showdown than this mess. How can one conference be so shallow?! Clemson in an easy win. Clemson, -26.5

#6 Ohio State v. #22 Northwestern (tOSU -14)

Bobby: Another garbage conference championship. Northwestern snuck into this one by beating up on the soft Big Ten East after going winless in non-conference play. I’ll give them this; they keep every game close, no matter if its Michigan or Illinois. While most are expecting to see a Buckeye blowout here with a College Football Playoff berth potentially being on the line, I’m not so certain. Ohio State has been wildly inconsistent this season and I could see them tripping up here. I’ll take Northwestern to cover but honestly could see this game being a push. Northwestern, +14

JamisonOhio State will win this one big for style points. After they see the result of the OU game, their goal will be to one-up us to increase their resume. I understand Northwestern has played everyone close, but all in all, they do not have much to hang their head high on for this season. Ohio State big, with a lot of points coming in the 4th quarter. Ohio State, -14

BlakeI have a weird feeling about this game. Everyone is now just jumped on the Ohio State bandwagon after they beat Michigan last week, but all these people forget that the Buckeyes have been one of the most disappointing teams this season. Besides being blown out by Purdue, they have barely beat Nebraska and Maryland (neither are bowl eligible). I know this Northwestern team is bad, but are we sure Ohio State is any good? They aren’t, and I think this Northwestern team will be able to scrap together something to keep it close and then Ohio State will pull away in the end. Set the over-under of faked illness by Urban Meyer at 2.5. Northwestern, +14

#17 Utah v. #11 Washington  (UW -5) {Friday}

Bobby: As usual, the Pac 12 is completely irrelevant, as is their championship game. I will give them this: it’ll be a really nice game to watch after what is sure to be a thrilling MAC championship. Washington (who is wildly overrated I might add) popped into this game after upsetting Washington State in the Apple Cup game. I have no clue what happened in the Pac 12 South to get Utah in here, but here we are. This is a gross game, but I saw the Utes stomp a mudhole into Arizona, so I think I’ll go with them here. Utah, +5

JamisonI picked Utah on The Schooner Pod, which in retrospect, is a really poor pick, but screw it lets keep it. The Utes are a somewhat loveable team due to their mediocrity, and never having a shot like this since the Alex Smith days. I am not condoning Utah money line like Bobby, but let’s go Utes. Utah, +5

Blake Honestly, I am offended that this game made it on the slate over the MAC championship. It is safe to say I have watched more MAC football this year than Pac 12, which is an indicator of how bad this conference is. Nothing screams “elite conference” more than two teams meeting that have three losses each. I bet on Utah last week to demolish BYU and I came away with a disappointing comeback win by Utah. This team is very indicative of their conference, disappointing. By process of elimination that leaves Washington, so I guess I will take them. Washington, -5

Memphis @ #7 Central Florida (UCF -3.5)

Bobby: We’ve already picked this game this season, a game where Memphis nearly took out the Knights and their obnoxious “nAtIoNaL cHaMpIoNsHiP” defense this season, but couldn’t finish the job. With UCF quarterback Mackenzie Milton out for the season, I think the Tigers will pull off the upset here. Memphis, +3.5

JamisonMilton going down hurts. Memphis played them close WITH Milton. But, I can’t see the great UCF DYNASTY going down to a team like Memphis. I think that is the job of someone on January 1, 2019. UCF squeaks out a 4-point win here, and gets annihilated vs. their power 5 opponent next game. Central Florida, -3.5

BlakeWatching Mackenzie Milton go down with the injury he did last week was not the way I wanted UCF to go out this season. Sure they are still undefeated and can win their conference, but beating another P5 team in a bowl game without your star quarterback is very unlikely. All I wanted in this world is to watch UCF get crushed in a bowl game to stop all the “national champion” talk, but this victory feels very hollow. The narrative has flipped in my mind and I am now rooting for UCF to finish the season undefeated, even if it means enduring countless Twitter battles with their fans for the next year. This would be an awesome comeback story so give me UCF to win an emotional game. Central Florida, -3.5

#25 Fresno State @ #23 Boise State (BSU -2.5)

Bobby: Okay, I’m getting sick of these filler championship games. Boise State has been mediocre this season, but seeing as this game is on the blue turf, I’ll give the edge to the Broncos. Boise State, -2.5

JamisonLast most people heard of Boise, they got crushed by OSU. That does not look quite well on their resume right now. But, out of principle, I am picking against Fresno. It is absolute garbage they got ranked over Army. Boise beat Fresno on the road, and will win in the rematch. Boise State, -2.5

BlakeI have bet against this Boise State this season twice when they were at home (Fresno and Utah State) and easily lost both bets. I should have seen this coming as I have ignored an important gambling adage: NEVER BET AGAINST BOISE ON THE SMURF TURF. Besides TCU, no team ever comes into Boise and beats this team while they are playing on the ocean blue. The field should be banned because Boise always wears blue color rush uniforms anytime they play at home, so it is impossible to see them while they play. No reason to complain too much because I am going to cash in on this easy pick. Boise St. wins the Mountain West. Boise State, -2.5

Drake @ #23 Iowa State (ISU -42.5)

Bobby: Gotta pick all the Big 12 games this week! This one is a fill-in game for the original fill in game scheduled against Incarnate Word, which was scheduled to replace Iowa State’s season opener against Akron. This game means absolutely nothing to Iowa State: their bowl position is secure and probably won’t be boosted at all. While Drake is just awful (and possibly just one person), I see them covering purely out of the Cyclones getting bored. Drake, +42.5

JamisonDurdy’s LOCK OF THE WEEK. This is the easiest Durdy’s lock of the week ever. I promise. Put everything you own on the Bulldogs (Editor’s Note: unfortunately, it’s unavailable pretty much anywhere). Drake’s big wins vs. the Marist Red Foxes and the Butler Bulldogs will prove to be legitimate as they keep it close vs. the Cyclones. Remember, this game in Ames is at 11, which is not a spooky environment. Drake, +42.5

BlakeThis has been a Cinderella season for Iowa State. The former Big 12 bottom dwellers have now found a way to finish 4th in the conference. It has been really fun watching this team grow and watch the rise of Brock Purdy. This team is going to be good for years to come and I am super excited to see them play next year. Some might say that they won’t be motivated to play this game because there is no positive or negative implementation to this game. I think the exact opposite is true. Purdy and co. are gonna come out the gates gun slinging and put a fifty-burger on Drake in the first half. Iowa State, -42.5

#5 Oklahoma v. #14 Texas (OU -7.5)

Bobby: Hoo boy. This is the big one. The past few weeks, we’ve seen Oklahoma eke out win after win against offenses having their best games of the season. While I’ve resigned myself to understanding that this is just how this is going to be this season, that doesn’t do much for my confidence in covering the spread. Texas’ offense isn’t remarkable by any means, but we’ve seen exactly what it can do against the Sooners. If OU can win the turnover battle and shut down the Sam Ehlinger run game, this one will turn out differently. Neither team will get blown out, but I think the Sooners will win comfortably this time. Honestly, I have no clue. I just know I can’t pick those dirty Longhorns. My advice? This one has enough intrigue. Save your money. Oklahoma, -7.5

JamisonI decided this week that I was going to do everything opposite to what I did the week before the RRS. I am going to wear different clothes to the game, change my routine, and when it came down to my pick, I was going to pick Texas because I picked the Sooners last time. Nope. Can’t do that. It’s Texas Hate Week and even though it is not in the Cotton Bowl, there is no need for me to have any incentive to cheer for a close game. Collin Cowherd agrees with me here. OU in a BLOWOUT. Oklahoma, -7.5

Side Note: I think OU should put “Horns Up” after every touchdown. That is not taunting, it is only showing great sportsmanship towards our beloved neighbors. 

BlakeTexas is a total paradox. They try to be cool with this whole “Ok cool. Hook Em!” thing (I have to admit it is very funny), but counter it by whining like a three-year-old about how the “Horns Down” sign is disrespectful. I don’t get it, but that is Texas for ya. They try to do things that are loveable and then ultimately just end up as the Evil Empire they have always been. I know OU has a deep flaw (notice the singular because the only flaw they have is their horrendous defense) coming into this game, but I still think they get it done in Arlington. All OU’s defense has to do is make one stop and Kyler Murray will take care of the rest. I don’t see a world where OU loses to Texas twice in one season. Boomer Sooner. Oklahoma, -7.5

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