Oklahoma Wins the Big 12 Championship, Beats Texas 39-27

What a day in college football! Yesterday was a whirlwind and honestly was one of those days where you just forget about all responsibility. While yesterday that included “writing about a major event that happened to the literal one team you cover in your sports blog”, I have some big notes from a big win over Texas.

  • How about that defense? The effort definitely was a step up from earlier games this season and the quality of play was just incredible. Weirdly enough, the defense probably was what kept OU close early on as the offense struggled to get the ball in the endzone.
  • While the defense looked great, it was abundantly clear that the Texas offense we saw at the Cotton Bowl was an outlier. Sam Ehlinger looked brutal throwing the ball and couldn’t establish the run game the same way he did in October. The defense of course gets credit for putting pressure on him, but in general you could see this was a Texas team that didn’t have the same juice.
  • The amount of “horns down” salt was wonderful. The Big 12 Commissioner getting booed to high heaven was the peak.
  • Another rocky start for Kyler Murray. There were some missed throws here and there and he needed a few penalties to advance the ball. However, Murray really turned it around as he usually does, putting up 379 though the air and 39 on the ground.
  • Not the best rushing performance for the Sooners this year, but we got to see a lot more Trey Sermon which was nice.
  • That safety though!!!!
  • Grant Calcaterra, I am so sorry for referring to you as “stone hands” this season and will bury the nickname forever.
  • The Hollywood Brown injury could be a huge blow, but we’ll have to see if it’s anything serious. The month layoff really helps.
  • Overall, I’m impressed with OU’s resolve to stay composed in this ballgame. They have shown the ability time after time this season to weather the storm and outlast teams, something that will be vital in the game (game?) to come.

MVP: Tre Brown

It’s been a tough go for this OU defense, especially the secondary, but it was the difference maker in this one. Tre Brown exemplified that effort today with 7 tackles (5 solo) and an enormous safety that helped the Sooners recapture the momentum after an unfortunate redzone fumble. He also had a solid kick return as well. Other players might have more numbers on the offensive end, but in the eyes of this little blog, Tre Brown made the gritty big plays needed to keep OU in this one.

LVP: “Red River at Jerry World” Supporters, Texas fans in general

The debate of whether or not this game should move to Arlington should be settled: it is a resounding no. While I enjoyed the atmosphere a ton in a one off kind of way, it couldn’t hold a candle to Fair Park, especially when it comes to the pregame atmosphere. Inside, the atmosphere was special but it seemed like it was missing something. I dunno, the “OU sucks” chants from the Longhorn fans just seemed a little quieter today, the “Boomer Sooner” chants never got fired up. I know chants shouldn’t decide the location of a football game, but this seemed more like a generic big game than a hallowed rivalry. Which I’m all about, but just keep it in December.

As for Texas fans? I’ve never seen a saltier group of people in my life. Hope they enjoy their Hat though.

Up Next: The unknown. I’ll be sure to write about it sooner this time.

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