Weekend Spread: Week 4

Week 3 Standings

Bobby: 7-2 (20-9) [78-62]

Ty: 4-5 (13-16) [19-19]

Boatin’ Blake: 5-4 (20-9) [79-61]

Last Week

After another big week, Bobby has pulled into a tie for the lead with Blake, following a pair of risky picks with Kansas State and Houston. Ty continues to flounder at the bottom, is looking for a spark as his beloved Jayhawks return to the Weekend Spread.

#8 Auburn @ #17 Texas A&M (A&M -3.5)

Bobby: Now that the cupcake games are over and we are into conference season, it’s time to see who will seperate themselves from the pack. I’m not a big believer in making snap judgements from one good or bad performance and with such a low sample size, there are many games I have no clue on. This game, along with all but one of these, is one of those that I really need a few more weeks to have insight on.

Honestly, I think both of these teams are dramatically overrated. Texas A&M and Kellen Mond looked awful in their trip to Clemson and I wasn’t overly impressed by Bo Nix and crew in Auburn’s season opening win against Oregon.

I think this might be as much of a coin flip as you can get. However, I think Kyle Field will be too much for Nix, who is playing in his first true road game. I think that’ll be just enough for an Aggie victory. Gross. Texas A&M, -3.5

(P.S. Buy the half point if you can, just to avoid the half point bad beat on a field goal)



Finally, we took important steps throughout week three to refocus the entire TSI organization on our business principles, which begin and end with an absolute insistence on winning at all costs.

In particular, we have a major continuing initiative aimed toward ensuring that we exhibit unimpeachable alpha-like behavior in everything we do and reinforcing our culture of winning.

That culture, with its emphasis on winning, bragging, trash-talking and excellence, is our greatest strength, but it requires constant reinforcement, particularly in difficult weeks and under adverse conditions. Safeguarding our culture will continue to be one of our highest priorities in week four. 


The continuing after-effects of week two posed significant challenges to the sports outcomes financial markets and our fund. The huge losses associated with the Week 2 collapse severely affected investor confidence—which in turn was further shaken by the large and highly visible successes that emerged from Bobby and Blake. 

The more important point, at least for us at TSI, is that we understand and accept our responsibilities as one of the gatekeepers of the sports outcome financial markets. With the benefit of hindsight, it is clear that we all could have done better. We are committed to learning from our mistakes. Against this backdrop, in Week 3 there were dramatic changes in the legal and regulatory environment. The Weekend Spread proposed new corporate governance listing rules and the U.S. Congress passed the Quit F***ing Losing Act in an attempt to strengthen confidence in The Schooner Blog, The Captain’s Log and sports outcome financial markets. 

Even before the public controversy of Week 2 arose, we had taken a series of decisive steps commencing in Week 0 to protect further the integrity of our research and to improve its quality. During the weeks that followed, we worked closely with teams and other sports outcome investment funds in crafting the provisional settlement of Week 3.

In addition, we are supportive of a proposed industry initiative that generally would prohibit pirates from picking games, and we support it as an important step towards rebuilding investor confidence. 

We believe that only by putting appropriate corporate governance mechanisms in place and otherwise aligning the interests of management with shareholders, can there be sufficient focus on shareholder interests. In that connection, we refer you to our statements in The Schooner Pod for the Auburn-A&M game. Texas A&M, -3.5

Boatin’ Blake: I have been saying it since the beginning of the year but A&M is the most overrated team in college football. Sure, they have a good pass rush, but their offense is anemic. Watching them get clobbered by Clemson just shows how everything about this school is overrated. From tradition to their performance on the field, A&M is practically the Andrew Wiggins of college football. All bark no bite. Give me dem Tigers to kill the Aggies. Auburn, +3.5

#11 Michigan @ #13 Wisconsin (UW -3)

Bobby: While I don’t want to overreact to Michigan’s struggle against Army as I’ve seen in person what that triple option can do to a team, I’ve been out on the Wolverines since Day 1. Every year it’s the same old song and dance; Michigan is just good enough to send the hype through the roof and always seems to disappoint in the big games.

While I can’t shake the feeling that this one feels like a trap, I feel like Johnathan Taylor and that Wisconsin running game will be too much for Michigan. Add in the fact they are playing in the wasp-nest that is Camp Randall and I feel good enough to pick the Badgers. Wisconsin, -3

Ty: Friends, Investors, readers, lend me your ears; I come to bury Jim, not to praise him.

The championships that men win live after them; Their khakis are oft interred with their bones;

So let it be with Jim. The noble Urban Meyer Hath told you Jim was ambitious: If it were so, it was a grievous fault, And grievously hath Jim answer’d it. Here, under leave of Urban and the rest– For Urban is a National Champion; So are they all, all honorable men– Come I to speak in 

Jim’s funeral. He was my friend, faithful and just to me: But Urban says he was ambitious;

And Urban won the B1G. Jim hath brought zero trophies home to the Large Home, Whose ransoms did the general coffers fill: Did this in Jim seem ambitious? When that the UM fans have cried, 

Jim hath wept: Ambition should be made of sterner stuff: Yet Urban says he was ambitious;

And Urban always beat Jim. You all did see that in the contract I thrice asked him to cover,

Which he did thrice refuse: was this ambition? Yet Urban says he was ambitious; And, sure, he is an accomplished coach. I speak not to disprove what Urban spoke, But here I am to speak what I do know. You all did love him once, not without cause, Jim hath dabbed with Migos:

What cause withholds you then, to mourn for him? O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts,

And men have lost their reason. Bear with me; My heart is in the coffin there with Jim,

And I must pause till they cover. Wisconsin, -3

Boatin’ Blake: This is a do or die game for Jim Harbaugh this weekend. During his tenure at Michigan, he has failed to beat the Wolverine’s rivals time and time again and rarely shows up in big games.

Even with his history, I think Michigan wins outright in Madison. The Badgers have had a great showing so far, but their schedule has been MEH and they live and die by the run.

Harbaugh has had two weeks to prepare for this team and as long as he sells out for the run, then Wolverines should walk away easy from this one. (This pick is 100% me just praying that my Michigan CFP future remains intact). Michigan, +3.5

#7 Notre Dame @ #3 Georgia (UGA -13.5)

Bobby: This is a brutal line that really is asking you whether or not you think Notre Dame is any good. While the Fighting Irish were absolutely embarrassed in their College Football Playoff appearance against Clemson, let’s not forget the Tigers also demolished Alabama the very next week.

Plus, this Georgia team has lost plenty of talent from last season. While I know this UGA team is so flush with talent that they simply reload, I think there is just enough inexperience for Notre Dame to at least cover. I know this is a change from The Schooner Pod, but I think 13.5 is just too many points. Notre Dame, +13.5

Ty: Notre Dame is ass, and Rudy was a crappy made up movie. Georgia, -13.5

Boatin’ Blake: Death, taxes, and Notre Dame not being able to beat real opponents. That is all that needs to be said here. Lock of the week easy money special. Georgia, -13.5

SMU @ #25 TCU (TCU -9)

Bobby: After completely disrespecting TCU with a measly -3 closing line at Purdue, Vegas is back at it again with a WILD -9 line against SMU.

Look, I know SMU isn’t the collection of scrubs they once were. However, this TCU defense is a solid unit that can slow down this SMU offense that has looked good against bad competition.

If this was a random game, I could see the Frogs sleeping on SMU, but they’ll be going all out to defend the Iron Skillet. TCU, -9

Ty: Ahh yes, bitter crosstown Big 12 rivals SMU and TCU meet again, probably for like the 124th time or something.

SMU is not expected to be as good as TCU, I know this because there is no hashtag number next to their name. I believe that SMU is still barred from winning games by the NCAA for buying players corvettes and hookers, or something like that (shout out Hugh Freeze).

SMU is a party school; I know because I’ve partied there. TCU is not a party school, I know this because Blake went there. Blake the Lord of the Grubs (#insidejoke) is a pirate, not a party animal.

What does any of this have to do with this game you may ask? I have no idea, I’m writing this from Fuzzy’s and I’m two margs deep.

Anyways, the Frogs win because “more darts” and I will be betting on them to cover this lock of a line. TCU, -9

Boatin’ Blake: TCU still is rolling with the platoon of QBs, but it showed to be effective on the road against Purdue last week. TCU’s Defense is RAW again this year and shut down one of the best receivers in the nation last week to 3 catches for 25 yards.

On the other hand, SMU has been better this year but they have still yet to play a legitimate football team. I hate this rivalry so much because the Iron Skillet is going to stay in Fort Worth on Saturday just like it has for the past four centuries. Go Frogs. TCU, -9

West Virginia @ Kansas (WVU -5)

Bobby: I have absolutely no idea what to think of either team. I thought both Kansas and West Virginia were awful after losing to Coastal Carolina and getting blown off the field by Missouri respectively. So when both teams then immediately beat at worst mid-tier ACC teams, you can imagine my surprise.

I think this will be a pretty tight contest. If Kansas quarterback Carter Stanley performs like he did against Boston College, I think the Jayhawks have a real shot at this. KU’s loss came against a team that ran the ball well and chewed the clock. West Virginia might be one of the worst running teams in the country.

Another coin flip here. I’ll go with the team that is getting five points with the most momentum they’ve had since Mangino waddled into the sunset. Kansas, +5

Ty: I am contractually obliged to pick KU. Kansas, +5

Boatin’ Blake: Right now, everybody is on the gas and nobody is on the brakes when it comes to Kansas. Last week’s showing was more of how bad Boston College is and not how great Kansas is. People forget that they lost to COASTAL CAROLINA!!!!!!

I could find 11 middle schoolers and throw them up against this Kansas squad and put up at least a few TDs against them. Sorry Ty, but Kansas ain’t winning another game this year. West Virginia, -5

Oklahoma State @ #12 Texas (UT -5)

Bobby: I feel like it happens every year: Texas comes in hot, loses a game before Big 12 play, then screws up at least once before Red River, thus dampening the whole weekend. Face it, a two-loss, Playoff eliminated Texas doesn’t bring the same heat to the Cotton Bowl.

Don’t call me crazy, but I can’t shake the feeling they might slip up here.

Yeah, Oklahoma State looked flat after going up 14-0 on Tulsa, Texas will (should) be revenge hungry, and the lights and cameras will be on the Horns for this ABC primetime matchup.

But still. I can’t shake the feeling the Pokes at least make this a ballgame. Oklahoma State, +5

Ty: Oklahoma A&M is visiting Texas this weekend in another Battle of the Oranges. Side Note: Why do teams pick orange as a color? It is literally ass. Yes I’m looking at you too, Thunder.

Anyways, OU fans seem to know nothing about UT since we literally never play there, so lets refresh some memories here. First off ,their stadium is named after a Sooner, because obviously. Secondly, it won’t be some sort of crazy conspiracy that OSU’s band will be in the upper deck, they always do that. Ok, now everyone is caught up. 

Bobby and Blake may tell you some BS about OSU winning a lot in Austin, being Kryptonite or some other Avengers reference. We here at TSI are professionals, so we know that past performance is not indicative of future results, everyone should know that. The Pokes success at DKR in the past is in no way relevant to this game, the Longhorns will win. Texas will also cover this absolute lock of a spread at -5. Texas, -5

(Note: TSI will be taking a substantial $10.00 USD position in this game.)

Boatin’ Blake: The Captain is going on the road this week and will be attending this game on Saturday night. When I look at this line, I know why it is so low. Herman hasn’t beaten Gundy, since Herman was an assistant coach at Iowa State.

However, I think bettors are overrating this fact and this is an easy opportunity to cash a UT as favorites ticket. This Oklahoma State squad made me sweat out a game against a Tulsa team that had -78 rush yards against MSU. If OSU couldn’t stop the Golden Hurricane, no way they stop the Longhorns. Texas, -5

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