Behind Enemy Lines: Missouri State

Somehow, we have finally made it here: game week in Oklahoma. While nothing is certainly promised in terms of if this game will happen as scheduled (looking at you, Thunder and Cowboys), where we stand right now, we’ll all be ready for a kickoff come Saturday. Let’s do our best to pretend things are normal and preview this game like we would any other year, shall we?

Meet the Bears

The only non-Big 12 game of the season is about as cupcakey as you can get. Missouri State is not only a D2 team, they are a bad D2 team. Like, haven’t made the postseason since 1990 bad. Switzer was like one year removed from coaching OU at that point!

Speaking of coaching, that is where the only interesting fact about this team comes into play.

AP Photo/Gareth Patterson

Noted motorcyclist Bobby Petrino has somehow been given yet another chance at coaching. Sure, his last stop at Louisville ended in a two win campaign that resulted in him getting sacked midseason, but this is Missouri State. The bar isn’t exactly high.

Okay sure, I realize making fun of a nearly ten-year old motorcycle/infidelity-with-your-own-employee incident isn’t exactly the nicest thing in the world to do. However, as a fellow Bobby, we have a reputation to uphold and this foolishness cannot be tolerated. I’m henceforth requesting that Petrino remove his -by, thus being banished from the ranks of Bobbys forever.

With that settled, back to business.

Series History

This will be the first meeting between the two schools.

Player Spotlight

C’mon man, its Missouri State. Sheesh, this template really doesn’t work for cupcakes.

What To Watch For

Oklahoma Sooners vs. Literally Anyone

In normal times, this matchup would be an absolute snoozer. However, we haven’t seen live action out of Oklahoma since the first quarter of the Peach Bowl.

For the first time in awhile, I feel like OU football is almost entirely comprised of unknowns (outside of the O-Line, of course). Sure, we can make very safe guesses that this team will be a great team as they always have been, but I’m thrilled to actually see it happen.

I want to see Spencer Rattler be everything we knew he’d be when we were angrily calling for him to replace Jalen Hurts last year.

I want to see who steps up in the wide receiver and running back rooms.

I want to see Speed D take another leap as it morphs into the vision of free flowing, turnover creating, havoc that Alex Grinch has always envisions.

On Saturday, we get to see a bit of that. Even if the game was against Gotebo High School, I’d still be amped to see it.

Take my damn fifty bucks, Joe C.

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