The Six Pack: Boatin’ Blake’s Six Locks for 01/12

The college football season is officially over. While all of us casuals were all wrapped up in bowl games and the playoff chase, one sharp was watching college basketball like a hawk, looking for winners: Boatin’ Blake. The Captain has put together his six favorite picks for tonight’s Super Tuesday games to get you reacquainted with roundball and start your season in the green.

Duke @ Virginia Tech (PK): I am hearing that Jalen Johnson might not play this game still which makes this Duke team completely non-lethal. Since Johnson’s exit, the best win Duke has is over Notre Dame, who is 89th in Ken Pom.

Virginia Tech’s head coach Mike Young is a bit under the radar, but has the potential to be an elite coach in college basketball. Plus, VaTech has a pair of great wins in Villanova and Clemson. Even if Jalen Johnson plays, still like the Hokies. 

Wisconsin @ Michigan (+3.5): The analytics are high on Michigan (Ken Pom has them ranked 7 in the nation). However, they have not played dick. The Wolverines best win was recently to Minnesota, who is getting their asses handed to them by all the top Big 10 teams after their hot start.

Wisconsin’s veteran lineup is consistent as hell and already has 5 Ken Pom Top 50 wins. Might think about sprinkling some on the ML for the Badgers. 

TCU (+8.5) @ Oklahoma: This will go like all TCU/OU games go. Expect a close game all the way up to the final minutes when Grayson Allen Lite (Austin Reeves) will rip out the hearts of the Frogs. The Sooners win, but the Frogs cover. 

Kansas @ Oklahoma State (+4): It’s a tale as old as time: Bill Self playing “bad” against his alma mater in Stillwater. This is always an auto bet for me each year, Cade Cunningham makes this easier. Pokes keep it close and cover, but ultimately lose.  

UC Riverside @ USC (-14): USC has been an absolute wagon of late, especially against mediocre to bad teams. Evan Mobley is the real deal and they have been beating mid-tier Pac 12 teams by double digits.

Getting Cal Riverside (a team that does not rank in the Top 150 in Ken Pom) at home, this is going to be a blood-bath. USC beats the Highlanders by 20+ points. 

Alabama (+2) @ Kentucky: Don’t let the win at Florida confuse you, this Kentucky team is really bad and inconsistent. Sure, they have NBA talent, but not having any sort of pre-season has really hurt a squad that relies on mostly freshman.

Alabama on the other hand might be the second best team in the SEC. Nate Oates, similar to Mike Young, on the rise to be a household name in the college basketball world and he has already beat the best team in the SEC this year (Tennessee) on the road.

I’m laying Bama to cover and going to SLAM the moneyline. This Bama team is really really good and has gotten overshadowed because of the lack of preseason hype. 

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