The Six Pack: Boatin’ Blake’s Six Locks for 1/13

Well, Day 1 of the 6 Pack and we went 3-3. Just to continue the trend of threes, here are there things I learned yesterday: 

  1. Michigan is for real. I overvalued the fact that they hadn’t played tough opponents and instead should have been looking at how bad they have been beating them. 
  2. TCU must fire Jaime Dixon. 
  3. USC can’t be trusted and will not win the Pac 12. One of the most embarrassing performances of the year.

Here are my picks for 1/3:

Duquesne +6.5 @ Dayton 

Ok hand up, this my first BOTCHED pick of the year. I am rolling with the Dukes, but I am starting to talk my way out of the bet. My reasoning to back Duquesne was simple, Dayton just lost to Fordham who falls OUTSIDE the KenPom top 200. That is a HORRENDOUS loss for Dayton.

However, I have overvalued that loss as the Dukes have 1) not beaten anyone in the KenPom top 100; and 2) lost to an outside Top 200 KenPom team as well. Only thing I can pray is that this team goes back to its 2019-2020 form and get the cover. Dukes get the back door cover. 

Auburn (+105) @ UGA 

This was an automatic slam whenever I saw that Auburn was an underdog versus a bottom tier SEC team Georgia. Auburn is on a four game skid, but the difference is they now have Sharife Cooper back.

Cooper is going to be a first rounder this year and the man can score like no other. He had 26 points in his first game back against Alabama in a close loss. This man can ball, so I am siding with star power here. Give me Auburn money line. 

Tulsa +3 @ Wichita State 

What a banner year for Tulsa sports. Not only did their football team had their best season of all time, but it looks like they will end up with a tournament team come March.

Tulsa’s M.O. this year is their incredible defense. KenPom has them as 29th in the country in defensive efficiency and 13th in the nation in defensive effective field goal percentage. Additionally, Tulsa has wins against Houston, Memphis, and Cincy. The Golden Hurricane is a dark horse contender to win the American.

My only hesitation is one of their losses this year has come from Wichita State at home, but I prescribe by the belief is it is hard to beat the same team twice in one year. Give me Tulsa to cover and maybe sprinkle some on the money line. 

Arkansas @ LSU (-2)

The Gangster v. The Importer. Will Wade and his criminal mentality, against the Muss-Bus and his infinite transfers is a match made in heaven for me. For LSU, Cameron Thomas is one of the most electric scorers in the nation. He has put up 25+ points in his last four games and he leads the SEC in scoring.

On the other side, for what Arkansas lack in star power, they make up in efficiency. As a team, they work incredible together and you can see that with a top 50 KenPom ranking for both offensive and defensive efficiency. Eric Musselman is frustrating as hell to play against because ehe encourages players to take charges (which should be banned). I’ll take the star power here, with a close win. 

DePaul (+1.5) @ Georgetown 

Both the Hoyas and Blue Demons are absolute cheeks. Between the two teams, they only have 4 wins TOTAL. The only reason I am rolling with DePaul here is just for the potential. Due to COVID, DePaul had a late December 23 start time and has only played 5 games. 4/5 games have been against some of the best Big East team, so they are desperate for a win.

On the other hand, the Hoyas have played 11 games and have been getting destroyed. The telling sign was losing at home to Navy. Since I have seen DePaul lose less and against better teams, I think they are the better of the losers and get their first Big East win of the year. 

Texas (-3) @ Texas Tech 

I have saved the best for last. I absolutely hate the University of Texas, but I am absolute simp for this team. Shaka Smart grew out his hair and now I rank Texas as the third best team in the nation. The combination of Greg Brown and Andrew Jones is a must watch, and I have found myself for the first time in my life actively rooting for a UT team.

Texas is a swiss army knife: electric on offense with a lockdown defense ranked 4th in defensive efficiency. This should mean something that I am picking UT since my favorite CBB player (Mac McClung) plays for the Red Raiders. This is a Final Four team and I am choosing them every game ’till I am proven wrong. Give me the Longhorns for another big win to add their resume. 

Overall Record: 3-3 (.500)

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