Weekend Spread: Wk. 4

Season Records ~ Bobby: 2-6 (8-14) Ty: 6-2 (12-10) Jamison: 3-5 (11-11) Boatin’ Blake’s Dice: 5-3 (9-12) https://youtu.be/y3yAqju5ti4 After a wild weekend in College Football, Bobby, Ty, Jamison and Boatin' Blake try to navigate these particularly tricky college football games. Cheat Sheet: Oklahoma State @ Kansas Bobby: Oklahoma State Ty: Oklahoma State Jamison: Oklahoma State …

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K-State Fallout and Looking Ahead to Iowa State

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYkNtxxbteI&t=20s HOOOOOOOOO BOY. That was a tough one, eh? Bobby, Ty and Jamison break down what went wrong against K-State and how the Sooners can get their season back on track against Iowa State.  https://anchor.fm/schoonerpod/embed/episodes/K-State-Fallout-and-Looking-Ahead-to-Iowa-State-ekcicj/a-a3d48qp https://open.spotify.com/show/3cLNR0EbTsrnMSPYuMQhM1

Weekend Spread: Week 3

Season Records ~ Bobby: 3-3 (6-8) Ty: 3-3 (6-8) Jamison: 2-4 (8-6) Boatin' Blake's Dice: 2-4 (4-9) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7lKT2EwQ80&t=35s Cheat Sheet: West Virginia @ Oklahoma State Bobby: West Virginia Ty: Oklahoma State Jamison: Oklahoma State Boatin' Blake: West Virginia Kansas @ Baylor Bobby: Baylor Ty: Baylor Jamison: Kansas Boatin' Blake: Kansas Iowa State @ TCU Bobby: …

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Weekend Spread: Week 2

Season Records ~ Bobby: 3-5 Ty: 3-5 Jamison: 6-2 Boatin' Blake's Dice: 2-5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWDZEJujBeE&feature=youtu.be Cheat Sheet: Tulsa @ Oklahoma State Bobby: Oklahoma State Ty: Oklahoma State Jamison: Oklahoma State Boatin' Blake: Oklahoma State Houston @ Baylor Bobby: Houston Ty: Baylor Jamison: Baylor Boatin' Blake: Baylor Miami @ Louisville Bobby: Louisville Ty: Miami Jamison: Louisville Boatin' …

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