Bar Reviews

  • Chimy’s: In Memoriam - Bar Reviews will be doing something a little different for Homecoming this week. We’re going back to simpler times, to the year 2015. I’m sure you’ve read me bitch about the recent death of one of my favorite Norman bars, Chimy’s, ever since like post number 2. Chimy’s was special in a lot of ways; […]
  • Bar Reviews: Jax Bar at Blackbird - Formerly a cajun/soul food restaurant and bar, Jax isn’t as much its own bar as it is apart of a larger bar. Last December, it was absorbed into the larger Blackbird Gastropub complex, which like Jax is apart of the GL Dining Portfolio (This also includes Blu, Brewhouse and The Library; we’ll get to those […]
  • Bar Reviews: Logie’s - Anyone that goes to OU has an opinion about Logie’s, usually falling somewhere on the spectrum between “the bar you love to hate” and “the bar you hate to love”. No matter what your thoughts on Logie’s are, everyone will tell you the same thing: no Norman bar crawl would be complete without the Logie’s […]
  • Bar Reviews: McNellie’s - Looking for a true pub? McNellie’s is the place. This Main Street bar boasts an absurdly large beer selection and genuine pub food. Sum up McNellie’s in the length of a Tweet. Bobby: I hope you like beer Joe: Good drinks, aggressively average food. Mike: A Main Street staple, McNellies is the place for damn […]
  • Bar Reviews: Volare - One of the newest bars on Campus Corner, Volare offers an experience that you can’t find anywhere else in Norman. This upscale venue has three levels including a roof top bar with an unrivaled view of campus. Volare is also known for it’s authentic Neapolitan pizza oven, one of the few in the state. One […]
  • Bar Reviews: O’Connell’s - This blog won’t just be about football. That would be lame and pretty boring. The travel angle of The Schooner Blog is one of the main reasons I’m doing this thing. Other than the football (it’s mainly the football), the coolest part of this to me will be going to all the bars and local restaurants […]