Big 12 Championship

  • The Schooner Pod: Big 12 Champions Again! - The Sooners are Big 12 Champions and are going to the College Football Playoff! Bobby and Jamison break down this week’s championship performance against Texas, look at the debate that sprung OU into the Playoff, take a trip to the ‘Crutin Corner and discuss the Heisman race. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to us […]
  • Oklahoma Wins the Big 12 Championship, Beats Texas 39-27 - What a day in college football! Yesterday was a whirlwind and honestly was one of those days where you just forget about all responsibility. While yesterday that included “writing about a major event that happened to the literal one team you cover in your sports blog”, I have some big notes from a big win […]
  • Weekend Spread: Championship Week - Final Regular Season StandingsBobby: 7-1 (55-48) Jamison: 3-5 (48-55) Blake: 6-2 (55-48)The regular season is officially over and from here on out we are in “ring game” season. We have a tie at the top between Blake and Bobby, meaning we must push on into sudden death; fitting for Championship Week. In the spirit of […]
  • The Schooner Pod: Big 12 Championship - The Big 12 Championship is here and it couldn’t be bigger: a rematch with Texas. Bobby and Jamison break down the unique atmosphere of this weekend’s game, the atmosphere difference between the Cotton Bowl and AT&T Stadium, how the Sooners and Longhorns have changed since October and what to expect on Saturday. Also, the boys […]
  • Game Week: Big 12 Championship (Texas) - Remember how you felt on the afternoon of October 6th? The sickening feeling in your gut as that field goal sailed through the Cotton Bowl’s southern uprights? The numbness as you watched Austin Kendall randomly trot out for a desperation touchdown attempt? The burning anger as you listened to the burnt orange throngs of Longhorn […]
  • Game Week: Big 12 Championship (TCU) - The Oklahoma Sooners are one win away from a return from the College Football Playoff. This would be a lot cooler if the game we are playing actually made sense to play. OU beat TCU, much like 8 of the 9 teams on its Big 12 schedule. In the past few years, the Sooners would […]