Alabama Game Week Orange Bowl

Game Week: The Orange Bowl (Alabama)

You always want games like this. Nobody gets hyped to see your team thump some hapless scrubs from a directional college or the resident conference cellar dweller. At a school like Oklahoma, especially during a run like this, you almost expect to win every game. We are just cut from a different cloth than most […]

B12 18 Big 12 Championship Game Week Texas

Game Week: Big 12 Championship (Texas)

Remember how you felt on the afternoon of October 6th? The sickening feeling in your gut as that field goal sailed through the Cotton Bowl’s southern uprights? The numbness as you watched Austin Kendall randomly trot out for a desperation touchdown attempt? The burning anger as you listened to the burnt orange throngs of Longhorn […]

Game Week West Virginia WVU 18

Game Week: West Virginia

Friday, November 23rd 7:00 PM, ESPN It’s here. Since the schedule came out way back last Fall this game has been circled in red with a double underline. A road trip to Morgantown, on Black Friday, against a high level quarterback and surrounded by a sea of screaming blue and gold fans jacked up on […]

Game Week Kansas Weekend Spread

Weekend Spread: Week 12

Bobby: 5-3 (46-41) Jamison: 5-3 (42-45) Blake: 5-3 (46-41) Last Week #12 Syracuse v. #3 Notre Dame (ND -9.5) Bobby: I cannot express how badly I want Syracuse to beat Notre Dame. One out of Clemson, Notre Dame or Michigan need to lose for OU to have a window of getting into the College Football […]

Game Week Kansas KU 18 Oklahoma State

Game Week: Kansas

It’s Kansas on Senior Night in Norman. While the Jayhawks have improved this season, they are still just an awful football team. I know things have been shaky after the Tech and OSU debacles, but this Kansas team is going to be athletically and schematically overwhelmed. If the Sooners can’t blow out this team, they […]

Game Week Oklahoma State OSU 18

Game Week: Oklahoma State

Bedlam Week means one in thing in Stillwater and another in Norman. For Oklahoma State fans, the game has been somewhat of a cure all game; win and the season is a success, no matter the record. Hell, any Poke win would probably be an automatic instant classic. In Norman however, wins are expected. It’s […]

Game Week Tech 18 Texas Tech

Game Week: Texas Tech

Here we are: Championship November. While the name doesn’t have the same luster that it did before the reintroduction of the Big 12 Championship game, this is annually a crucial stretch for the Sooners. Not only have the games been big, but OU actually wins them at a crazy high rate, posting an undefeated record […]

Game Week Kansas State KSU 18

Game Week: Kansas State

It’s Homecoming Weekend in Norman and that term feels even more fitting than usual; the Sooners haven’t played on Owen Field in nearly a month. We are now in the full swing of the back half of the season, with only three home games remaining. The opponent this week is a pretty hapless Kansas State […]

Game Week News TCU TCU 18

Game Week: TCU

December 2nd, 2017 seems so far away. A lot has happened since the last time the Sooners and Frogs met at Jerry World on that unusually warm December day; the Sooners both made and lost the Rose Bowl, Baker Mayfield won the Heisman, got drafted by the Cleveland Browns and now is on his way […]

Game Week Texas Texas 18

Heartbreak in Dallas: OU loses to Texas 48-45

(Editor’s Note: Bobby is really drunk so forgive any spelling mistakes; also Bobby is the editor so they will not be corrected) Have you ever been kicked in the balls, or whatever the female equivalent is? That was today’s game. After a flat, sloppy first three quarters, OU mounted a comeback for the ages on […]