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Gameday Guide: Texas Tech

As I have said many times, Lubbock isn’t exactly my favorite town. Despite that, there are several spots you need to go to (and steps you need to take) in order to maximize your college football Saturday. Weather As of Thursday morning, we are looking at around 60° and partly cloudy for kickoff with the […]

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Gameday Guide: TCU

Over my years here at OU and traveling the Big 12, one town in particular stands out to me as the clear favorite: Fort Worth. Yes, yes, I know it’s a city. And while it might be cheating to put a major city as my favorite place to visit in a conference full of one […]

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Oklahoma sports has taken me amazing places. I’ve seen the Sooners play from coast to coast, from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena to Pro Player/LandShark/Sun Life Stadium in Miami. I once watched a basketball game on the floor of a football colosseum. I’ve witnessed Baker plant his flag in The Shoe, three bouts of Bradford […]

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Lawrence: The Lost Trip

*hit play for added effect* As some of you know, last season I went to all the home and road games last season. You can read about my travels here. What you’ll notice however is the omission of a report from the OU at Kansas game last season; the final stop on the regular season […]

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You know, I think I’d like Stillwater a lot more if I wasn’t an OU fan. From the unbiased eye, it kinda feels like a more country version of Manhattan, Kansas (that is saying something).But after so many Bedlam trips, I just am tired of the town. All that charm is tainted by that neon […]

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There are some places that you know exactly what you are going to get. You expect greatness out of Columbus, Ohio, you expect dust and not much else in Lubbock, Texas, and so on. With that being said, there are a few times you find a place that completely shocks you, like I did this […]

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There really isn’t anything quite like Oklahoma and Texas on the second Saturday in October. Everyone will tell you that until you are blue in the face, but seriously there is nothing quite like it. That being said, after 10 of them, I might be starting to wear out on the game. At least, until […]

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The road to hitting every game on the schedule isn’t fully paved with classics. This weekend in Waco, certainly wasn’t one of them. This trip was handled a little differently. Instead of staying Friday night and Saturday night in the game city, we actually did something a little differently this trip. We just drove to […]

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“Alright folks, it’s time to get out!”, an Ohio state trooper bellowed out to the few left in Ohio Stadium. Other than the Pride of Oklahoma, still scattered on the field after their postgame concert and stadium workers, i’m pretty sure my group of friends was the largest group left in the cavernous old stadium. […]